Obsidian. Round 13

Last round, Bradan became a teen and the twins Indira and Adela became adults. We also had a few sims in aspiration failure, which led to many fights. Zuriel attacked Midas, they mostly fought for the rest of the round and became enemies. Zuriel also attacked Aurelia, but only once and they managed to become best friends again. Then Inana and Bradan got into a fight, but managed to make up earlier this round and while they aren’t in love or anything, yet, they seem to be on the best way there. Also Morrigan visited and got into a fight with Bradan and with Indira. And last but not least, Darmian just got into a fight with Lydia, when I played the Stone household. XD

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Stone. Round 13

In round 12, Rafael died after a fight with his sister Moira and Lovia gave birth to another daughter Valeria. As far as birthdays go, Moira is now an adult and Jasper an elder.

As we’ve already seen this round, Moira has been romantically involved with Duran and Lewi, though at the moment she seems more inclined towards Duran and Alvah seems to be interested in Duran’s twin Helena.

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Fire. Round 13

Last round, Laverna and her son Micah moved in with the Fire household, who then set forth for a new neighbourhood. This hood is actually the main hood (while the desert hood is technically a shopping district) and currently set to winter all year round. :>

Apart from that, Micah had his child birthday and Azrael and Laverna had their first child, Iachin. Also, Laverna got pregnant again at the very end of the round.

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Emerald. Round 13

In round 12, Felicita, Atalante and Morrigan had their teen birthdays and Alyone gave birth to yet another girl, Ceres.

As far as romance is concerned, Inana got along pretty well with Bradan, but thanks to low aspiration they got into a fight. Morrigan did not only get into a fight with Bradan as well, but also with his sister Indira and Atalante got attacked by Phobos. To top it all of, the girls did not manage to win a single one of those fights. XD

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