Red. Round 13

In round 12, Vidar became a teen. Lewi has shown interest in Moira, who’s also been involved with Duran, and Victoria definitely showed interest in him, but he rejected most interactions? So, we’ll have yet to see how that turns out. And Kyros is in love with Lydia, who does not reciprocate his feelings at this point.

To start the round off, we have Tabitha sewing.

And then making breakfast. With Lewi and Vidar having constant pillow fights in the background, apparently. =P

Lewi earns his bronze sewing badge.

While Tabitha ruins a painting.

And then goes on to earn her silver sewing badge.

In the evening, it’s time for Tabitha’s adult birthay. :D

She’s still in very great health. :3

Sadly, she’s still in a bad mood and goes into aspiration failure. =/

But she’s now a Fortune/Knowledge sim.

After make-over. <3

Kyros is on cleaning duty.

And Ollowain spends his evening sewing.

The next morning, the family is out of food again. But Ollowain is already on his way back from hunting.

And that day must have been really uneventful otherwise, because the next picture that I have is from Ianus coming out to haunt. ^^”

Tabitha is still in a bad mood. :<

Lewi is relaxing inside on the bed.

Waiting for Vidar to finish dinner. =P

The next morning, the family is actually for once not immediately out of food and Lewi and Ollowain start the day with some painting.

Lydia passed by, so Kyros spends some time with her. <3

Apparently Morrigan thinks it’s appropriate to kick other families’ grave stones. o.ô

And more relaxing.

What can I say, with pretty much five adults (all siblings) the Red household isn’t exactly the most exciting to play. XD

The most interesting thing that generally happens is the family being out of food every morning.

And the occasional new talent badge as showcased by Vidar. =P

Ollowain is back from hunting.

But Tabitha was tired of waiting and salvaged the trash can.

So… Sherah passed by and her and Vidar actually have chemistry. But that didn’t save the situation. ^^”

Which quickly escalates into a full-blown fight.

Which Vidar wins. Sherah loses some health points, but is still in fair health.

Tabitha maximises her enthusiasm for arts and crafts. :3

And Pomona is out haunting.

Lydia passes by again to visit Kyros.

And Ollowain should probably get out of there. XD

Tabitha is Pomona’s first (and only) victim, which luckily doesn’t bother her too much thanks to her Knowledge secondary aspiration.

Lewi earns his silver sewing badge already.

As does Ollowain shortly after.

And poor Tabitha burns the family’s breakfast. :<

Lydia is over yet again. =P

And it’s time for Vidar’s adult birthday.

He gains more health points and is now in great health.

And he rolled Knowledge/Family. :3

After make-over. <3

Lydia’s helping herself to some spoiled food. =/

While Ollowain is salvaging the trash can. ^^”

Luckily, Lewi is about to cook a proper meal.

Kyros is working on his cooking skill.

And Sherah is obviously still angry that she lost that fight against Vidar.

To end the round, we have Ollowain maximising his enthusiasm for arts and crafts as well.


Adults Kyros (103), Ollowain (42), Lewi (34), Tabitha (102) and Vidar (77)

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