Amethyst. Round 10

Last round, Agapios, Nikodemos and Dione moved into their own household. Dione became pregnant and gave birth to a boy Nahor. Nikodemos tried, not exactly successfully (or rather not successful at all?), to make a pass at Dione. Then at the end of the round, while playing the Water household, Agapios made out with Lucilla and DioneĀ  woohoo’d with Lysander. ^^”

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Water. Round 9


My only remaining founders, Eudora and Samael. <3

In round 8, Chleo gave birth to Kay, got pregnant again, fell in love with Odoac and still only has a crush on Varius. :< Lysander and Lucilla, Eudora’s and Samael’s youngest children, are still hunting for partners (and clogging up space in the ever-growing household). Lysander actually had his first kiss with Mahali, who died last round, and Lucilla had hers with Agapios, who’s now in a commited relationship with Dione. But now that the Fire quads are teens, there might be new possibilities for those two.

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Obsidian. Round 9


In round 8, Penelope gave birth to twins, Indira (in the picture) and Adela, and unfortunately, her and Cerdric’s first daughter Nerissa (who struggled with her health since birth) died at her child birthday. But on a happier note, Penelope is pregnant again and her sister Victoria is expecting her first child with Odoac as well. Which means lots of babies this round. =P

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