Water. Round 11

Last round, Varius ate spoiled food and got food poisoning, while Chleo became pregnant again. Towards the end of the round, Varius sadly succombed to his sickness before Chleo gave birth to his last children, Oberon and Ragnar.

At the beginning of this round, Lucilla and Lysander moved out. Lysader gets his own household this round and we’ve already seen Lucilla, who moved in with Agapios and sadly died while giving birth to twins Alexio and Florina. :<

And the Waters got a parrot. Meet Ra. :3

Chleo starts the round cuddling with Oberon. <3

And Samael and Eudora are enjoying their remaining time together. Because they do start to get really old. :<

Saoul spends his time playing chess.

And Eogan. <3

The first day wasn’t terribly eventful and Kay is already getting older.

He gains quite a few health points and is doing great. ^_^

And he’s a Fortune sim.

After make-over. <3

But Kay isn’t the only one getting older.

Ragnar gains a couple health points and is doing great as well.

And Oberon is doing fine, too. ^_^

Eogan gains his silver pottery badge. :D

While his twin Varius is out haunting. <3

Marzana then throws a tantrum and blocks the shower. :<

While Kay decides it would be a great idea to have his first kiss with a woman who’s at least twice his age. >_>

Ragnar after make-over. =P

And Oberon. ^o^

Chleo’s life hasn’t been particularly easy when it comes to love. Her marriage with Varius started out as a convenience marriage since the Water family needed to secure their lineage. Plus Chleo actually fell in love with Odoac around the time she got married. While that affair was over pretty quickly (with Chleo becoming busy looking after her children), it still took her a long time to become truly comfortable with Varius and even longer to reciprocate his feelings for her. … And then Varius died of food poisoning last round. D:

So, I think that she would really deserve to get a happy ever after with Odoac. But the chances for that to happen are sadly quite slim with Victoria and Hypatia around. :<

Samael is spending time with his grandson Ragnar. <3

And Eudora is playing chess with Sidonius. :3

Then Odoac and Hypatia decide to eat some spoiled food.

Before going on to flirt. =P

Around the same time, Antiope comes over to spend some time with Eogan. ^_^

And then Odoac seems to have changed his mind about Hypatia and rejects all her romantic interactions. ^^” My educated guess would be that Chleo was actually asleep earlier and that Odoac knows fairly well that she doesn’t want him flirting with other women. XD

The next morning, Chleo and Eogan are busy making more pottery.

And Lysander joins his family for lunch.

Chleo takes care of her youngest children. <3

While Eogan sticks to the pottery wheel and finishes his clay pot.

Random pictures of Marzana and Kay. ^o^

Samael and Eudora spend some more time together.

And then it’s actually time for Samael to move on. ;_;

He doesn’t look too happy at first.

But the hula girls and the cocktail do seem to help change his mind. ^_^

Not that this does much to comfort his family. :<

Poor Eudora. D:

As for all my founders, a little glimpse at the in-game family tree. Samael is actually only survived by 4 of his 7 children. :< And he and Eudora have 21 grandchildren already. :O

Marzana is playing with her little brother Oberon. :3

While Eudora takes care of Ragnar. ^_^

And Ra is still around as well. <3

After taking care of Ra, Kay then goes on to kick the trash can over. :<

Twice. >_>

The heir Sidonius hasn’t gotten a lot of attention, yet. :3

Eudora was actually “supposed” to die the same day as Samael. But it is impossible for two elders to die on the same day. So, she got an additional day. But during that day, I left the game and when I came back the next time, her age bar suddenly wasn’t completely full anymore. Instead she now has quite a few more days to live. ^^”

Not that I mind. :D

Chleo practises her charisma.

And struggles with the temperature. :<

Meanwhile, Eogan spends some more time with Antiope. <3

And Kay kicks his grandfather’s grave stone. >_<

Sending Marzana, Oberon and Ragnar into aspiration failure. ._.

I really hope Kay manages to get out of his bad mood sooner than later. :<

And Megaera might even be able to help him out. :>

Meanwhile, the heir Sidonius hasn’t shown any romantic interest in anyone, yet. o.ô

Eogan is back to making pottery, while Saoul and Marzana play with Ra. :3

And Kay spends some more time with Megaera. ^_^

Antiope visits yet again.

Well… Alright. XD

Eudora plays with her grandson. <3

Megaera gets to know Kay’s siblings.

Which apparently has Eogan a little worried. =P

It’s birthday time. :D

First up is Sidonius, who’s still in good health.

And for whom I couldn’t really find a haircut that I liked. :<

He’s also a Knowledge/Popularity sim.

Next up are the twins.

Ragnar gains quite a few health points and is doing great.

And Oberon is still in fine health as well.

Last but not least, we have Saoul’s birthday coming up.

He’s in good health, too.

And he rolled popularity. :3

After make-over. ^_^

Now that Kay’s mood seems to have improved, it’s apparently Marzana’s turn to kick the trash can and Samael’s grave. >_>

And we end the round with Eogan hanging out with his nephew Ragnar. <3


Elder Eudora (28), adults Chleo (49), Eogan (59) and Sidonius (82), teens Kay (72) and Saoul (68) and children Marzana (129, whose hair got lost), Oberon (65) and Ragnar (80, who isn’t on the picture :<)


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