Stone. Round 12

In round 11, the Stones unlocked a fruit tree and Lovia and her daughter with Jasper, Airi, moved in. Lydia had her adult birthday, Moira – who’s picking lemons in this picture – and the twins Alvah and Rafael became teens and Airi a child.

Lydia has been romantically involved with Kyros, who fell in love with her earlier this round. Moira had her first kiss with Duran last round, but at the beginning of this round her brother Rafael kind of… stole him? =P While Moira did flirt a little with Lewi after that, her chosen one is still Duran. So, we’ll see how that goes. ^^”

Alvah hasn’t shown too much interest in all things romantic so far, but he does have Helena as his chosen one. Which would be a nice match for him. =)

After harvesting the lemons, Moira plays a game of kicky bag with Alvah.

Rafael starts the day talking to Horus. :3

And then goes on to make breakfast.

Meanwhile, Moira is throwing a tantrum. :<

Then Antiope passes by to visit her sister Lovia.

Or maybe her sister’s husband Jasper, who she slept with earlier this round. ._.

Moira seems to try to diffuse the tension by making the whole “back rub”-thing… more of a common sight in their family? XD

On the other hand, she may just wanted to make it very clear that after the whole Duran debacle, Alvah is now her favourite brother. ^^”

And while Rafael and Moira fight, Jasper is busy pretending that everything is alright and that he totally did not recently sleep with Antiope. >_<

Also Jasper and Lovia both still have the want to have another baby. And actually I would love to believe that maybe Jasper just slept with Antiope because he is desperate for another child. But Antiope is Lovia’s older sister and isn’t even able to have children anymore. Lovia at least has a very slim chance of becoming pregnant one last time.

In the meantime, Antiope is still around and invites her son Allan in. =P

And Moira still feels the need to express her dislike for Rafael. >_>

Which ends in a full-blown dust cloud fight. :<

Which Moira wins.

Much to Rafael’s annoyance. :<

And since Rafael has been fairly sickly his whole life, the fight actually costs him quite a few health points. >_< Which means that he is now in terrible health and won’t survive losing another fight. =/

Though, Rafael doesn’t have too much time to be upset about the lost fight, because Duran choses that particular moment to show up. =P

Pillow fights between Duran and Rafael and Lydia and Jasper. :D

And Jasper and Lovia spend the early evening making music together. <3

Rafael and Duran are still all over each other.

And Thalia is out haunting.

Moira is taking care of Horus. And being pretty. <3

Thalia doesn’t seem to be too fond of Rafael and Duran this evening. ^^”

And then Moira starts a very stealthy (Not. =P) attempt to win Duran back. XD

Meanwhile inside the hut, Thalia choses her next victim.

Which doesn’t end very well for Lovia. =/

Poor girl. :<

Moira is still in a bad mood. ._.

Alvah cleans up after his step-mother.

And gets another massage in return. =P

While Lovia gets scared yet again.

It’s not exactly her evening. :<

And to end the day, she even got into an arguement with Alvah.

But the next morning definitely starts on a happier note. ^_^

Rafael enjoys playing the drums. :3

And Lovia does have to fight quite a bit with morning sickness. :<

So far Lydia hasn’t appeared much this round. Mostly because she stayed out of her siblings’ shenanigans. =P

And talking about siblings… Moira tried congratulating Rafael.

Who’s obviously still angry that he lost the fight. ^^”

Which leads to a second fight. >_>

Apparently Rafael didn’t get the ‘don’t fight or you’ll die’-memo. ._.

I’m really going to miss Rafael. :<

Contrary to Moira. Who surprisingly isn’t fazed at all. ^^”

And still in a very bad mood…

Airi and Lydia are definitely more upset than Moira.

Also (as if there wasn’t already enough going on) Lovia really doesn’t like Jasper’s brother Darmian for some reason. XD

She actually tried to start a fight with him, but luckily she got distracted by her first pop. =P

Poor Jasper. D:

Somehow the male members of the Stone family have a particularly high mortality rate. >_< Which now also leaves Jasper with a single remaining son, Alvah. If anything happens to him, one of Cerdric’s sons would have to take over the main Stone household. Luckily, he does have three. XD

Lovia and Jasper spend yet another evening making music together. :3

Moira and Airi are now best friends. :D

And Thalia’s back. =P

Apparently she still hasn’t gotten over the fact that Jasper married Lovia. :<

And then Thalia actually scared Jasper.

