Obsidian. Round 13

Last round, Bradan became a teen and the twins Indira and Adela became adults. We also had a few sims in aspiration failure, which led to many fights. Zuriel attacked Midas, they mostly fought for the rest of the round and became enemies. Zuriel also attacked Aurelia, but only once and they managed to become best friends again. Then Inana and Bradan got into a fight, but managed to make up earlier this round and while they aren’t in love or anything, yet, they seem to be on the best way there. Also Morrigan visited and got into a fight with Bradan and with Indira. And last but not least, Darmian just got into a fight with Lydia, when I played the Stone household. XD

Then Adela’s and Indira’s love life. ^^” Adela is now in love with Odin, has a crush on Allan and slept with both of them when I played the Earth household earlier this round. She also at some point decided to randomly kiss Agapios. o.ô Now Indira had her first kiss with Nahor, made out with him and generally seemed to like him. But she also decided to make out with his father Agapios? Plus she kissed Phyros at some point. So… XD

Anyway… Actually starting the round, we have Bradan in aspiration failure. >_<

And I decided that I would have Midas move in with Victoria (who actually lived with Cerdric, Penelope and Darmian for quite a while). I just can’t stand another round of Midas and Zuriel spending all their time with useless fights. ^^”

Indira and Darmian start their morning making pottery.

Before Darmian gets thrown out of the hut. =P

So he then goes on and does some drumming.

Aurelia spends some time with her cousin Kallisto. :3

While Zuriel is busy being very angry at Midas.

And since someone kicked the trash can over, the household now has cockroaches.

Poor Penelope. :<

She managed to get rid of them, though. And even without getting sick.

Cuties <3

Pillow fight :D

And then Indira decided she wanted to woohoo with Phyros.  So, she did. o.ô

On to less confusing things. XD Like little Isis here, which the household unlocked this round. <3

Zuriel has a really bad reputation by now. ^^” And I’m not sure whether this has something to do with Nyx being able to poke him, despite him being a child? And also him floating in the air? XD

Adela is busy admiring herself. :3

And Cerdric is greating Antiope. =P

Aurelia spends some time relaxing on the bed.

Penelope is playing with Isis.

And poor Zuriel is getting a noogie.

While saying goodbye to Phyros…

Indira is getting first bouts of morning sickness. X’D

Cerdric and Bradan are spreading some spicy rumours. =P


Poor Adela just didn’t make it to the toilet. =/

Which might or might not have anything to do with her being pregnant? :O

Ermm… Something might have gone a little wrong here? XD

First bump for Adela. :3

And the visiting Inana is also feeling sick, but since she’s still a virgin… =/

Bradan kicks the trashcan over. Again.

First bump for Indira as well.

And she actually rubbed her belly, which I’ve never seen any sim do before. :O

Bradan apparently got bored with kicking the trashcan and went over to kicking graves. >_>

Second bump already for Adela.

Penelope seems to really enjoy talking to Isis. ^_^

Cerdric is spending some time with Zuriel. <3

And Aurelia has the honour of getting Bradan’s attention. XD

Cerdric spends his time playing the drums.

And it’s time for lots of birthdays.

Penelope had barely any health points left, but luckily she gained some back and is now in bad instead of terrible health.

Next is Zuriel.

Who gains a couple health points and is still in great health.

And he’s now a Popularity sim. (I seem to have gotten loads of those this round. XD)

Then we have Aurelia.

Who gains quite a lot of health points and is now in great health as well.

And she’s a Knowledge sim. :3

In the midst of all the birthdays, we have Darmian talking to Adela’s belly. :>

And also Indira’s second bump. :3

Aurelia, Penelope and Zuriel after their make-overs. <3

And Zuriel is still pissed that he lost way too many fights against Midas. ^^”

Darmian and Aurelia become best friends, while Cerdric is cleaning Isis’ cage.

And then Penelope gets serenaded. :>

Aurelia spends the evening playing the drums.

Penelope is not too successful while trying to cook dinner for the family.

And we start the next morning with Cerdric admiring himself.

And spending time with Penelope.

Then it’s already time for Adela to go into labour. Which takes quite a toll on her health.

And she gives birth to a girl, Gaea, who’s sadly a little sickly.

Everyone’s really excited for her, though. ^o^

Aurelia is now finally able to get revenge for all those noogies. XD

And gets to gossip with her uncle Darmian. =P About Quentus of all people. Like he has done anything interesting in his life so far. XD

Phobos passed by and he actually has chemistry with Aurelia. :D

(I kind of brought up the problem in the Ruby household, but there are only four female sims in the 3rd generation that are not related to Phobos: Indira, Adela, Marzana and Aurelia. And so far, he didn’t have chemistry with any of them.)

In the evening, it’s time for Bradan’s adult birthday.

So far he’s actually been in fairly poor health, but this birthday has been very good to him and he’s now in good health.

Must have been thanks to his superduper awesome glowing shoes. X’D

After make-over. :3

And now it’s time for Indira to go into labour. Since her health is pretty amazing, the birth leaves her pretty unfazed. =P

Meet little Junia, who’s in good health. <3

And gets spoiled by her uncle right away. :3

Darmian and Bradan are playing “Punch you, punch me”.

While Penelope and Adela are relaxing on the bed and chatting.

Cerdric is taking care of his granddaughter Junia. <3

Indira gives Zuriel a nice back rub.

Phobos passed by again.

And seems to get along pretty well with Aurelia. :>

Meanwhile Indira earns her silver pottery badge.

And so does Bradan as well.

Luna came over to visit Darmian. ^_^

Aurelia seems to enjoy herself.

And Bradan started going around arguing with people for some reason. :<

First Phobos, then Zuriel.

And Phobos seems to be angry at Zuriel? o.O But it’s probably nothing serious.

In the evening, it’s time for Gaea’s first birthday.

Sadly, she already wasn’t in great health and loses even more points. =/

But she’s alive for now. ^_^

And I’m sure she’ll grow into her face very nicely. =P

For now she’s busy making music with her mother. <3

Inana came over to visit Bradan.

And he’s now in love with her. <3

(And wants to get engaged. :>)

Cerdric joins Adela and Gaea.

Luna is still here, spending time with Darmian.

And we end the round with Inana falling in love with Bradan as well. :D


Elder Penelope (23), adults Cerdric (20), Darmian (144), Indira (115), Adela (38) and Bradan (60), teens Zuriel (87) and Aurelia (94), toddler Gaea (19) and baby Junia (75)

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