Earth. Round 14

Last round, Antiope became an elder, Odin an adult and Sherah a teen. On the romance side of things, both Allan and Odin are in love with Adela and Lucio has been getting along really well with Themis (as seen earlier this round in the Air household). Sherah on the other hand has not shown interest in anyone so far.

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Amethyst. Round 14

During the last few rounds, Agapios was flirting with both Adela and Indira, who his son Nahor has a crush on. ^^” But he seemed to have gotten along nicely with Victoria last round. He still has a crush on her from back when they were teens and she’s now in love with him. So, we’ll see that turns out.

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Another ‘I’m still alive’ post?

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while, yet again. Life has been really though for the past year and thanks to health issues, I was basically unable to write my blog posts (and even play the game) for the majority of the time. I finished playing round 14 in late autumn and have since been slowly working on the posts whenever I felt good enough. But I’ve been doing a lot better the last couple of weeks (which should hopefully last *fingers crossed*) and finished the last couple posts yesterday. :D

So, I’m now going to finally answer all your comments from nearly a year ago (I’m sorry XD) and then, as always, schedule the posts for round 14 for Sundays.

I hope you’re all doing well and I’ll see you in my first post on Sunday. ^_^

Sapphire. Round 13

The Sapphire household was getting way too full (with Victoria + five children and Lysander & Dione + two children) and Victoria’s children are now old enough that she doesn’t necessarily need Lysander’s and Dione’s help to take care of them. So, I decided to split the household. The Sapphire household now consists of Lysander, Dione and their children Amanda and Renita (whose father is actually Nikodemos, but Lysander never found out about that ^^”).

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