Fire. Round 13

Last round, Laverna and her son Micah moved in with the Fire household, who then set forth for a new neighbourhood. This hood is actually the main hood (while the desert hood is technically a shopping district) and currently set to winter all year round. :>

Apart from that, Micah had his child birthday and Azrael and Laverna had their first child, Iachin. Also, Laverna got pregnant again at the very end of the round.

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Emerald. Round 13

In round 12, Felicita, Atalante and Morrigan had their teen birthdays and Alyone gave birth to yet another girl, Ceres.

As far as romance is concerned, Inana got along pretty well with Bradan, but thanks to low aspiration they got into a fight. Morrigan did not only get into a fight with Bradan as well, but also with his sister Indira and Atalante got attacked by Phobos. To top it all of, the girls did not manage to win a single one of those fights. XD

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Amethyst. Round 13

Last round, Nahor became a teen and the twins Alexio and Florina became children.

After Lucilla’s death in round 11, Agapios has been getting romantic with way too many, way younger sims. Including Indira, who Nahor had his first kiss with and has a crush on. Nikodemos still has the hots for Dione, who has been showing him a cold shoulder.

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Air. Round 13

Round 12 in the Air household was more on the relaxed side of things. Duran and Helena had their adult birthday and Luna became an elder.

Duran had his first kiss with Moira, but discovered his bisexuality when Moira’s brother Rafael kissed him out of nowhere a little later. But their relationship ended rather abruptly, when Rafael died after a fight with Moira when I played their household. ^^” Since then Duran and Moira have been spending time together, but Moira also seemed to get along pretty well with Lewi. Meanwhile, Helena has shown interest in Rafael’s twin brother Alvah.

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I’m still alive XD

It’s been… A really long time, actually. Time just passes way too quickly. ^^”

I started playing round 13 in December 2017, which also means that that was the last time I played the Air household and I just can’t believe it’s been over a year already. I played most of the round back in March 2018 and then stuff happened and I didn’t play until October, when I finally finished the round. And then it took me until now to write the blog posts. =P So, it might have taken some time, but for now I’m back and I’ve got blog posts scheduled until the beginning of July. :O

And just in time for me being ready to start the next round, this goody popped up. I’m not completely certain, yet, that I want to put it in. But at the same time I really do want to put it in. XD I guess I’m just not sure whether I should do this to my poor sims or not. They do have already quite a lot on their plates. =P