Water. Round 13

In round 12, my last surviving founder Eudora died of old age. Marzana became a teen and Kay an adult. As far as romance goes, Sidonius has shown definite interest in Nyx and Kay has a crush on Megaera. Also Chleo has been trying to get Odoac back, but he chose Hypatia.

Chleo watches Ra eat.

And is then off to make some food for herself and her family.

Meanwhile Sidonius is out hunting.

After both Chleo and Ra finish their breakfast, Chleo works on her charisma skill.

Eogan is chatting with his love Antiope.

Marzana and Ragnar are eating breakfast together.

After which Marzana does some cleaning.

Eogan and Antiope are enjoying each other’s company.

Oberon and Ragnar become best friends (and were probably shooed out of the hut right after XD).

Ragnar meets his cousin Ravi.

And they do not get along too well. ^^”

Then Chleo flirted with Lysander and fell in love? Which makes me very confused (especially since it’s been quite a while since I played this). But since I didn’t leave myself any notes, I assume that there isn’t anything else to it and Chleo just randomly decided that she likes Lysander. XD

So, now that Dione finally properly settled with Lysander and is faithful to him, Lysander starts an affair. >_>

Then Chleo goes on to earn her bronze pottery badge.

Looks like Ragnar and Ravi came around and are now peacefully playing together.

Later in the day, Megaera passes by.

And Kay gets a massage out of it. =P

Chleo and Lysander decide to go all the way.

And seem pretty pleased with themselves. ^^”

I mean, on one hand you could argue that Dione has made quite a few mistakes and this is now karma getting back at her. But I’m still not too happy about it? I think. XD

More Antiope and Eogan. <3

And Eogan and Marzana have become best friends, while Marzana is nearly starving.

Kay is now also in love with Megaera. :D

We have a penguin visit. :>

And it looks like the household is mostly out of food.

But Marzana gets to gather a few berries.

And can make breakfast for the family.

Oberon tried to shock Agapios, but he just ignored him. Which is probably for the best. =P

Ragnar is relaxing on the bed. :3

Chleo and Marzana are having a pillow fight.

Both Agapios and Victoria happened to visit at the same time.

And Victoria now has a crush on Agapios. :>

Those two actually used to have chemistry as teenagers, shared their first kiss and Agapios has since had a crush on Victoria. But then somehow their chemistry disappeared and they have ignored each other since? =P Seems like it is back.

Kay is busy cooking.

Oberon is quitely playing inside.

Kay and Marzana are playing chess together.

And then Chleo spends some time with Oberon. :3

Until Marzana interrupts them to play with Ra.

And gets shocked by Oberon. =P

Marzana and Chleo obviously agreed that some tidying and cleaning needed to be done.

Sidonius and Kay are now best friends.

And then Sidonius earns his bronze pottery badge.

In the evening, it’s time for Ragnar’s and Oberon’s next birthday.

Ragnar was already in really great health and gets even more health points.

And he’s now a Romance sim. With a distinct dislike of werewolves? =P

Oberon loses a few health points, but is still in good health.

And he’s a Popularity sim.

After make-over. <3

Then Isidor passed by.

And he and Marzana had their first kiss. :3

And also a pillow fight. =P

They definitely seem to get along just fine. :>

Apparently we have another birthday for this evening.

Saoul is now in amazing health.

A Popularity/Family sim.

And absolutely adorable. :3

Also, he manages to maximise his logic skill. :D

Marzana is hanging out with her younger brother. :3

Oberon greets Tabitha.

And Saoul is obviously hungry. ^^”

Oberon’s aspiration is slightly in the red.

He’s fighting with Tabitha over Ra’s attention. =P

And went ahead and became best friends with his uncle Eogan. ^_^

Cutie <3

Sidonius had Nyx as his chosen one for quite some time now, but they didn’t develop feelings for each other so far. And now Airi has walked onto the lot.

And Sidonius seems to have taken an immediate liking to her. :3 They do have a 15 year ago gap, but once Airi’s an adult that honestly doesn’t really matter anyway. ^^”

And Airi’s having her first kiss with Sidonius. <3

But Nyx is visiting the lot as well and is not ready to give up on Sidonius just yet. XD

Which (as always) leads to a lot of back and forth between the girls.

The next morning, Sherah passes by and Oberon gets to spend some time with his cousin.

Eogan is busy with his pottery.

And Marzana and Saoul are now best friends.

In the evening, it’s time for Chleo’s elder birthday. :O

Considering that she gave birth to six children, her health is still pretty great and stays that way for now.

After make-over. :3

Sherah is obviously still in a bad mood and starts slapping poor Oberon. :<

Meanwhile, Saoul earns his bronze pottery badge. :D

And Sherah is back to slapping people. This time Nahor, who also happened to visit the Water household.

Sidonius and Oberon are now best friends. ^o^

And for some reason, Saoul seems to be nearly starving a lot. ^^”

Might be though that the household was out of food at this point. =/

In any case, we end the round with Ragnar playing outside in a puddle. =P


Elder Chleo (61), adults Eogan (67), Sidonius (71), Kay (77) and Saoul (95) and teens Marzana (134), Oberon (54) and Ragnar (102)

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