Obsidian. Round 12

Last round, the Obsidian household unlocked their first proper house. The quads (Midas, Aurelia, Zuriel and Hermia) became toddlers, which Hermia sadly didn’t survive. Indira and Adela became teens and finally we had Midas, Aurelia and Zuriel becoming children.

Also Adela had her first kiss with Allan last round and he developed a crush on her earlier this round.

We start this round with Indira making pottery, while Adela and Darmian are having a pillow fight in the background.

Penelope spends the morning playing the drums.

And maximises her creativity skill. :O

Meanwhile Indira is hanging out with Nahor.

Adela is enjoying breakfast with her father. :3

Aaand that’s how far we get before all hell breaks loose. >_>

Zuriel is obviously in a bad mood. My best guess would be that it’s due to his grandfather Samael dying at the end of last round.

In any case, he attacked his brother Midas.

Who wins the fight. Zuriel is in great health, though, so he only loses a couple points.

But Zuriel isn’t the only one who’s in a bad mood. Both Bradan and the visiting Nahor aren’t doing too great either. >_<

But Adela isn’t letting anyone push her around. :<

Meanwhile Aurelia is just playing quietly, staying clear of  all the drama.

Allan passes by and is spending some time with Adela. =P

Nahor and Indira share their first kiss. <3

And Nahor has a crush. :3

While those two continue flirting outside (next to the broken shower =P).

Midas and Zuriel are back to fighting inside the hut.

This time Zuriel wins.

And Midas, who’s in good health as well, loses a couple health points.

Indira and Nahor team up to get the shower situation under control. ^_^

Allan and Adela are still flirting as well. :>

Then it’s time for the first birthday. :D

Bradan sadly loses more health points and is still in poor health. :<

And he’s now a family sim.

After make-over. ^o^

Zuriel spends some time playing with his father.

And watching Indira, Nahor and Jasper play kicky bag.

And then he decided it was time to attack yet another of his siblings. >_<

He wins. And Aurelia is (yet again) in good health, so she only loses a couple health points.

Meanwhile, Darmian is back into the zone.

And Bradan discovers the pottery wheel.

Before going on to slap Indira. ._.

Who obviously doesn’t appreciate it. ^^”

Luckily, Bradan then decided to make breakfast instead of further annoying his sister.

Allan passes by again to visit Adela.

And Zuriel becomes best friends with Darmian, which finally gets him out of his bad mood. :D

Sadly, Bradan is not that far, yet, and currently throwing a tantrum. :<

Odin, Allan’s brother, then passes by as well.

And takes an immediate liking to Adela.

He seems quite determined to win her heart. =P

And develops a crush pretty quickly.

Penelope and Zuriel relax inside.

While Cerdric is playing the drums and getting close to maximising his creativity skill as well. ^_^

Poor Zuriel took all of his three nice points together and tried to play with both Adela and Aurelia. But was rejected twice. :<

Meanwhile Cerdric earns his last missing skill point.

And gets rewarded by Penelope. <3

Even though Zuriel isn’t in a bad mood anymore, his relationship with Midas is now so bad that they keep fighting with each other. =/

Indira earns her bronze pottery badge, while Adela works on her creativity skills.

And Cerdric is admiring himself. =P

Some more poking. >_>

And I’m still happy that Penelope’s health score and age don’t allow her to have any more children. XD

Cerdric plays with Midas. <3

Bradan is cooking again.

And Darmian earns his silver pottery badge.

Then Inana passes by and keeps Bradan company.

And they seem to get along.

Or maybe not?

Yeah… Maybe not. ._.

Bradan wins the fight and Inana loses a couple health points. :<

Adela and Penelope spend the evening hanging out. <3

And Zuriel is still angry that he lost that first fight with Midas.

Yet more poking.

And another fight.

Midas wins the fight and Zuriel loses another couple health points.

And is even more upset now that he lost two fights against his brother.

Aurelia is still angry at Zuriel as well, but their relationship is actually doing alright. :3

Inana on the other hand really hates Bradan’s guts right now. XD

And fun fact: Bradan and Inana actually had chemistry (even if it was low), but it disappeared after the fight. =P

Midas is playing with a random wolf. ^_^

Then Morrigan (Inana’s younger sister) passes by.

And I start to get the feeling that Bradan hasn’t quite understood this whole romance thing. XD

He wins this fight as well and you know the drill by now: Morrigan losses a couple health points, but nothing serious.

Then Bradan proceeds to kick over the trash can.

And kicks either Nerissa’s or Hermia’s grave. >_>

Oh, who would have thought. Another fight. *sigh*

This time it’s Indira and Morrigan.

And Morrigan loses again.

I figured that Cerdric would have had enough of Morrigan’s shenanigans by now. So, he sends her home.

Odin is over again to see Adela.

And they now have a mutual crush. :D

Which obviously means it’s time for a make-out session. =P

Luna passes by to spend some time with Darmian. <3

Which will probably involve lots of people being shooed out of the hut. =P

Another fight between Midas and Zuriel.

Which Zuriel wins.

And I have my first enemies in this hood. :O Or actually probably my first enemies ever. XD

Another fight right after. Just for good measure. ._.

I do have my doubts whether Zuriel will get a good night’s sleep if Aurelia continues to jump on the bed. =P

Cerdric and Bradan are making music together. ^o^

Penelope starts the next day hugging Cerdric. <3

And playing with Zuriel. :3

Indira and Bradan are playing catch.

And then… Agapios decides he’d like to kiss Adela. Who’s around 25 years younger. >_>

Just before we have another loss for Zuriel.

But on a happier note, Aurelia and Zuriel are back to being best friends. ^_^

Nahor is visiting Indira again. :3

Penelope is hanging out with Agapios. Which effectively stops him from stalking Adela. ._.

Another fight.

Indira and Nahor are adorable. <3

And it’s time for birthdays. ^o^

Indira gains even more health points and is doing amazing.

She’s now a popularity/romance sim.

After make-over. :3

Bradan interrupts the birthdays by earning his bronze pottery badge.

There was also one last fight and it currently stands 6:2 for Midas.

And then we’re back to the birthdays.

Adela’s still in fair health.

And rolled family/fortune.

After make-over.

She’s so cute. <3

And to end the round, we have Adela playing the drums. ^o^


Adults Cerdric (20), Penelope (5), Darmian (146), Indira (130) and Adela (60), teen Bradan (26) and children Aurelia (65, not on the picture), Midas (79) and Zuriel (81)


2 thoughts on “Obsidian. Round 12

  1. Enemies in the Sims are so annoying, aren’t they? XD Constantly fighting each other. The most annoying thing, though, is that everyone just puts down their things just to watch the fighting. <.<'


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