Fire. Round 13

Last round, Laverna and her son Micah moved in with the Fire household, who then set forth for a new neighbourhood. This hood is actually the main hood (while the desert hood is technically a shopping district) and currently set to winter all year round. :>

Apart from that, Micah had his child birthday and Azrael and Laverna had their first child, Iachin. Also, Laverna got pregnant again at the very end of the round.

I don’t know if anyone remembers, but when Azrael (and his sister Hypatia) became adults, they actually both wore maxis clothing with tattoos. So, I decided they should get tattoos. =P

Last round, Azrael’s tattoo was just the Fire symbol. For this round, I added parts of the Stone symbol to it for his relationship with Laverna, a snowflake and hills for the new hood and the red line is for his first child Iachin. :3

We start this round of with Azrael and Laverna cuddling in bed. <3

Little Micah is taking a nice hot bubble bath.

Orpheus spends the morning sewing.

And taking care of his grandson. <3

Meanwhile Harmonia prepares some food for the family. ^_^

And Orpheus is back to playing in the bathtub. XD

Micah is playing inside the hut.

While Azrael and Laverna have a very important discussion about the weather. =P

At least until Laverna realises she’s nearly starving and goes to grab some food.

Orpheus and Harmonia spend some time together.

Azrael is very busy admiring himself. =P

Before getting a backrub from Laverna. :3

And then Azrael and Laverna are getting back to their favourite pastime. XD

Everyone’s getting along nicely. <3

And it’s time for Harmonia’s elder birthday. :O

Which is making me feel really nostalgic. While Thalia, Luna and Jasper are a couple days older than Harmonia, she’s actually the first sim that was born in my hood (since the Air household is always the first in the rotation). To put things in perspective, I played the first round in October 2015 and I’m writing this post in April 2019, which means she was born over three years ago. Which is just crazy.

After giving birth to eight children, Harmonia does not have many health points left and sadly she loses even more. But while she might be in very poor health, she’s not ready to give up just yet. ^_^

And Harmonia is not the only one getting older.

Iachin is now a toddler and still in really amazing health.

Another picture of Azrael’s tattoos, with Laverna bathing little Iachin in the background. :>

Harmonia is making dinner for the family. And now that she’s an elder, she rolled the want for another grandchild. :3

Laverna starts potty-training Iachin.

Nathaniel and Micah are still getting along really well.

And apparently we’re not done yet with the birthdays. =P

Nathaniel is still in fair health.

And he’s a Popularity sim.

Harmonia <3

Micah is making a new furry friend.

And Nathaniel after make-over. :3

Iachin is taking a nap. <3

While Azrael is having a pillow fight with his brother Nathaniel. =P

Which might or might not have woken Iachin up. XD

(Also I seem to have changed my mind about Iachin’s haircut halfway through his nap.)

Somehow the toddlers in this household have a tendency to drink from spoiled bottles. First Micah last round, now Iachin. ^^”

Orpheus is spending some time with his grandson. <3

First bump. :D

Orpheus being a cutie. :3

And spending some time with his beloved. <3

Laverna is playing with Iachin.

Who looks a little bored? XD

Everyone’s enjoying breakfast together.

Orpheus decides to spend his morning painting.

A daylight shot of Nathaniel. ^o^

And then Harmonia and Orpheus are having a pillow fight.

While uhhhm… Azrael is cleaning the tent? XD

Potty-training face. :D

And it’s time for some more hunting.

Nathaniel is playing with his little nephew.

While Micah is playing on his own inside the hut. :3

And it finally started snowing again. :D

Just before it’s time for Orpheus’ elder birthday.

He loses a good chunk of his health points, but he’s still in fair health.

Harmonia’s back in the zone.

And Laverna’s refusal to wear outerwear finally catches up with her. =/

Luckily, this is nothing a warm bath couldn’t fix.

And she’s now best friends with Nathaniel.

But Laverna is not the only sim, who starts struggling with the cold. Seems like Harmonia was painting outside for too long and now needs to warm up as well.

Second bump already. ^_^

Azrael is now best friends with his son.

And sadly Laverna hasn’t learnt anything from nearly freezing the last time…

And she’s frozen solid. >_<

Which drained her motives just enough that she’s now starving. :<

Poor Laverna. ;_;

Laverna’s death sends Nathaniel and Iachin in aspiration failure, but everyone’s having a really hard time. :<

But by now the snow has piled up high enough that Azrael is able to build a snowman. So that’s at least something.

And Harmonia and Iachin are now best friends. <3

As I mentioned, Laverna’s death sent Nathaniel in aspiration failure and he actually rolled the want to resurrect Laverna.

And since the Fire household still had a genie lamp lying around…

Nathaniel wished for Laverna to be brought back, which luckily worked prefectly fine. :D

This also means that Laverna’s unborn child was saved and she goes into labour the next morning.

The whole thing does cost Laverna quite a few health points, but she’s still in good health.

She gives birth to a boy Raiden, who’s in great health.

And another boy Nehmias, who’s sadly in poor health.

Orpheus got himself a cozy spot to observe the events. XD

While Harmonia and Azrael are helping out with the newborns.

So that Laverna can get something to eat.

Harmonia is the next one to discover snowmans. =P

Quickly followed by Nathaniel.

Who doesn’t get to finish his, though, because he’d rather help out with his nephews.

Azrael is back at making snowmen as well.

While Laverna is waiting for him back in the hut. XD

He does manage to join her eventually, though. =P

And Micah is the first one in this challenge to destroy a snowman. :O

Which Harmonia is not very happy about. XD

Orpheus and Harmonia spending time together. <3

And we have a snowman army. >:D

Laverna is serenading Azrael. =P

And little Iachin is venturing out into the snow. X’D

So many firsts this round. :D

And more snowman building.

Orpheus and Nathaniel are eating breakfast together.

Micah starts making friends with Iachin.

And Orpheus actually becomes best friends with Iachin. <3

I think those butterflies got a little confused. XD

Time for more birthdays.

Micah is now a teen and in really great health.

And he’s a Popularity sim, like Nathaniel. =P

And also a little frozen. Which is annoying, because it is a pain in the but to fix sims that grow up/die with a frozen/heatstroke overlay. I managed in the end, though…

And we also have Iachin becoming a child.

He might not be in the best mood, but his health is really amazing.

After make-over. <3

Not-yet-fixed Micah is taking a bath to warm up.

Iachin gives his grandma a big hug. <3

And more birthdays apparently.

Raiden is still in amazing health.

And Nehmias sadly loses more health points and is still in poor health. :<

Iachin after make-over (and without his scarf).

Nehmias definitely inherited Laverna’s cheekbones. <3 =P

Raiden might come more after his father? We’ll see. :3

And off they go to produce more babies. XD

Azrael and Nathaniel are now best friends.

Harmonia made another snow angel.

And apparently she’s been overdoing it and is now frozen solid as well. :<

Luckily, Nathaniel is right there to help her out.

And as a thank you for being so nice, Micah is jumping right into his arms? =P

Then they go on to play rock-paper-scissors. XD We’ll have to see how this turns out next time, since the round is over. =P



Elders Orpheus (59) and Harmonia (6), adults Azrael (83) and Laverna (69), teens Nathaniel (52) and Micah (123), child Iachin (134) and toddlers Raiden (98) and Nehmias (29)

One thought on “Fire. Round 13

  1. Your sims are lucky, mine usually stay dead since I find the genie lamp too overpowered and delete it as soon as I get it. XD
    Heh, I never consider 29 points bad health, but then again when my sims have low points, they’re really low. Like comatose low.


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