Sapphire. Round 12

After Agapios broke up with Dione at the beginning of round 11, Lysander, Dione and their daughter Amanda got their own household. (Even though Dione wasn’t in love with Lysander, but she had nowhere else to go.) Since the Obsidian household got way too crowded after Penelope gave birth to quads in round 10, Lysander’s sister Victoria and her children with Odoac, Eusebio and Kallisto, moved in as well.

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Water. Round 12

In round 11, the Water household unlocked Ra, their parrot. Sidonius became an adult, Kay and Saoul became teens and Ragnar and Oberon had their toddler and child birthdays. Samael sadly died of old age, which means Eudora is the only surviving founder.

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Water. Round 10

First off (as always =P) a little review: Chleo gave birth to a boy, Saoul, went into aspiration failure despite being a family sim and became pregnant again right away to give birth to a girl, Marzana (being carried by her father in the picture), at the end of the round. Lucilla and Lysander became adults, Lucilla made out with Agapios and Lysander woohoo’d with Dione (who gave birth to his daughter Amanda at the beginning of this round).

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Water. Round 9


My only remaining founders, Eudora and Samael. <3

In round 8, Chleo gave birth to Kay, got pregnant again, fell in love with Odoac and still only has a crush on Varius. :< Lysander and Lucilla, Eudora’s and Samael’s youngest children, are still hunting for partners (and clogging up space in the ever-growing household). Lysander actually had his first kiss with Mahali, who died last round, and Lucilla had hers with Agapios, who’s now in a commited relationship with Dione. But now that the Fire quads are teens, there might be new possibilities for those two.

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