Blue. Round 13

New household!

As I mentioned in the last post, I had Victoria and her five children – Eusebio, Kallisto, and the triplets Elissa, Ravi and Talitha – move out of the Sapphire household, because it was just getting too full.

Last round, Eusebio became a teen and the triplets Elissa, Ravi and Talitha became children. Eusebio tried to give his first kiss to Tabitha, but got rejected. And Victoria is on the hunt for a new man, now that Odoac is married to Hypatia. Though, she already had pretty much given up on him, even before Hypatia. Her biggest want has been to fall in love for a very long time and she knows that’s not going to happen with Odoac. Right now we have two possible candidates: Lewi and Agapios. She had trouble getting on one wave length with Lewi and her romantic interactions kept getting rejected. So, it looks like Agapios might be the one. Especially since she got a crush on him when I played the Water household.

Oh, and also: Midas moved into this household, since I wanted to separate him from Zuriel. Victoria is his aunt and has also been friends with both Penelope and Cerdric for a very long time. And immediately upon moving in, Midas rolled wants to become friends with all the other children on the lot. ^o^

We start the round of with everyone playing outside in the rain.

Except for Eusebio. Well, kind of. Technically he’s still playing, I guess? =P

In any case, it seems to be quite an exciting game.

The first sim to pass by the lot is of course Zuriel. ^^”

And Victoria earns her bronze pottery badge.

Penelope passed by and got invited in. And of course, she then greets Zuriel. XD Nothing really happened, though. Not that they could actually fight, since Zuriel is currently a teen and Midas a child.

Victoria enjoys some spoiled lunch.

And then proceeds to make new food. =P

The children are all starting to get tired.

Which means there’s a bed shortage again. =P

Odoac decided to kick the trash can over… Because he thinks that Zuriel is not attractive? o.O

And Zuriel actually cleans up the mess that Odoac made. XD

Victoria, Talitha and Ravi are hanging out inside the hut.

And they’re soon joined by Elissa and Midas.

Meanwhile Kallisto is playing chess.

Then it’s time for breakfast.

After which Victoria joins Kallisto for a game of chess.

Eusebio made a perfect meal of fish. :3

And Midas seems to get used to his new home very fast. ^o^

And it’s time for the first birthday.

Kallisto is in great health.

And (yet another) Popularity sim. =P

Ravi meets a stray dog.

Who then kicks over the trash can. Surprise! Not. >_>

Darmian and Victoria are gossiping about poor Lucilla’s death. :<

Kallisto after her make-over. :3

And her first deed as a teen is to dance with Elissa. ^_^

Penelope came over, which means that Midas gets to spend some time with his mother.

And, uh, Agapios passed by and… Well, if Victoria falls in love with him, I think this is settled. =P

Another birthday. :D

Midas is now a teen and in great health.

And he rolled Knowledge. Sadly, he isn’t doing too well aspiration-wise. =/

Victoria is in love. :O And it only took her… nearly 50 years. XD

Penelope and Vidar are obviously very uncomfortable with Victoria’s and Agapios’ public display of affection. =P

Midas after make-over. :3

And still in a very bad mood. :<

Agapios is on his best behaviour and cleans up the mess that the stray dog made.

Kallisto and Talitha are now best friends. ^_^

And Midas is venting his anger on poor Eusebio… >_>

Who’s not taking any of this bullshit.

The day luckily continues a little more peacefully. Midas plays some chess with Victoria and manages to get out of his aspiration failure.

Kallisto and Elissa become best friends.

But Eusebio is pretty angry at Midas for attacking him out of nowhere. =/

And then lightning hit something on the lot. Which caught fire. Which immediately went out again thanks to the rain. But everyone panicked and got all stinky nonetheless. >_<

Midas is becoming best friends with Ravi. :3

Poor Eusebio burnt his food.

And then became enemies with Midas. :<

Which leads to a fight.

That Eusebio wins. Midas is still in very good health, so he’s fine.

He should probably stop making so many enemies, though. *sigh*

Ravi shocks his sister Talitha. =P

Eusebio gives the whole first-kiss-thing another chance.

And succeeds this time. :D

Kallisto is making lunch.

And grabbing a plate for herself.

Eusebio spends most of the day glued to Tabitha. <3

Until Midas comes along.

And they get into another fight.

Which Eusebio wins again.

And that was already pretty much it for this round, except for Victoria and Talitha playing in the rain. :3


Adult Victoria (137), teens Eusebio (41), Kalliso (74) and Midas (73) and children Elissa (95), Ravi (16) and Talitha (40)

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