Amethyst. Round 11

In round 10, Agapios found out that his wife Dione was unfaithful and got really angry with her. They then proceeded to ignore each other for the rest of the round, during which Dione gave birth to Amanda (whose father is Lysander).

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I’m back? =P

Hey everyone! The last few months I’ve been quite busy with university, exams and travelling. But I’m back home and have finally finished writing the posts for round 11, which are now, as always, scheduled for Sunday afternoons. ^o^

From round 12 on, I’ll officially start my 3rd generation, so I’ve also been quite busy preparing. I had already chosen a neighbourhood terrain for my main hood, when I started the challenge (nearly 2 years ago X’D), but I wasn’t satisfied with it anymore. So, I choose a new one. And had to decorate it nicely, of course. =P

Also, since two of my 3rd generation sims had some of the maxis clothing with tattoos selected when they became adults, I decided that I wanted those two sims to have tattoos. Which meant making my own tattoo overlays. Which is not terribly difficult thanks to Quinctia’s tutorial, but still quite time consuming. XD

And now I’m off to catch up on comments I got and the blogs I follow. ^_^

Water. Round 10

First off (as always =P) a little review: Chleo gave birth to a boy, Saoul, went into aspiration failure despite being a family sim and became pregnant again right away to give birth to a girl, Marzana (being carried by her father in the picture), at the end of the round. Lucilla and Lysander became adults, Lucilla made out with Agapios and Lysander woohoo’d with Dione (who gave birth to his daughter Amanda at the beginning of this round).

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Obsidian. Round 10

Last round, Victoria gave birth to Eusebio, who sadly died on his toddler birthday. Penelope gave birth to a son as well, Bradan, who’s luckily in better health than his late cousin. And towards the end of the round, Darmian maxed his creativity skill and got into the zone while playing the drums and the family recieved a magic lamp. :>

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