WCIF Page and Family Trees

I added the promised WCIF page to the menu on the top and made a few changes to the family trees. I added birth and death dates (which are displayed right under the sims names) and aspirations. The latter was a little tricky as there is, of course, no dedicated space for that kind of thing. =P I ended up just adding it as a note. To see it you have to click on a sim’s name or use the “Family” view.

Orissa Sunset Vest 3t2

I converted a top from Sims 3 and uploaded it some time ago on PBK. I actually meant to share it here, too. But I forgot. XD


You can find the download link here.

A little warning ahead: The preview pictures are a little spoiler-y as I took them while playing round 7 in the Earth household. =P