Ruby. Round 12

In round 11, Odoac moved in with Ida and her children to help out after Gunnar’s death. At this point in time, Ida was pregant with her late husband’s child and so she gave birth to a boy, Akios. Megaera and Phobos had their teen birthday, Rahel and Isidor became children and Akios a toddler. Also, Gunnar’s ghost haunted the lot for the first time and spend the night cleaning up after his family. <3

Rahel and Isidor (in the first picture of the post) and Akios start the day playing.

Nyx is painting.

And Odoac went out hunting. ^_^

In the meantime, Ida prepared breakfast. Which she eats while talking to the visiting Marzana (who’s surprisingly not related to her at all XD).

Phobos invited his uncle Balthasar in to play a round of catch.

And after Odoac returns from hunting, he joins his niece Nyx in painting.

Isidor has – like Atalante – only a single neat point, which leads to a lot of puddles.

Which do not always consist solely of water. >_<

In the evening, Allan passes by to visit his cousins. :3

And Megaera makes her first appearance. :D

Isidor plays with his sisters Rahel and Nyx.

Before going on to annoy poor Akios.

Just to play with him as well right after. XD

The next morning, it’s Phobos turn to go hunting. :3

Meanwhile, Ida and Megaera are painting.

And Ida earns a skill point. ^o^

Sadly, Nyx is in a bad mood. =/ But she does have the wish to befriend Odoac, which should be doable. :3

In the evening, Akios’ next birthday is coming up.

He made it barely past his toddler birthday and sadly he looses even more health points. =/

Which means that he succumbs to his bad health. :<

I feel so sorry for Ida, she hasn’t had much luck lately. >_<

And as if Akios’ death hadn’t been enough, it also send Phobos into aspiration failure. ._.

Which poor Atalante has to pay for.

And it also doesn’t just end with the shoving, Phobos has to go full out. *sigh*

Poor Ida, who is way too nice for this world, just ran outside and started crying because of the fight. =/ This is definitely not her day.

Phobos actually managed to win the fight he started. XD And since Atalante is in really great health, she only lost a couple health points. ^^”

But not all is bad for the family and Rahel and Odoac become best friends while bonding over food. =)

Nyx happens to wear her everyday outfit while I take a photo for the first time this round. =P

And the next morning, we have Phobos successfully making breakfast for the family. :D

While Megaera is painting once more.

Rahel and Isidor are on berry-gathering duty. :3

And Megaera finished her painting. Which is one of the glyph paintings. Which means the Ruby household could potentially unlock recipes next round.

Phobos is still in a bad mood. :<

And in the back, Helena is going into aspiration failure because of Akios’ death. =/

Also, Phobos is waaay too much of a neat freak to not clean up the trash can he just kicked over. XD

Ida and Odoac are enjoying the breakfast Phobos made.

And Rahel and Isidor are adorable. <3

At least as long as Isidor isn’t scattering water (and pee) everywhere. ._.

The rest of the day went by pretty quietly and everyone’s just having a fun time. ^_^

Except maybe Atalante. ^^”

And in the evening, it’s time for Nyx to become older.

She loses a few health points, but she’s fine. :3

And she’s rolled fortune.

After make-over. <3

And her first deed as a teen is a pillow fight with Odoac. =P

Then Kay passes by.

Megaera actually had her first kiss with him last round and they’re right back to flirting. :>

A lot. =P

And while Ida and Nyx clean up after Isidor, …

He’s busy showing off to his sister.

And her crush, apparently. ^o^

Phobos is still in a bad mood. >_>

And Kay is actually not doing much better. ._.

At least he chose Gunnar’s grave to kick, because otherwise he might have been responsible for a couple more aspiration failures. o.ô

Megaera and Isidor finish the day doing some more painting.

The next morning, Kay is over again and he’s got a crush now as well. :3

Odoac takes the time to read Nyx a bedtime “wakeup” time story. =P

Atalante still is not too fond of Phobos. :<

Who’s in turn still not in a better mood.

And someone fell in love. ^_^

Then it’s time for a game of catch. Or two. =P

But not three apparently. And Kay’s refusal to play with Nyx actually sends her into aspiration failure again. >_>

At least she’s taking out her anger on the right person? XD

After that little incident, Megaera and Kay are right back to flirting, though. =P Which is really adorable since Megaera is about as shy as a sim can be. :3

Then Chleo passes by. :O Her and Odoac have had an affair for quite some time now. Though, they haven’t seen each other much recently since Chleo was married to Varius. But now that he’s dead, they’ve actually started to spend time together again.

And Chleo seems very adamant about getting Odoac back into her life. So far, Odoac wasn’t very proactive, though, and his chosen one is still Victoria.

Random picture of Ida, because she’s beautiful and didn’t get enough attention so far. <3

Nyx hasn’t gotten over Kay’s refusal to play catch with her, yet, and is currently trying to pick a fight with her sister. Luckily, Megaera just ignores her and keeps painting. =P

Then Phobos was really hungry and decided that the best course of action would be to eat spoiled hot dogs. o.ô

Luckily, he didn’t get sick and Ida hurried to get the rest cleaned up.

Isidor and Rahel actually spend a lot of time together playing. ^_^

And Chleo passes by again, still trying to change Odoac’s mind.

Isidor accidentally trapped his mom in the shower.

While Rahel is relaxing on the bed. ^_^

And Nyx is throwing a tantrum. :<

Then Phobos decided it would be a great idea to have his first kiss with Chleo.

Who accepted. Which is definitely not going to help her win Odoac back. o.ô

Nyx managed to get out of her bad mood by becoming best friends with Megaera and is finally doing more useful stuff than throwing tantrums. ^o^

Chleo’s still trying.

But Odoac rather wanted to relax on the bed than spend time with her. ^^”

And Gunnar is visiting again. :D

Though, this time around the household is pretty clean already and there isn’t too much he can help out with. ^_^

And to end the round, we have a really exciting game of kicky bag going on. :O


Adults Ida (58) and Odoac (98), teens Phobos (76), Megaera (70) and Nyx (41) and children Rahel (25) and Isidor (16)



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