Obsidian. Round 11

Last round, Penelope became pregnant and gave births to quads: Midas, Aurelia, Hermia and Zuriel. Since the household had a magic lamp, Victoria resurrected her son Eusebio, who had died in round 9. She also gave birth to a girl, Kallisto, and became pregnant again.

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Stone. Round 11

In round 10, Laverna had a one-night stand with Odoac and became pregnant. They didn’t have any contact whatsoever after that, though. (Hence one-night stand. =P) But Laverna has actually spend quite some time with Azrael this round and now has a crush on him. Meanwhile, Lydia has become a teen and seems to have taken a liking to another of the Fire quads, Kyros.

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Obsidian. Round 10

Last round, Victoria gave birth to Eusebio, who sadly died on his toddler birthday. Penelope gave birth to a son as well, Bradan, who’s luckily in better health than his late cousin. And towards the end of the round, Darmian maxed his creativity skill and got into the zone while playing the drums and the family recieved a magic lamp. :>

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Obsidian. Round 9


In round 8, Penelope gave birth to twins, Indira (in the picture) and Adela, and unfortunately, her and Cerdric’s first daughter Nerissa (who struggled with her health since birth) died at her child birthday. But on a happier note, Penelope is pregnant again and her sister Victoria is expecting her first child with Odoac as well. Which means lots of babies this round. =P

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