Sapphire. Round 11

New household! Which we start with Victoria going into aspiration failure, because she was already in a bad mood and her father Samael dying didn’t help. Also: Lots of toddlers. ^^”

To give you a better overview: This new household is the second Water household and consists of Victoria and her children with Odoac: Eusebio and Kallisto (left and middle toddler in the picture =P).

And Lysander, Dione and their daughter Amanda. ^_^

First deed of the round. =P

Which obviously still can’t change the fact that Dione got herself pregnant by Nikodemos. ._.

On a happier note, we have Victoria spending time with her son Eusebio, whom she resurrected last round. <3

And Lysander gets to take care of his little daughter Amanda. ^o^

The toilet situation isn’t easy with two pregnant sims. =P

But Victoria and Dione manage to arrange matters and go on to make pottery and play chess, respectively. :3

Victoria is still not doing great, though. =/

And neither is Eusebio, who’s now a child. Since he died due to his bad health, I actually recalculated his health score and he’s now doing fine. ^o^

After make-over. <3

But still not terribly happy. :<

My sims seem to be really fond of spoiled food this round. >_>

First pop for Victoria. ^_^

While Dione still has to fight morning sickness.

And her hatred for Agapios. ._.

Meanwhile, Kallisto and Amanda are fighting over food.

And Kallisto actually manages to save her bottle. =P

Poor Amanda. XD

First pop for Dione as well. ^_^ And she’s actually really lucky, since Lysander is just a single logic point short of realising that it is not his child that Dione is carrying. ^^”

I really hope that Dione is seizing this second chance she gets with Lysander and doesn’t screw it up somehow. Again. Especially now that they’re mutually in love. :>

Victoria discovers the chess table. :3

And second pop for both girls. :D

Plus obligatory hatred for Agapios. XD

And Victoria is still in a bad mood. =/

Eusebio gets to spend some time with his father. ^o^

And Darmian randomly decided to give Kallisto a bath. Seems like he misses taking care of Victoria’s children. =P

Very early the next morning, Victoria goes into labour.

And gives birth to a boy, Ravi, who’s in fair health.

A girl Talitha, who’s in fair health as well.

(I feel you, Lysander. DX)

And another girl, Elissa, who’s in good health.

Which means there are now two toddlers and three babies in the household… And Dione has yet to give birth. ._.

Which she promptly does. =P

Luckily Dione gives birth to a single child, a girl named Renita, who’s in fair health. ^o^

The next days are going to be tough for Lysander, Dione and Victoria. ^^”

At least Amanda and Kallisto are pretty good at keeping themselves occupied. <3

Odoac decides to pick up the only baby of the bunch that isn’t his. XD

And in the evening, it’s time for birthdays.

First is Amanda, who’s still in poor health. :<

And next is Kallisto.

Who actually doubles her health points and is now doing well. ^_^

Amanda and Kallisto after make-over. <3

Odoac and Dione are navigating into dangerous waters. o.ô

Though, Dione seems to have realised this as well and promptly changes topic. XD

Victoria was feeding one of those babies on the floor just seconds ago. So… I’m not quite sure whether she got her priorities right. XD

Yeah, don’t mind all those babies on the floor. Just go ahead and make some more. >_>

Dione starts gossiping about Agapios.

But maybe his half-brother wasn’t quite the right choice for this. =P

Dione and Lysander don’t seem to have gotten the “There are babies everywhere!”-memo either. Luckily neither Victoria nor Dione actually became pregnant again. ^^”

Cuties <3

I’m fairly certain Eusebio has quite a hard time ahead of him with all those sisters and (female) cousins. XD

Lysander has his 3rd logic point now, so if Dione should get pregnant by someone who isn’t Lysander, she’s in trouble. :<

Random pictures of Eusebio and Kallisto. ^o^

And Eusebio discovers the chess table. :3

Life is hard when you have to take care of four babies. :< At least Kallisto and Amanda are now children as well, so they can mostly take care of themselves. =P

And then there is Eudora, who decides to just kick her son’s trash can over. >_<

Time flies and it’s already time for birthdays. :D And I nearly missed the first one. =P

But Elissa is still in good health. ^_^

Talitha is doing fine as well. :3

Ravi’s actually losing a few health points, but is still doing okay.

And Renita (Dione’s daughter) is doing fine, too.

Things are… chaotic? XD

And Eudora definitely didn’t help either. >_> The kids are generally a pretty good help when it comes to keeping the lot clean. But they can’t pick up the trash can. :<

And since the adults have been too busy taking care of the babies, the Sapphires got their first cockroaches. ^^”

After those are taken care of, Lysander puts the trash can back in place. Which hopefully means that the lot will be clean again in no time. =P

And we end the round with make-over pictures of the toddlers:

Victoria’s triplets Talitha, Ravi and Elissa. <3

And Dione’s and Nikodemos’ daughter Renita. ^o^


Adults Lysander (26), Dione (52) and Victoria (131), children Eusebio (43), Amanda (23) and Kallisto (50) and toddlers Elissa (77), Ravi (27), Talitha (44) and Renita (40, didn’t make it on the picture :<)


4 thoughts on “Sapphire. Round 11

  1. I … actually thought those toddlers in the first picture were cats for a moment. So confused. XD

    Actually, Agapios’ half-brother lost relationship points with him and not with Dione. That’s something I found out by chance when one sim complained to another of a puddle-making sim they were angry about and the other sim lost points for the puddle-maker. For the longest time I thought it was the gossiper that loses these points, but it’s not.


    1. Nope, no cats. XD

      But there is definitely also the possibility for the receiving sim to reject the gossip interaction. In that case the interaction is called ‘Lästeropfer werden’ or something like that from the receiving sim’s perspective. And if I remember right that’s what happened here. =P


      1. Actually, the “Lästeropfer werden”-Interaktion doesn’t fail. You’ll notice when it fails because the person on the receiving end will turn away from the gossiping sim and refuses to listen. The double minuses you see are for the gossiped-about sim.


        1. That makes sense. I guess, I’ve never paid close attention to the gossip interaction. XD It’s amazing how you continue to learn new things even after playing the game for years. =P


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