Ruby. Round 13

Last round, Ida’s youngest child Akios died on his child birthday due to his bad health. Phobos was in a really bad mood and attacked Atalante (which we already recapped in the Emerald household) and Nyx became a teen.

Megaera fell in love with Kay and Nyx had her first kiss with Sidonius.

Due to Alyone’s death, both Phobos and Isidor are now in aspiration failure. :<

Nevertheless the day starts pretty peaceful with Phobos painting.

Rahel is playing inside. :3

And errr… That seems to be it for the peaceful part. XD Sherah passed by and gave Megaera a good slapping.

Which the latter is not keen about.

And as if that wouldn’t be bad enough, poor Megaera seems to be used as a punching bag by everyone today. ^^”

Then Phobos is off to cook some food.

And as a sidenote: As far as romance goes, Phobos got a little issue at hand. All teenage or adult aged sims (which are not waaay older than him o.ô) are either related to him or he’s got negative chemistry with them. XD

After all the slapping action earlier, things have calmed down again and everyone seems to have fun. :3

Though it seems that eating spoiled food is starting to become a habit for Phobos… :<

Nyx and Rahel are now best friends. :D

Megaera is still really pissed at Sherah. ^^”

And in the evening, it’s time for a lot of birthdays. (Even Ida had a “minor” birthday a.k.a. her health score was updated).

So, we have Phobos…

And Megaera becoming adults.

And Isidor and Rahel are becoming teens.

Somehow the girls got away better than the boys. ^^”

Phobos is still in great health.

And he’s now a Family/Fortune sim.

Megaera is in really amazing health.

And a Romance/Fortune sim.

Isidor is sadly still in pretty poor health.

And now a Popularity sim.

And last but not least, we have Rahel, who’s also still in poor health. :<

And a Knowledge sim.

Now that Phobos is an adult, he’s finally going into full aspiration failure. >_<

Isidor and Megaera after make-over. <3

While Phobos is still otherwise occupied and therefore in his old clothes with his old haircut. XD

(Rahel went to bed immediately after her birtday, so you’ll have to wait for her make-over a little as well. =P)

And Isidor’s first deed as a teen is to slap his sister Nyx. >_>

Phobos after make-over.

And he inherited Ida’s ears. <3

Nyx is actually way too nice for her own good and apologised to Isidor for… Well, I guess, for getting angry at him after he slapped her? X’D

It’s all good now, though. =P

At least as far as the relationship between Nyx and Isidor is concerned. Phobos is a whole other issue. :<

Gunnar is out haunting. :D

The Ruby household unlocked cooking recipes this round and Nyx is the first one to make use of it.

Looks like Isidor took a shower. =P

And finally Rahel after her make-over. <3

Ida discovers the recipe book as well.

And Isidor is actually cleaning up his own mess for once.

Phobos is sadly still not doing much better by the next morning. =/

Daylight shot of Rahel. :3

And Sidonius passed by to spend some time with Nyx. :D

Adorable. <3

Megaera maximised her creativity skill. :O

And poor Sidonius is being scolded for clogging the toilet. XD

More Phobos. :< And I actually realised just now that sims obviously can do the aspiration failure action for their secondary aspiration. :O

Megaera spends some time polishing her cooking skills.

Odoac visits his family and has a pillow fight with Rahel.

Indira passes by as well and Phobos rolls the want to become friends with her. Which actually gets him out of his aspiration failure a little later. ^_^

Which still leaves us with Isidor in a pretty bad mood.

But for now he’s busy skipping. =P

Gunnar is haunting again.

And the visiting Indira decides to kiss Phyros. Not sure what else to say to that. o.ô

The family is enjoying dinner together. :3

Megaera is being really cute. <3

And Ida and Rahel are playing a round of kicky-bag.

The next morning, Phobos and Isidor apparently decided to cook at the same time.

Megaera is reading a bedtime story to Rahel. <3

And Isidor and Nyx are having a pillow fight.

Which makes them become best friends. :D

Then Isidor decides to take a shower.

Which somehow becomes an event for the whole family. =P And also makes Rahel and Nyx mad at Isidor.

Which they both promptly apologise for. X’D

Megaera is enjoying some skipping.

And then Nyx thought it’d be a great idea to randomly try to make out with Darmian? Which obviously didn’t work out. o.O

And we end the round with Phobos eating chips and getting more cooking skill points. =P


Adults Ida (51), Phobos (85) and Megaera (109) and teens Nyx (41), Isidor (19) and Rahel (27)

One thought on “Ruby. Round 13

  1. Your sims are always so missbehaving. Love it. XD

    Poor Phobos, eternally alone. ^^’
    That’s the problem with having only five starter families. I usually resolve this by a) alien abductions or b) cousin marriages. Though you get less diverse genetics with the second option.


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