Amethyst. Round 11

In round 10, Agapios found out that his wife Dione was unfaithful and got really angry with her. They then proceeded to ignore each other for the rest of the round, during which Dione gave birth to Amanda (whose father is Lysander).


Since Agapios and Lucilla (who Agapios has an affair with – talk about hypocrisy XD) are mutually in love and it seems to Agapios like his relationship with Dione is beyond remedy, he is opting for a break-up.

Dione is not quite sharing Agapios’ way of looking at things, but she isn’t able to change his mind.

Not really having any other options, she takes her daughter Amanda and leaves the household. :<

Since Nahor is Agapios’ heir, he stays with his father. Even if he doesn’t look too impressed with him at the moment. =P

And neither does Agapios’ twin, Nikodemos.

Since I only move sims around inbetween rounds, Agapios is allowed to take things with Lucilla to the next level right away. :3

And Lucilla moved in. ^_^

The new couple celebrates appropriately. =P

Which in return gets Lucilla pregnant right away. XD

Being a knowledge sim, Lucilla wanted a book case upon moving in, but it seems she found a suitable replacement in form of the chess table. Which also gives her an opportunity to get to know her stepson Nahor. ^o^

This is where things started to get… interesting? Since Dione is angry at Agapios for breaking up with her, the game sends her over all the time (presumably to kick the trash can or steal the non-existent news paper). And by all the time, I mean like every 2 or 3 hours. But somehow the game also hasn’t quite realised that Dione isn’t living in this household anymore, which means she automatically gets invited in every time she passes by. I tried banning her with the visitor controller, but she just ignored it. o.ô

All of this leads to Dione spending a lot of time in this household this round. Even though I cleared her of the lot as soon as she arrived most of the time. XD

Also, Antiope obviously doesn’t want to gossip right now, Dione. ^^”

Though, she did get Agapios to spend some time chatting with her. =P

Agapios then went on to play a round of chess.

While everyone else is asleep. :3

Early the next morning, Lucilla is the first one to get up and she decides to make breakfast for the family. ^o^

While fighting a rather bad case of morning sickness.

That doesn’t stop her from spending time with Agapios, though. :>

Even if she is really having a hard time. =/

The next morning, Agapios and Nahor are playing a game of chess, while Nikodemos is skipping.

And Dione is back. =P

As far as Nikodemos is concerned, it doesn’t look like there’s much left of yesterday’s sorrow for Agapios’ break-up. >_>

Though, in his defense, Dione is actually the only girl he ever had any interest in. Not that this changes anything about the fact that he actually managed to get her pregnant. And mess up all of my plans. :O

Initially I wanted Dione to live with one of her siblings after the break-up, since she’s not in love with Lysander. But the main Fire household (with Orpheus, Harmonia and their 8 children) is too crowded. Luna is married to Phyros, who’s Agapios half-brother, so that seemed a little awkward. And Gunnar died last round. :<

Since Lysander is in love with Dione, he would definitely take her in. But we’ll see how that goes now that Dione is pregnant with Nikodemos’ child. *sigh*

On a happier note: First bump and no more morning sickness for Lucilla. :D

She’s adorable. <3

Well, at least Dione is making herself useful? =P

Even though she doesn’t quite seem to understand why her ex’s new partner doesn’t want to talk to her. XD

Nikodemos burns dinner.

And proves that he’s better at painting than cooking. XD Ironically, the fact that he finished this painting means that the Amethysts can now unlock recipes. =P

Second bump. :3

And Agapios and Lucilla being cute together. <3 Also, Agapios apparently loves serenades. ^^”

Nahor and Agapios sat down to play chess and I wanted to see how long it would take them to play one complete game. They started at 1 p.m..

And finally stopped around 8 p.m. because their needs got too low. XD But they were nearly finished at that point.

Harmonia and Luna gossiping about Phyros (respectively their brother and husband).

Nikodemos is painting again. =P

And Agapios is having a bit of a hard time. :<

The break-up might not have been as easy on him as he made it seem until now.

But he doesn’t have much time to dwell on his thoughts, because Lucilla is going into labour. :>

She gives birth to a boy, Alexio.

And a girl, Florina. <3 Sadly the twins are both in poor health. =/

And while Lucilla gained quite a few health points on her last birthday, she was sickly her whole life and the strain of a rather difficult twin birth just proves too much for her. =/

Dione definitely starts to develop the habit of reminiscing about her hatred for Agapios every time something important is happening. ^^”

Poor Lucilla. ;_; And she was only 33, too.

But the family doesn’t have much time to mourn her death, as there are two newborns that need attention. :<

Poor Agapios really doesn’t have much luck when it comes to women. ._.

At least Nahor gets to spend a lot of time with his mother, since she’s constantly visiting. =P

Time flies (I was apparently kind of lazy with my photo taking? =P) and it’s already time for the twin’s first birthday. :3

Alexio luckily gains a couple health points, but is still not doing great.

And Florina is now actually in fair health. ^o^

Dione again. XD

And she spends more time with Nikodemos, who has developed a crush for her.

Florina and Alexio after make-over. <3

And… Surpise, surprise. Now that Lucilla is dead, Agapios’ chosen one is Dione again. >_> I’m definitely curious to see how that whole mess will end. o.ô

But for the time being, we end this household with Agapios potty-training his toddlers. ^o^


Adults Agapios (57) and Nikodemos (69), child Nahor (68) and toddlers Alexio (27) and Florina (42)


2 thoughts on “Amethyst. Round 11

  1. Welcome back!

    I’m kind of giving Agapios the side-eye there (in regards to him switching back to Dione as his “one”). And I don’t think that it’s going to go over well either way because as soon as Dione gives birth, he’ll realise that he’s not the baby’s father and get angry again. Probably best if Dione stays with Nikodemos.


    1. Thank you. ^_^

      Agapios definitely deserves that side-eye. XD
      I know the whole Dione situation is a little complicated and I might have not been very clear, but Dione is actually moving in with Lysander for this round. Which is the equivalent of entering a committed relationship in this hood, so they’re getting married. Like I mentioned in the post, I initially wanted her to move in with one of her siblings, since she’s not in love with Lysander. But she only has three and Orpheus’ household is too full, Luna is married to Agapios’ halfbrother and Gunnar is dead.
      Since Agapios and Dione aren’t married anymore, he’s not going to react to Dione’s further pregnancies (unless I would re-marry them, of course). That’s how Chris Hatch wrote this pregnancy mod. So, the one that’s more likely to get angry at Dione this round is therefore Lysander. XD


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