Who got hit by lightning before he could even completely finish his ‘OMG, I’ve just seen a ghost’-animation. XD

I mean, how high are the odds for that to happen? =P Also, I have no idea what’s going on with all those lightning strikes this round. XD

Moira’s still kicking trash cans.

And being angry at Rafael. >_>

And Thalia’s back to scaring her favourite victim. :<

Which ends badly for Lovia yet again. =/

This time around, it’s Cerdric who’s cleaning up after Lovia.

And he gets promptly rewarded by Thalia. =P

To make things more exciting, Moira’s kicking a grave stone instead of the trash can. ^^”

Jasper still hasn’t quite recovered from the ghost-lightning combo and Lovia is nearly starving. =/

One last scare for good measure.

Then Lydia makes something to eat.

Which means Lovia doesn’t have to starve. Yay. =P

Lydia starts the next day playing the drums. <3

And second pop for Lovia. :3

And the rest of the day was apparently not very photo-worthy. =P

This evening, we have Vidya and Kenan visiting.

And Lewi, who spends some time with Moira.

The ghosts are quite active. As always on this lot.

Which means more pee to mop up. ^^”

Also now that Rafael isn’t around anymore, Moira’s interest for Duran seems to have gone down quite a bit. ^^”

Jasper and Lovia <3

And Alvah starts the next morning playing the drums. ^o^

Lydia enjoys her breakfast.

Before going on to harvest the next batch of lemons.

Jasper is making music.

And Lydia and Alvah are now best friends. :D

Once again, Phyros is the first one to reach for the lemons. =P

And in the early evening, Lovia is going into labour.

She gives birth to a healthy girl, Valeria.

Lovia does lose quite a few health points, but luckily she had her older adult birthday a couple days ago (which went really well), so she’ll live. :3

Next up, we have Moira’s adult birthday.

She’s in great health. ^_^

And now a family/romance sim. XD

This was already quite the eventful evening for the family, but we’re not done.

The lightning hit Mahali’s grave.

And she scares poor Phyros before vanishing again. Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. =P

Moira after make-over. :3

And then it’s time for another birthday. ^_^

Jasper’s now an elder and still in poor health. But at least it didn’t get any worse.

And post make-over. <3

This night, Rafael and Vidya are out spooking.

Rafael’s first victim is Lydia (who’s secondary aspiration is knowledge) and she was actually quite happy to see her brother again. =P

Moira is definitely not quite as excited as her older sister. ^^”

The family managed to break both the toilet and the shower at the same time. XD

And lots and lots more scares… o.ô Thankfully Lovia and Alvah are both knowledge sims.

Again, contrary to Moira, who’s having a really hard time right now. :<

Though, I think Rafael has the right to scare her at least once. XD

The rest of the night was a little more quiet, but the ghosts definitely wanted to be noticed. =P

Jasper and Lovia did not really care, though.

Airi finally makes an appearance again and starts her day talking to Horus. ^_^

Jasper takes care of Valeria. <3

Who Lydia doesn’t like for some reason? ^^”

Moira is playing the drums.

And Jasper and Lovia spend some time together. :3

Then… Alyone and Luna discover that they don’t particularly like each other? XD

Luckily, Helena was around to distract her mother before anything serious happened. =P

And then it’s time for Alvah’s first kiss. :>

Which is great, because as the heir (and only son left) he probably should marry sooner than later.

And we’re back with the ghosts. ^^” This night we have Kenan.

And Vidya. Again. She seems quite angry this round. ^^”


But Alvah and Helena won’t let themselves be distracted by Vidya. :3

And it looks like we end the round with pictures of Airi playing.

And Jasper talking to Horus. ^o^


Adults Jasper (33), Lovia (13), Lydia (71) and Moira (94), teen Alvah (151), child Airi (59) and baby Valeria (75)


2 thoughts on “Stone. Round 12

  1. Maybe you could turn the Stone household into a witch coven – with all the ghost scares/lightning strikes. XD
    But I don’t think Alvah is in any real danger of suddenly dying with his health points.


    1. Yeah, the risk that Alvah doesn’t survive is really low. But his health score does not protect him from becoming sick or getting hit by lightning or scared to death. So, there’s still a small chance he could die.


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