Stats. Round 12

At this point my hood has:

  • 106 sims (78 alive, 28 dead)
  • 56 males and 50 females

Eudora, my last first generation sim, sadly died this round. So, there’s no one left from my 10 founders.

In the 2nd Generation, I had 35 sims (19 males, 16 females). Out of those, 23 sims (12 males, 11 females) are still alive.

Last but not least, my 3rd generation has:

  • 60 sims
  • 31 males and 29 females
  • 33 single births, 8 sets of twins, 1 set of triplets and 2 set of quads

Out of those,

  • 54 sims
  • 27 males and 27 females
  • 14 adults, 17 teens, 20 children and 3 babies

are still alive.

And I had my first 4th generation sim, Iachin, who’s still a little baby. ^_^

The love situation of the second generation hasn’t really changed, but I added little diamonds to mark the sims that are married.

There were a lot of first kisses in round 12. :3

And we finally have more 3rd generation sims that are in love than just Azrael.


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