Amethyst. Round 11

In round 10, Agapios found out that his wife Dione was unfaithful and got really angry with her. They then proceeded to ignore each other for the rest of the round, during which Dione gave birth to Amanda (whose father is Lysander).

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Amethyst. Round 10

Last round, Agapios, Nikodemos and Dione moved into their own household. Dione became pregnant and gave birth to a boy Nahor. Nikodemos tried, not exactly successfully (or rather not successful at all?), to make a pass at Dione. Then at the end of the round, while playing the Water household, Agapios made out with Lucilla and DioneĀ  woohoo’d with Lysander. ^^”

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Air. Round 9


In round 7, Luna had given birth to her first child Livius, who sadly died as a toddler due to his bad health. So, it was great news for the family, when Luna gave birth to a healthy pair of twins, Duran and Helena, last round. Even if Luna, being a romance sim, wasn’t too happy about the actual “having more children”-part. ^^” Apart from this, the Air household also unlocked the chess table and Kalyani died of old age about halfway through the round. :<

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