Fire. Round 12

Last round, the Fire household unlocked recipes (or the ability to study cooking). Azrael, Hypatia, Kyros, Ollowain and Lewi had their adult birthday, which makes this round the first 3rd generation round. As far as romantic things go, Azrael and Laverna are now mutually in love.

And not to forget: The Fire household was still nearly constantly out of food. :<

To start this round, we have Laverna and Micah (Laverna’s son from a one-night stand with Odoac) moving in. :D

And then it’s time for a little change of scenery. ^_^

As I mentioned above, the Fire household has been struggling with food for quite a long time. So, Azrael and Harmonia have decided to venture forth and look for a place which might offer more food.

Orpheus and Harmonia will take their youngest son Nathaniel with them and Laverna and Micah are obviously going to accompany Azrael. But the rest of the family (Kyros, Ollowain, Lewi, Tabitha and Vidar) are going to stay for the time being. They’ll get their own household and we’ll see them again a little later.

But for now: New neighbourhood! :D

The “new” main Fire household travelled to the north until they found a place to their liking and set up tents. ^o^

Nathaniel’s first deed: Painting. :3

And, of course, Orpheus and Harmonia had to try out the new double bed. =P

Laverna went straight to the loom.

And I did clearly not account for sims playing in the bathtub when I set the tent up. XD Still, Orpheus is adorable. <3

Everyone’s also getting new and warmer clothes. :3

(Which the awesome ClstlDrmr83 made for me and that can be found here. :D Though, I did make some changes to them. I’ll probably upload my version as soon as I feel it’s finished. =P)

It didn’t take Azrael and Laverna too long to try out the new bed as well. :>

As soon as Orpheus has his new clothes, he starts investigating the lot and looking for edible stuff. ^_^ (The tree is from the Sun&Moon Giving Tree set and sims can harvest sap and tree branches from it.)

The family also brought some fish with them, which they had caught at the Earth households. =P

Laverna <3

Orpheus and Harmonia are being cute. ^o^

And then Orpheus gets the honour of preparing the first meal in the new hood.

While Azrael gains his bronze sewing badge. :D

Micah is playing with his mother. :3

Another shot of the lot because I really like how it turned out. :D

Laverna is definitely just “viewing the tent” and not stalking Azrael at all. =P

Micah is taking the first nap in his new bed. ^_^

And Harmonia discovers the bathtub as well. =P

Then it is time for Orpheus and Azrael to go on a first hunting trip.

The hunting grounds. Which I really like as well. XD

Meanwhile back at home, Harmonia and Laverna are debating what to make for dinner. :3

Once Orpheus and Azrael are back, Orpheus is the first one to make proper use of the bathtub. ^^”

A warm bath is definitely the best after running around in the cold for a couple hours. (Even if it isn’t that cold, yet. =P)

And Harmonia couldn’t wait for Orpheus to finish his bath before trying to clean the tub. XD

Laverna didn’t get pregnant on the first try, but her and Azrael seem convinced to make it work. ^_^

(Which actually might not be that easy since Laverna is a little older than Azrael and already in her 30s.)

Also, I actually made tattoos for Azrael and Hypatia (as I mentioned I wanted to last round). So far they only consist of a symbol for the Fire tribe, which was also made by ClstlDrmr83. I’m going to add more elements to the tattoos over the course of their lives. :3

Nathaniel is trying out the new beds as well. <3

And Orpheus is getting to know his step-grandson Micah. ^o^

Before spending some more time with Harmonia. :>

The baby and toddler corner of the main tent.

And Micah and Orpheus are friends already. :O Cuties. <3

Looks like Laverna’s and Azrael’s second try for a baby was successful. Which means my first 4th generation sim is on the way. :D

Then Orpheus and Laverna had to carry out a bigger cleaning action since the toilet broke in addition to Laverna throwing up. ^^”

It also starts getting colder and the Fires have to get their scarfs and hoods out.

Time for a late night (early morning? =P) snack.

And more throwing up, apparently. :<

That… wasn’t a particularly clever idea? XD Also his boots (which are accessories) vanished for some reason and I had to reapply them. =P

Nathaniel spends some time playing with his mom. <3

Azrael admires himself.

And gives Micah a nice warm bath. :3

Laverna is still fighting morning sickness. :<

And it’s SNOWING. :D

Orpheus seems pretty amazed as well. ^o^

I’m so excited to finally see snow again and everything looks so beautiful. <3

Moar snow. :>

Which promptly inspires Azrael to take a bath. :3

And poor Laverna is still feeling sick. =/

Azrael is eating lunch with his brother.

And Orpheus and Harmonia are having a little make-out session. =P

Then it’s time for the boys to go hunting. :>

Everything looks so beautiful. ^_^

Back at home, Harmonia is busy sewing.

And for the first time in forever, the Fire household has enough food and nobody needs to go hungry. :D

Which gives them more energy for other stuff. :>

Azrael is taking care of Micah. <3

Somebody broke the bathtub. :<

And then it’s time for the first birthday.

