Air. Round 12

Last round, all four of Phyros’ and Luna’s children celebrated a birthday. Duran, Helena and Quentus became teens and Themis became a child. There were also a lot of ghost visits, but surprisingly enough not too many scares. Both Quentus and Duran were in a pretty bad mood for most of the round, which led to a fight between Duran and Helena the very last evening. Since I had planned to change up the rules for fights from this round on, I didn’t kill Helena and she only lost a couple health points. ^_^

As far as romance goes, Duran had his first kiss (and a couple flirts) with Moira and Helena had hers with Cerdric.

As it does most of the time, the first morning starts fairly quiet. Phyros, Helena and Quentus are still asleep, while Themis, Balthasar, Luna and Duran are chatting outside.

And observing each other very thoroughly. =P

Shortly after, Odin passes by and Duran invites his half-brother in.

Only to go straight to the loom. o.ô It doesn’t seem to bother Odin too much, though. XD

Agapios and his break-up are still gossip topic number one.

And Themis is making herself useful gathering berries for the family. :3

After her little gossip with Balthasar, Luna earns her silver sewing badge. :D

Duran and Odin did interact with each other eventually and seem to get along nicely. :3

Meanwhile, Themis discovered the chess table and she’ll probably be occupied for the rest of the day. =P

Helena is finally awake. ^o^

And since everyone starts to get hungry, Luna makes lunch for the family.

After the meal, everyone’s back to skilling or playing.

Except for Phyros, who decided to relax on the bed and think about… Dead sims mostly. XD

More gossip. And since I didn’t get the speech bubble into the picture, I don’t know for sure who’s the victim. But I have a feeling Indira is badmouthing her twin sister Adela. =P

In German, we have the saying “jemandem den Boden unter den Füßen wegziehen”, which literally means “to pull the ground out from under somebody’s feet” and has the same meaning as the English “pull the rug out from under somebody’s feet”.

I get the feeling that the wolf might have taken that too literally. XD

Helena has been busy and earns her first sewing badge.

And everyone seems to have a great time. ^_^

Phyros and Luna spend some time together. <3

Though, the stinky toilet in the background does ruin the romantic atmosphere a tiny bit. =P

At least Quentus earns a skill point while cleaning it. ^_^

A nightly round of skipping for Luna.

Quentus and Themis are adorable. <3

And the first picture of Quentus, where you can see his face properly. :O

Seems like Luna got fed up with skipping and is back to flirting with Phyros. <3

The next morning starts with Balthasar cleaning. Big surprise. =P

Since I basically never give Balthasar enough attention, you get this extremely exciting picture of him as well.

Then Rafael passes by.

And has his first kiss with Duran. :>

I do have quite a few bisexual sims, but somehow they end up being related most of the time. So, this actually took me by surprise. XD

Also Duran and Helena seem to have a similar taste in men. =P

Well, I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to find something fun to do, Duran. Rafael looks like he might have something in mind already. :>

Duran and Rafael are actually both fortune sims. So, I have a feeling they’ll make a good couple. ^o^

They also developed a mutual crush really fast. <3

Balthasar on the other hand still has no use for all the romance stuff and rather spends his time sewing and gaining his bronze badge. =)

Duran definitely is aware how popular he is. I mean, look at that face. XP

I finally start having a lot of teens again. So, things will probably get interesting. Be prepared. =P

In the evening, Chleo passes by to visit her twin brother. <3

Who gets distracted fairly quickly, though. :>

And Ollowain is out haunting. ^o^

Together with Kalyani. :3 Who misses her eldest child Harmonia. :<

And doesn’t seem to like Themis? o.ô

While Alvah isn’t particularly bothered by Ollowain, …

His twin brother Rafael does not enjoy being scared at all.

A last scare at Duran’s expense.

And it’s the next morning already.

Which Themis and Helena spend playing. :3

And Luna and Balthasar arguing. :<

The family is out of food, though, and hunger and a single nice point are definitely not a good combination. XD

Luckily, Quentus had already left to go hunting and is now back and made breakfast. :D

But apparently Luna needs to get a backrub, before she can come over to eat. >_<

This seems like an awfully large stack of plates for such a small girl to carry. =P

Darmian and Phyros spend some time fighting for Luna’s attention.

Which ends when Phyros decides he’d rather play chess in the rain. =P

Time for more food. :3

And Quentus, Themis and Luna spend the rest of the evening painting and sewing.

The next morning, it’s Luna’s turn to make breakfast.

And Phyros gains his silver sewing badge. :D

Quentus spends most of the day playing chess.

(The facial expressions that sims make when playing chess are actually among the funniest expressions in the game. XD)

And it’s finally time for birthdays. ^_^

The first one is Duran’s adult birthday and he’s still in amazing health.

And he’s now a fortune/knowledge sim. :3

After make-over. <3

Next up is of course Duran’s twin Helena.

She’s still in great health as well.

And she’s a family/knowledge sim. ^o^

Cutie <3

And last but not least, we’re having our first elder birthday for the 2nd generation. :O

Luna doesn’t have many health points left after giving birth to five children, but luckily she gains a couple and is now in poor (instead of terrible) health.

And she got a make-over as well. =)

The ghosts on this lot still seem to take turns, which means Kephalos is visiting tonight.

And he interrupts Duran telling his mom a dirty joke. =P

Balthasar finished this painting, which means the Airs will be able to unlock recipes in the near future. :3

Themis <3

And Kephalos doesn’t seem to be too happy with Luna today. XD

But Quentus gets scared as well. For good measure, you know. =P

Luna and Balthasar <3

And Luna is actually afraid of Phyros, Darmian or Balthasar dying. :<

Another morning that starts with Balthasar cleaning. XD

And blocking the shower that Helena needs quite desperately.

Quentus and Duran are busy painting. ^_^

Helena is sewing.

And Luna and Phyros are making good use of the empty bed. :>

Helena and Themis just became best friends. :D

And Balthasar is the first sim to give someone else hobby tips.

Which helps Helena to make another best friend. :3

Luna and Phyros are still spending a lot of time together. <3

While Balthasar is making food.

The last day passes really quickly and we end the round with Luna and Balthasar badmouthing poor Phyros in his own home.

And Themis eating spoiled food, which luckily didn’t get her sick. ^^”


Elder Luna (24), adults Phyros (42), Balthasar (87), Duran (119) and Helena (112), teen Quentus (25) and child Themis (88)


3 thoughts on “Air. Round 12

  1. Are your sims autonomously sewing? O.o’
    Did you change something on the sewing machine or is that a mod? I’ve never had any kind of use for the sewing machine because it’s non-autonomous.

    Honestly, that picture with the wolf looks more like he tries to bury Balthasar’s feet. XD


    1. It’s a mod by iCad. She made all the crafting stations autonomous. The ones I use can be found here. But I also just noticed that’s made an update (found here).
      She actually has quite a few mods on her tumblr that make various things autonomous.


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