Amethyst. Round 10

Last round, Agapios, Nikodemos and Dione moved into their own household. Dione became pregnant and gave birth to a boy Nahor. Nikodemos tried, not exactly successfully (or rather not successful at all?), to make a pass at Dione. Then at the end of the round, while playing the Water household, Agapios made out with Lucilla and DioneĀ  woohoo’d with Lysander. ^^”

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Air. Round 9


In round 7, Luna had given birth to her first child Livius, who sadly died as a toddler due to his bad health. So, it was great news for the family, when Luna gave birth to a healthy pair of twins, Duran and Helena, last round. Even if Luna, being a romance sim, wasn’t too happy about the actual “having more children”-part. ^^” Apart from this, the Air household also unlocked the chess table and Kalyani died of old age about halfway through the round. :<

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