Water. Round 14

Last round in the water household, Ragnar and Oberon became teens, Saoul became an adult and Chleo an elder. Since Antiope died earlier this round, Eogan does not have a partner anymore. Neither does Chleo really, but that has been the case for a little while now and she actually had, well for the lack of a better word, a ONS with Lysander last round.

Sidonius has been flirting with both Nyx and Airi, but so far there are no feelings involved. Marzana and Isidor shared their first kiss last round and both fell in love earlier this round. :3

Also to start off the round, the household is out of food again and pretty much everyone is very hungry. ^^”

But before we get properly into this round, we have Megaera moving in with Kay. <3 They are mutually in love but Megaera, being a romance sim, is not too excited about the whole commitment thing. XD

Since it is light outside by now, the family could gather some berries and Saoul is making breakfast.

Or, well, at least he tried to? XD

Luckily, Oberon takes over for him. While everyone else is too busy complaining that they’re hungry. >_>

Then lightning hit on top of everything. So, it was quite an eventful start into the day for the Water household. XD

Megaera is keeping out of all the chaos and starts her day peacefully by meeting Ra.

And spending some time with Kay. <3

Oberon spends his afternoon playing chess.

And in the evening it’s time for birthdays.

Eogan is now an elder and doing just fine.

After make-over. <3

And Marzana is getting older as well.

She’s in really amazing health.

And now a Popularity/Knowledge sim. :3

While I was busy with the birthdays, Nyx has passed by to spend time with Sidonius.

And she’s now in love. :O

Marzana <3

Megaera and Marzana are busy improving their pottery skills. :3

While Chleo and Saoul are playing a game of chess.

Varius is visiting. ^_^

Kay and Megaera are on the best way to produce an heir for the Water household. =P

Marzana admires herself.

And Victoria would very much prefer if she just went ahead and took a shower. XD

Pillow fight. :D And also lots of sims piling up. XD

The next morning starts with a not so rare (especially in a household this big) race for the toilet. Which Megaera won. =P

And Megaera has to fight her first bouts of morning sickness, while Chleo and Sidonius don’t seem too bothered that Megaera is hogging the toilet and are simply chatting while waiting. XD

Then Eogan came along and … Well, things collided, I guess. XD

And then Lewi kicked the trash can over. >_>

But life goes on. =P Marzana spends her time playing chess.

Ragnar is talking to Ra. :3

Marzana gains her bronze pottery badge. :D

And Sidonius is nice enough to clean up the mess that Lewi made.

Poor Kay had a little “work-related” accident.

Which even lead to a fire that Marzana luckily got under control very quickly.

In the evening, we have Eudora and Samael out haunting. :>

And their first victim is poor Marzana.

Meanwhile Eogan is becoming a victim of Lovia’s bad temper. ^^”

Which he is not accepting calmly.

Chleo is admiring Megaera to which the latter reacts very adorably being the shy sim that she is. <3

And first bump. :>

Oberon gets scared by Samael.

While we have Eogan fail to do the needed repairs as well. ^^”

And poor Oberon gets scared yet again.

Then it’s the next morning which means no more ghosts, but also no more food. XD

But we start with Chleo doing pottery and Sidonius talking to Ra.

Nikodemos greats his niece Florina. =P

And someone managed to gather some food, which means that Megaera can make a much needed meal. She’s close to starving.

Luckily nothing gets in the way and Megaera can enjoy her breakfast in peace.

And then she’s off to play chess with Saoul. Who might be getting bored very soon, since he has actually maximised his logic skill and Marzana has never played before. XD Though he is really nice so he might just enjoy to teach Marzana how to play. ^_^

And here we can see Florina taking very bad life decisions.

Which lead to food poisoning. >_<

Second bump. :3

Marzana is now best friends with her brothers Ragnar and Kay.

And the next morning, Ragnar also becomes best friends with Sidonius.

Chleo broke the toilet and gets scolded by her son Saoul. XD

Isidor passes by to visit Marzana.

And they get to spend some time together.

Also Eogan is having a first class seat for this performance. Whether he wants to or not. X’D

More best friend making! This time Oberon and Kay. ^o^

And Samael is back. :>

Just in time to cock-block Marzana and Isidor. XD

Which is not actually deterring them from their plans. =P

Poor Saoul gets scared as well.

After which he spends some time watching Oberon and Eogan play chess. ^_^

Then it’s time for Megaera to go into labour.

She loses quite a few health points, but is still doing great.

And she gives birth to a boy Bran, who’s sadly in terrible health. :<

Meanwhile Kay completely missed the birth of his first child, because he was asleep. XD

As if everything wasn’t already chaotic enough, Samael choses this moment to scare Saoul again. =P

Chleo and Eogan seem very happy to welcome Bran in the family. <3

Somewhat random family tree. =P

Kay and Megaera being adorable. <3

Oberon is talking to Ra.

And then Ragnar decides to ruin the peaceful morning by trying to give his first kiss to Megaera.

Which does not work. At all. And sends poor Ragnar into aspiration failure. ^^”

But Ragnar is not the only one who’s having bad luck. Chleo tried to leap into Lysander’s arms. Which did not work. Though I’m also not quite sure why he refused? He had absolutely no issue sleeping with Chleo last round and his wife Dione isn’t around either.

… And now it’s suddenly alright again? XD

Then to end the round we have Ragnar taking his frustration out on poor Oberon.

And two more ghost scares. :>


Elders Chleo (61) and Eogan (52), adults Sidonius (71), Kay (69), Megaera (114), Saoul (95) and Marzana (145), teens Oberon (54) and Ragnar (102) and baby Bran (-7)

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