Stone. Round 13

In round 12, Rafael died after a fight with his sister Moira and Lovia gave birth to another daughter Valeria. As far as birthdays go, Moira is now an adult and Jasper an elder.

As we’ve already seen this round, Moira has been romantically involved with Duran and Lewi, though at the moment she seems more inclined towards Duran and Alvah seems to be interested in Duran’s twin Helena.

Lydia starts the round taking care of little Valeria even though she doesn’t seem to particularly like her? XD

Moira and Lovia are spreading rumours about poor Phaidra. =P

Then Lovia is off to play the drums.

While Kyros is visiting Lydia.

And Moira is back to giving everyone backrubs. =P

Alvah is hanging out with his half-sister Airi.

Moira is polishing her charisma skill by talking to Horus.

And it looks like someone got herself pregnant. :>

Which doesn’t stop Lydia from having some more fun with Kyros. =P

And it’s already time for Valeria’s first birthday. :O

She’s still in good health. :3

Jasper spends his evening playing the drums.

And becoming best friends with Valeria. <3

Who also got a make-over, as usual.

This night only Rafael is out haunting.

And scares poor Darmian. =P

More Lydia and Kyros. :3

And another picture of Valeria. <3

Jasper spends some time with Airi.

Lovia and Alvah are having breakfast together.

While poor Lydia is still fighting morning sickness.

But she made it to her first bump. ^_^

Alvah is harvesting lemons.

Moira burns the family’s lunch. =/

And little Airi is playing by herself. <3

One more picture of Moira playing the drums.

And it’s time for Airi’s teen birthday.

She gains a whole bunch of health points and is now in great health.

And she’s a Family sim.

After make-over. :3

Jasper actually has a fear of Lovia refusing a first kiss. XD

And Lovia and Valeria are now best friends. :3

Cutie <3

And Lovia’s gossiping yet again. =P

Alvah decided it was a good idea to eat spoiled food, despite the fact that he is Jasper’s only surviving son… >_>

Lydia has her second bump already.

Valeria seems to have been potty-trained in record time. :O

And it’s time for another birthday.

Alvah is now an adult and still in really amazing health.

After make-over. :>

Jasper maximised his creativity skill. :D

Duran passed by to visit Moira.

And got her pregnant. XD

Cuties <3

Lovia and Valeria are making music together. :3

And morning sickness is giving Moira a hard time as well.

Which doesn’t stop her from making breakfast for the family.

Alvah is giving pregnant Lydia a nice backrub.

Who’s going into labour not too long after. Lydia loses quite a few health points, but is still in alright health.

She gives birth to a boy Esaias, who’s health in not too great.

Which she then passes to his father, who was acutally present for the birth. (Not too difficult since he basically just kept passing by every day this round. =P)

And then Lydia gives birth to a girl Sapphira, who’s in good health.

Lovia is making dinner for the family.

Which, after dealing with a birth and two newborns, Kyros and Lydia are quite thankful for.

Helena came by again and her and Alvah are now mutually in love. <3

Those two are also currently my first and only triple-bolters. :D

It’s Vidya’s turn to haunt tonight.

And she scares Lovia and Helena.

Lydia maximises her creativity skill. :D

Moira is pestered by morning sickness one more time.

And then she finally gets her first bump.

Also yay for more 4th generation sims and cool looking family trees. :D

Lovia and Jasper spend some time together. <3

Another picture of Alvah, because I really like him. :3

And he’s spending time with his half-sister Valeria. <3

Who definitely can’t complain about not getting enough attention with so many adults around. =P

Lovia is back to cooking again.

And Darmian decided it was a great idea to kick the trash can.

Which Lydia obviously did not agree with. XD

Valeria getting more attention, again. =P

And we’re back with Darmian, who actually cleans his mess up.

Too bad for him that Lydia does not seem appeased by it.

And they’re getting into a proper fight.

I swear, it’s as though my sims know that they no longer automatically die when they fight. Since I changed that rule, I’ve had so many fights. >_>

In any case, Lydia wins the fight, Darmian is in such great health that it does not bother him and they’re now enemies. o.ô

While the fight was happening, Jasper actually came back from hunting with a cold. :<

(I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s been a long time. XD So, in “vanilla gameplay” sims have a 1% chance of getting a cold when they come home from work or school. Since my sims don’t go to work or school, I decided to roll a dice every time someone goes hunting to see if they catch a cold while being gone.)

Luckily, Jasper was pretty tired when he came back and went straight to bed. Which meant that he was healthy again a couple hours later. XD

But it is going to influence his health score negatively when it gets recalculated the next time.

Lydia and Alvah are making music together.

While Lovia is talking to Horus.

And then it’s time for Valeria’s next birthday already.

She loses quite a few health points, but is still doing fine.

After make-over. :3

But Valeria is not the only one getting older.

Esaias gains a few health points and is now in fair health.

And Sapphira is still in good health. ^_^

As far as ghosts go, Rafael and Dardarus are out haunting.

And scaring a bunch of people.

Poor Valeria. :<

And as always the non-knowledge sims are having a way harder time with the ghosts. =/

Esaias and Sapphira after their make-overs.

And poor Moira is now in aspiration failure. >_>

Valeria is playing peek-a-boo with Sapphira.

While Esaias is making music. :3

Moira is having her second bump.

And we end the round with Dardarus deciding that he apparently particularly hates Airi for some reason? o.O


Elder Jasper (33), adults Lovia (13), Lydia (40), Moira (94) and Alvah (173), teen Airi (87), child Valeria (54) and toddlers Esaias (47) and Sapphira (74)

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