Red. Round 12

The Red household consists of Orpheus’ and Harmonia’s children, who did not move to the north with them. Namely: Kyros, Hypatia, Ollowain, Lewi, Tabitha and Vidar.

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Ruby. Round 12

In round 11, Odoac moved in with Ida and her children to help out after Gunnar’s death. At this point in time, Ida was pregant with her late husband’s child and so she gave birth to a boy, Akios. Megaera and Phobos had their teen birthday, Rahel and Isidor became children and Akios a toddler. Also, Gunnar’s ghost haunted the lot for the first time and spend the night cleaning up after his family. <3

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Ruby. Round 11

Last round, Gunnar started a fight with Darmian and Ida gave birth to twins, Rahel and Isidor, then became pregnant again right away. The last day of the round, Gunnar died in a fire and left Ida behind with three children and two toddlers to take care of. Considering that she was also pregnant, things went downhill ridiculously fast. ^^”

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Fire. Round 11

In round 10, Harmonia gave birth to her 8th and last child, Nathaniel. And that’s pretty much the only really relevant thing that happened. XD The biggest part of the round was taken up by the family just spending time together and the teens (Azrael, Kyros, Ollowain, Hypatia and Lewi) have actually been pretty quiet. Though, Azrael spend some time with Laverna and Kyros seems to be interested in Lydia. :>

And as always, the family is also out of food. ^^”

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