Ollowain Air is gembembaby’s Liam (last sim on the page)

Dardarus Stone is Almighty Hat’s Sequoia

Samael Water is lil_pixiedevil’s Sam (without pointy ears)

Phaidra Earth is by me

Eudora Water is by me

Pomona Fire  is by “me” (born in another of my hoods, I’m pretty certain I didn’t create her parents, but I can’t track them down)


Sadly, I wasn’t able to find out where I have the genetics for Kalyani, Kephalos, Ianus and Vidya from. I should have written that information down when I started. XD But at the beginning, I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to blog or not.

I think I created Kalyani as well, but I’m really not too sure. And if I remember right either Ianus or Kephalos were originally a female template.


Stage 1

Clothes from The SimStones Set by The Mod Squad

WallWindows by Numenor

Floor Mattress by Atavera

Fur Bedding by Burn2ash

Patchwork Bedding by SvetLanka

Hacked Coat Hook by MaryLou & Numenor

Cave Comfort Collection by jon119

Bucket Toilet and Sink by Sup@tramp

Toddler Bath by Michelle

Rotisserie Spit (Grill) by Phaenoh

Fur Rugs by 15pupmaus49

Stone Toddler Stuff by SwtNess2

Counting Stones by hydromancerx

Waterfall Shower by marvine (I currently don’t use this, but it can be very useful.)

Invisible Easel by pfish

Wild Berry Bushes, Animal Traps  and Water Fetching Stations by Sun&Moon

Then there are also the Neanderthal Starter Caves 1 and 2 by Cocomama. She made quite a  few stone recolours and also fitting walls/flooring that can be found in those two threads. I used her caves in my first attempt (although slightly modified) and they were also a big inspiration for the caves in this attempt.


 Stage 1.5

Extracted Castaway Stuff Collection by MeetMe2TheRiver

Indian Style Ladder by Rebecah, Recolours by Michelle

Woven Flooring by dancingaphrodite

Fruit Trees by Sun&Moon


If anyone notices any other objects I’m using in my game and that aren’t listed here, feel free to comment. Also, if anyone wants one of the sims I know for sure that I created (Phaidra, Eudora and Pomona) just ask.