Sapphire. Round 13

The Sapphire household was getting way too full (with Victoria + five children and Lysander & Dione + two children) and Victoria’s children are now old enough that she doesn’t necessarily need Lysander’s and Dione’s help to take care of them. So, I decided to split the household. The Sapphire household now consists of Lysander, Dione and their children Amanda and Renita (whose father is actually Nikodemos, but Lysander never found out about that ^^”).

While Dione eventually fell in love with Lysander and started being faithful, Lysander now started an affair with Chleo. So, we’ll see how that ends… >_<

Also Dione is pregnant again. :3

And her comfort is pretty low, so for now she’s sitting. =P

At least for as long as her morning sickness allows her to. ^^”

Now that there is a lot less going on in this household, there is finally time to repair the shower and clean up.

Meanwhile Amanda is playing inside.

While Renita is still asleep.

And poor Dione nearly starving. :<

Amanda wanted to dance with her father, but their relationship isn’t too great and he refused. =/

Tabitha passed by and salvaged the trash can. ^^”

Dione tried to make dinner, but failed. Pretty spectacularly.

And if that wasn’t enough, her morning sickness is still pretty bad.

But after throwing up, she does manage to get the fire under control.

And then goes on to salvage the trash can as well. XD

I guess, it’s not too different from eating (more or less) completely burnt food anyway.

First bump. :D

And Lysander and Renita are now best friends.

The next morning starts with Lysander and Renita playing redhands and Nyx and Amanda dancing. :3

Then Lysander is preparing breakfast for the family.

While Amanda and Nyx become best friends. :3

Dione actually wanted to salvage the trash can again, but Renita and Amanda were in the way. So, she settled for Lysander’s home made meal. X’D

Now that morning sickness is not any issue anymore, Dione is doing a lot better and has more energy to do stuff. ^o^

Renita puts her 9 neat points *cough* which she definitely got from Nikodemos *cough* to good use.

Dione earns her bronze pottery badge.

While poor Nyx gets shocked by Amanda.

Who luckily doesn’t mind. =P

Though I did find it quite rude that Lysander laughed at her. o.ô

It basically never happens in this hood that everyone is asleep at the same time. But as you know, exceptions prove the rule. XD

Though, they did not really sleep at night. So there’s that. =P

As soon as Amanda is awake again, it’s time for her teen birthday already.

Amanda was quite weak all her life, but she actually gets a considerable amount of health points and is now in fair health.

And she’s a Family sim.

I tried something. But I wasn’t really happy with it.

So, she got her old hairstyle back. =P

And Amanda might be a teen now, but she’s still rather unsuccessfully trying to make friends with her father. =/

Renita spends the night playing on her own. <3

And second bump. :O

I then send Lysander and Amanda out hunting. Which led to Lysander actually positively interacting with Amanda for once. ^^”

Once Lysander and Amanda are back from hunting, Amanda reads Renita a bedtime story. <3

While Dione is playing chess.

After her nap, Renita discovers the recipe book that the family unlocked this round.

And spends the rest of the day improving her cooking skill. ^o^

Amanda and Lysander are busy making pottery.

Dione is having a bit of a rough time with her pregnancy.

But that’s coming to an end now anyway. Luckily, everything goes pretty smooth.

And Dione gives birth to a girl, Dinah, who’s sadly in very bad health. :<

Lysander is looking after his newborn daughter, while Dione is off to take care of her own needs.

Amanda is also helping out with her little sister. :3

Victoria’s daughter Elissa is visiting and Renita is now best friends with her.

Lysander and Dione are busy making more babies. Or at least they try. I don’t think Dione will be able to get pregnant again

And the shower broke again.

Amanda spends the afternoon playing chess.

Renita becomes also best friends with Ravi (also Victoria’s child).

Amanda has her first kiss with Odin.

As for quite a few of my sims, Amanda’s list of potential partners is not very long. We have Allan, Odin and Alvah. That’s it. ^^”

She seems to like Odin, but I don’t think that’s going to work out in the long run.

Lysander and Dione <3

Lysander is feeding Dinah, who looks like she just wants to sleep in peace. XD

Amanda earns her bronze pottery badge.

Renita is cleaning up after everyone again. =P

Dione burns some more food. No fire this time, though.

And it’s time for Dinah’s first birthday.

Which gets rudely interrupted by Lysander trying to make pottery. XD

Luckily, Dinah gets some health points, but she’s still pretty sick. :<

After make-over. :3

And we end the round with a pretty upset Dinah. =P


Adults Lysander (11) and Dione (45), teen Amanda (46), child Renita (55) and toddler Dinah (12)

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