Obsidian. Round 12

Last round, the Obsidian household unlocked their first proper house. The quads (Midas, Aurelia, Zuriel and Hermia) became toddlers, which Hermia sadly didn’t survive. Indira and Adela became teens and finally we had Midas, Aurelia and Zuriel becoming children.

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Stone. Round 12

In round 11, the Stones unlocked a fruit tree and Lovia and her daughter with Jasper, Airi, moved in. Lydia had her adult birthday, Moira – who’s picking lemons in this picture – and the twins Alvah and Rafael became teens and Airi a child.

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Ruby. Round 12

In round 11, Odoac moved in with Ida and her children to help out after Gunnar’s death. At this point in time, Ida was pregant with her late husband’s child and so she gave birth to a boy, Akios. Megaera and Phobos had their teen birthday, Rahel and Isidor became children and Akios a toddler. Also, Gunnar’s ghost haunted the lot for the first time and spend the night cleaning up after his family. <3

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