Sapphire. Round 12

After Agapios broke up with Dione at the beginning of round 11, Lysander, Dione and their daughter Amanda got their own household. (Even though Dione wasn’t in love with Lysander, but she had nowhere else to go.) Since the Obsidian household got way too crowded after Penelope gave birth to quads in round 10, Lysander’s sister Victoria and her children with Odoac, Eusebio and Kallisto, moved in as well.

When I started playing the household, Victoria was already pregnant by Odoac and Dione by Nikodemos. Victoria gave birth to triplets, Elissa, Ravi and Talitha, and Dione gave birth to a girl, Renita. Luckily, Lysander didn’t figure out that Renita is not his child. But he’s been busy improving his logic skills since. So, if Dione should happen to get pregnant by anyone else ever again, she’s in trouble.

Also Eusebio, Kallisto and Amanda became children and Elissa, Ravi, Talitha and Renita toddlers. And Dione actually fell in love with Lysander, which gives me hope that she might have finally found her place in life. ^_^

Sleeping toddlers everywhere. :O

Eusebio still loves playing chess. :3

And while the lot definitely doesn’t look as bad as at the end of last round, there’s still quite a bit of trash lying around.

And poor Victoria is back into aspiration failure due to her mother’s death. :<

Also Alyone proves very helpful by kicking the trash can over. >_>

Victoria and Elissa are now best friends. <3

Dione is taking care of Ravi.

And Renita is playing, while Lysander gives Talitha a bath.

Then Victoria is off doing pottery.

And everyone’s pretty exhausted from taking care of that many toddlers. :<

Now that the trash can is kicked over, trash starts piling up again. =/

Amanda helps out by playing with her cousin Elissa. <3

Ravi and Renita play inside the hut. ^_^

And the cockroaches are back. ._.

Which means that surely but steadily all the adults end up near the trash can to stomp them.

Luckily, they do manage to get the situation mostly under control without anyone getting sick.

As if the cockroaches wouldn’t have been enough, though, the family now also has to put up with burnt food for dinner. :<

But not everything is bad. Victoria and Eusebio enjoy a game of chess.

Renita and Elissa are being adorable. <3

And Kallisto and Amanda are getting along great. ^o^

Another round of potty training and toddler bathing for Dione and Victoria.

And the potty training starts showing results. :3

Eusebio seems to be fed up with all the bottles that are lying around. =P

Victoria has had the want to fall in love for forever now and since it’s pretty clear that it won’t happen with Odoac, I think it’s time for her to reconsider her options. Which would probably be either Lewi or Agapios.

And since Lewi happened to be the first of the two to pass by – luckily, since I don’t think having Agapios and Dione on the same lot would result in anything positive – Victoria goes right up to him and tries to caress him.

Which does not go very well. ^^”

Not that that would stop her (and her 10 outgoing points). XD

And while Victoria is on the quest for the love of her life, Lysander gains the bronze pottery badge. ^_^

And the toddlers are still a lot of work, but also absolutely adorable. <3

The next morning starts with Victoria and Eusebio playing a game of chess. :3

Lysander is flirting with Dione. <3

And in the evening it’s time for birthdays. Lots of birthdays. =P

First is Eusebio, who’s still in fine health.

And he’s rolled knowledge.

Then we have all the toddlers growing up.

Elissa is now in great health.

Renita is doing fine, while Ravi is now sadly in terrible health.

And last but not least, we have Talitha and she’s doing fine.

Renita after make-over.

And Victoria’s triplets: Talitha, Elissa and Ravi.

Kallisto and Talitha are playing chess.

While Amanda, Ravi, Elissa and Renita are playing inside the hut. ^o^

Eusebio is relaxing on the bed. =P

And Lysander and Dione celebrate not having to look after four toddlers anymore.

At this point, Amanda went to her father and wanted to play with him. But he rejected her. And then I looked at their relationship panel and realised that they don’t really get along. :< Which is particularly ironic, since contrary to Renita (who Lysander is friends with), Amanda is actually his biological daughter. ^^”

To make things worse, Lysander’s probably more convinced that Renita is his daughter, since Dione’s pregnancy with her only started showing after they had already moved in together. Meanwhile, Amanda was born when Dione was still married to Agapios.

And the household is obviously short on beds. XD

Ravi, Talitha, Elissa and Renita were faster than poor Kallisto.

As was Lysander who snatched the couch.

Eusebio worries about his little sister sleeping on the ground. :<

Ravi shocks Dione.

Which makes them become best friends. =P

Daylight pictures of Talitha, Ravi and Elissa.

And Eusebio. Who basically looks like his grandfather, Kephalos. :O


I actually opened BodyShop, cloned Kephalos and gave him Eusebio’s hair and brows just to show you. =P

And to get back to the daylight pictures: The last one is of Renita. :3

Lysander and Dione again. <3

And Dione and Victoria are now best friends. ^_^

Also, Cerdric was gossiping about Luna and Phyros getting married… which happened like three decades ago in-game. XD

More best friends. :>

And Eusebio burns his first meal. ^^”

Poor guy. :<

And yes, I’m still amazed at how much he looks like Kephalos. XD

Elissa is not impressed by her brother’s cooking skills. =P

Lysander is now best friends with Talitha.

And Kallisto.

Elissa spends the day playing chess.

And in the evening, Tabitha passes by and Eusebio tries to give her his first kiss.

Which sadly doesn’t work out. =/

Also Lewi is over again as well. And while they seem to finally be on the same page.

They’re still not quite there. XD

Eusebio is still upset about Tabitha’s rejection. :<

Lysander and Dione are trying for another baby. :>

Before going to sleep. ^o^

Victoria and Lewi are still at it.

To end the round, we have Renita getting shocked by Amanda.

And showing off to Elissa. ^_^

Adults Lysander (11), Dione (52) and Victoria (131), teen Eusebio (41) and children Amanda (23), Kallisto (50), Elissa (95), Ravi (16), Talitha (40) and Renita (55)


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