Sapphire. Round 13

The Sapphire household was getting way too full (with Victoria + five children and Lysander & Dione + two children) and Victoria’s children are now old enough that she doesn’t necessarily need Lysander’s and Dione’s help to take care of them. So, I decided to split the household. The Sapphire household now consists of Lysander, Dione and their children Amanda and Renita (whose father is actually Nikodemos, but Lysander never found out about that ^^”).

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Sapphire. Round 12

After Agapios broke up with Dione at the beginning of round 11, Lysander, Dione and their daughter Amanda got their own household. (Even though Dione wasn’t in love with Lysander, but she had nowhere else to go.) Since the Obsidian household got way too crowded after Penelope gave birth to quads in round 10, Lysander’s sister Victoria and her children with Odoac, Eusebio and Kallisto, moved in as well.

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