Amethyst. Round 12

In round 11, Agapios broke up with Dione and married Lucilla shortly after. (Shortly meaning an hour or so in this case, since my sims are only allowed to move in between rounds. Gotta keep them synced. =P) Lucilla became pregnant right away, but sadly she’s been in fairly bad health her whole life and died after giving birth to twins Alexio and Florina.

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Air. Round 12

Last round, all four of Phyros’ and Luna’s children celebrated a birthday. Duran, Helena and Quentus became teens and Themis became a child. There were also a lot of ghost visits, but surprisingly enough not too many scares. Both Quentus and Duran were in a pretty bad mood for most of the round, which led to a fight between Duran and Helena the very last evening. Since I had planned to change up the rules for fights from this round on, I didn’t kill Helena and she only lost a couple health points. ^_^

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Stone. Round 11

In round 10, Laverna had a one-night stand with Odoac and became pregnant. They didn’t have any contact whatsoever after that, though. (Hence one-night stand. =P) But Laverna has actually spend quite some time with Azrael this round and now has a crush on him. Meanwhile, Lydia has become a teen and seems to have taken a liking to another of the Fire quads, Kyros.

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