Water. Round 12

In round 11, the Water household unlocked Ra, their parrot. Sidonius became an adult, Kay and Saoul became teens and Ragnar and Oberon had their toddler and child birthdays. Samael sadly died of old age, which means Eudora is the only surviving founder.

Kay has a crush on Megaera, who’s actually in love with him. Chleo is still very much interested in a relationship with Odoac. But he just doesn’t seem to reciprocate that feeling. Plus he and Hypatia are now mutually in love and expecting a child.

Oberon and Saoul start the day playing a game of chess.

Sidonius is eating breakfast.

And then he gets another hair cut, because the old one was annoying me. =P

Eudora is so precious. <3 But also getting really old. :<

Ragnar is playing inside the hut.

While Eogan is doing some pottery. :3

So cute. <3

Marzana has been in a bad mood last round and it doesn’t seem to have gotten much better. =/

Chleo is then doing some pottery as well.

And Lysander passes by to visit his family. ^_^

Marzana and Oberon <3

And the first evening, it’s sadly time for Eudora to leave. :<

It did need some convincing.

But Eudora seemed quite content to move on.

And she’s now reunited with her husband. <3

Eudora and Samael might have been the “leftover” couple at the beginning of the challenge, but they actually lived the longest and happiest lives out of all my founders. ^o^

Sadly, this doesn’t really make it easier for her children and grandchildren. :<

But life goes on. =) Eogan is playing with Ragnar.

And Saoul and Kay are playing chess.

Which is still an all-time favourite in the Water household. ^_^

Ra is going on a little excursion. =P

And the family is eating lunch together. <3

Ragnar is playing again, while Saoul is talking to Ra.

And then Alvah randomly insulted Kay. ._.

Whose 10 nice points can’t really help him out in a situation like this. :<

Then Kay and Alvah went back and forth between arguing.

And interacting peacefully. =P

The interesting thing is that neither of them is in a bad mood. Alvah is just not the most agreeable person. XD

Saoul and Kay are busy making pottery.

Oberon is playing inside. <3

And I actually found a sim who has chemistry with Sidonius. :O

Which means Nyx and Sidonius get to share their first kiss. ^o^

Chleo and Varius have 9 respectively 10 nice points and all of their children have inherited at least 8 of them. =P

After admiring his mom, Sidonius goes on to make some pottery. And Chleo is playing with Marzana. :3

Saoul is busy improving his charisma.

Eogan managed to snatch the chess board. =P

And Ragnar and Oberon are mostly being adorable. <3 And also talking to Ra and playing. ^_^

Sidonius joins Eogan for a game of chess.

And it’s time for Marzana’s next birthday.

She’s in amazing health.

And rolled popularity.

After make-over. <3

Samael. :D But he looks so sad. :<

And poor Marzana is his first victim.

Chess faces. *-*

One more scare for Chleo.

And it’s the next morning. Where Ragnar and Oberon are busy gathering berries, since the family is out of food.

Sidonius is talking to Ra. :3

A picture of Marzana in daylight. <3

And Sidonius spends most of the day playing with his siblings. ^_^

Then it’s already time for a birthday again.

Kay is in  good health.

And obviously decided that he wants to become a pirate. XD

He’s now a fortune/popularity sim. :3

And looks adorable. <3

Chleo is enjoying her pregnancy- and baby-free time. =P

The next morning starts with – who would have guessed it – a game of chess.

And Kay just ate the last food. :<

While poor Marzana is nearly starving.

Nyx passes by to visit Sidonius. :3

More chess. ^^”

And Kay earns his bronze pottery badge.

Sidonius and Nyx are getting along pretty well, but so far neither of them has a crush. So, we’ll see how this continues to develop next round.

The last night of the round, Samael and Varius are out haunting.

Kay is just relaxing. =P

And Oberon ends the round shocking his sister. Who luckily doesn’t mind. ^_^


Adults Chleo (58), Eogan (67), Sidonius (82) and Kay (77), teens Saoul (68) and Marzana (134) and children Oberon (65) and Ragnar (80)


2 thoughts on “Water. Round 12

  1. Those nice sims are a delight, aren’t they? Rarely making trouble – well, as long as they don’t try to get into a love triangle.
    The randomly eating food without being hungry is one reason why the path to the fridge is blocked for my prehistoric sims. Otherwise, they would be constantly out of food and starving despite being overweight. <.<'


    1. My sims are actually not doing too bad with their food and mostly just eat when they’re hungry. Sometimes one of them randomly decides that apparently it is now time to cook a meal, even though they aren’t hungry. XD But since most of my households are fairly big, there’s nearly always someone who’s hungry.
      Though, I do have a mod by BoilingOil that removes the bonus on fresh food, because that’s just makes things too easy for my taste and leads to a, for a prehistoric hood, absurdly high number of overweight sims. =P


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