Micah gains even more health points and is doing great. =)

Micah in his new outfit, giving his mother a big hug. <3

And then he went on to have a pillow fight with Nathaniel. ^o^

The pregnancy isn’t too easy on Laverna and she’s nearly starving. So, she makes dinner. :3

Orpheus joins her for the meal.

And first pop. :D

Pregnant sims are just adorable when walking. =P

Micah is already very excited to meet his new half-sibling. ^o^

And it’s really great that he gets along that well with Orpheus. <3

And also with Nathaniel, who’s quite a bit closer in age to him than his half-siblings will be.

Harmonia finally remembered the family’s recipe book. :3

And Azrael is back to sewing.

The next morning, Laverna apparently decided that she would not have to put up with clothes today. XD

And just started sewing in her underwear.

While everyone else put on their outdoor clothing. ^^”

More hunting. :3

And Orpheus tried to cook the freshly caught food.

But wasn’t very successful. :<

Laverna somehow managed not to freeze despite running around outside in her underwear for quite a while. But she obviously does enjoy the warm bath. =P

Azrael and Laverna <3

I know I’ve said it already, but Micah is getting along really well with Orpheus and Nathaniel and also with Azrael. So, that makes me very happy. ^_^

Yet another bathtub pirate. =P

And second pop. :>

Harmonia spends a lot of her time painting and is now able to get into the zone. :O

Even in her sleep. XD

As a little reminder: Both Orpheus and Harmonia have 10 playful points and all of their children inherited them. =P

Laverna seems to have gotten bored with sewing and does a little painting.

And it’s snowing again. :D This time around it didn’t remain on the ground, though. :<

Azrael is playing with Micah and he actually rolled the want to become best friends with him. Which is adorable. <3

Meanwhile, Nathaniel is playing quietly inside the hut. :3

And Azrael spontaneously decides to clean the outside of the tent. =P

The next morning, poor Nathaniel has to take a nap outside since all of the beds are occupied.

Harmonia and Azrael enjoy breakfast together.

While Orpheus earns his bronze sewing badge.

Finally a picture of Micah, where you can see his face properly. <3

And Harmonia is nearly done with her painting.

But then she got sidetracked. =P

Which will get a couple sims kicked out of the tent. XD

A little later, Harmonia is back to improving her cooking skills and Micah discovers the easel.

After spending nearly the rest of the day painting, he then gets a bedtime story from Azrael. ^o^

Harmonia is back to painting and maximised her creativity skills. :D

And then in the middle of the night, Laverna goes into labour.

Everything goes well and she gives birth to a very healthy boy, Iachin. ^_^

Fourth generation, here we come. :D

You can’t exactly guess how Harmonia feels about the birth of her first grandchild by looking at her. XD But considering she’s a family sim, I’m sure she’s quite pleased. =P

And the whole baby action actually made Orpheus roll a want for another baby. Well… No. Definitely not happening. XD

Azrael just earned his silver sewing badge.

While Laverna is busy giving Iachin his first diaper change.

Cuties <3

And with the 4th generation on the way, my family trees finally start looking kind of impressive. :D

(For some reason I only thought about taking this picture while playing another household later in the round, so ignore the background. =P)

The last morning of the round starts with a broken bathtub. =/

Which doesn’t seem to bother Nathaniel. =P

Who’s on the best way to become a great cook. ^_^

Orpheus spends the morning painting.

And becoming best friends with Micah. :D

While Harmonia is taking care of her grandson Iachin. <3

Nathaniel and Micah are enjoying a nap. :3

Laverna earns her very first badge. :>

It’s Harmonia’s turn to play in the bathtub.

And Micah made another best friend.

Azrael and Laverna are busy trying for their second child. Which, again, they have to hurry a little since Laverna is already older.

So adorable. <3

Azrael’s tattoo again. Which won’t show up too often because of the winter clothing. :<

Laverna is pregnant again. ^_^

And Azrael ends the round playing with Iachin. <3


Adults Orpheus (80), Harmonia (14), Azrael (83) and Laverna (70), children Nathaniel (54) and Micah (111) and baby Iachin (117)


5 thoughts on “Fire. Round 12

  1. I looove the visuals of this place. <3
    You did, too, by the number of pics in this post, it seems. xD
    Funnily enough, I have one or two lots with tents in my lot catalog that look very similar to yours. Only that I usually lose patience with them after a while. xD'


    1. I had sooo much fun taking pictures for this household. :D I’ve been playing only the desert subhood for 2 years, so it was great to finally have something else to work with. XD

      Lose patience? While playing on the lot?


        1. Might depend on the custom content you use for the setup? I built an actual room with a tile roof around the tent and then used Numenor’s wall windows + doors and invisible floor tiles. That way they live in an actual ‘house’ by game standards. =P And an invisible room divider helps with the bathtub situation. XD

          Or is it just the fact that you can’t see very well inside the tents?


          1. The second option, actually. XD
            I did the tents pretty much how you did them, but having such a limited view on the going-ons kind of drove me nuts after a while.


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