Air. Round 11

In round 10, Luna gave birth to her last child Themis and Luna and Balthasar started an affair and fell in love. Also, the Air household unlocked weaving. ^_^

The first day of the new round starts fairly idyllic. Quentus and Helena are playing inside.

And Luna spends some time with Themis. <3

But both Duran and Themis are unfortunately in a bad mood. Quite likely due to Gunnar (Luna’s brother) passing away last round. :<

Luna is the first family member to discover the new looms. :3

And while she is sewing, Duran is taking his bad mood out on his twin sister Helena.

And his little brother Quentus. ._.

Though, right after he does offer to play a game of redhands with Quentus as an apology. =P

After the first potholder is successfully completed, Luna goes on to make lunch. While Phyros looks after Themis. <3

Before going back inside to do some painting.

I still don’t understand why Luna prefers washing herself at the sink, when the shower is not occupied. ^^” It might just be her meager 2 neat points, but Phyros has those, too, so… o.ô

Helena made the mistake to ask her mother to play catch. XD

And Duran’s mood is sadly still not much better. :<

Which is particularly unfortunate considering it’s his birthday today. =/

Growing up badly does nothing to improve his mood, but at least his health is still great.

And he’s rolled Fortune… We’ll see how that goes. ^^”

In between rounds, I’ve downloaded a few hairs with dreads and couldn’t resist putting them to use right away. XD Duran looks adorable, though. <3

At least when he’s not currently throwing a fit. :<

Since Duran and Helena are twins, we obviously have another birthday coming up. =P

Helena’s mood wasn’t as bad as Duran’s, but sadly not good either. Which means, she is growing up badly as well. :< But as for Duran, her health is fine at least.

And she rolled Family. =)

After make-over. <3

Nikodemos and Lysander are visiting and Balthasar is making his, well, second appearance (he was on the very first picture of the round). I really have to try and give that poor guy more attention. =/

Kephalos has been really active last round and it seems like he wants to keep that up this round as well. :3

Having moody teenagers around is never a good thing… *sigh*  :<

Meanwhile Quentus is just quietly playing chess. =P

And Luna and Phyros are spending some quality time together.

Though, not necessarily alone. XD

We start the next day with Luna and Duran picking berries. :3

While Helena is throwing a fit. :<

And then Duran is ruining his father’s painting. >_>

Luna is probably still amazed at how much time she has at her hands now that she isn’t constantly pregnant anymore. XD Though, she still invests much of that time into her family. <3

The following night, we have Kalyani visiting. :3

And she proves pretty clever by just waiting next to the fireflies for people to scare. =P

Penelope even fell for it twice. XD

Though, Kalyani might have also felt that she deserved being scared twice. >_>

Helena and Duran from close up.

And Helena spends some time with her (only) sister. <3

Quentus helped himself to a snack, while Phyros and Duran are out hunting.

And Darmian passes by to visit Luna. :>

Both Balthasar and Darmian are obviously enjoying the view.

But Balthasar isn’t quite as excited about his brother getting naked as well. His expression is priceless, though. XD

And while I actually have Balthasar on picture: I’m fairly certain he’s asexual (and even aromantic?).

Balthasar had his first kiss with Dione as a teenager and then didn’t initiate any romantic interactions until last round. Even though he had Luna as his chosen one since she moved in in round 7. And now that he woohoo’d with Luna, he seems to have realised yet again that this is nothing he’s actually interested in.

(To be honest, I’m even nearly convinced the whole move last round was just Balthasar tricking the game mechanics into recognising his feelings for Luna properly. XD)

Not wanting to see his brother naked any longer, Balthasar decides he’d rather do some sewing. =P

In the evening, it’s time for another birthday.

Themis is still in great health.

And still adorable. <3

The ghosts seem to have agreed on taking turns this round and it’s now Ollowain who’s out haunting. And apparently he’s not in the best mood. :<

A proud little Quentus. :3

Luna earned her sewing bronze badge. :D

Rather quickly followed by Phyros. ^_^

Duran spends some time with his cousin Sidonius.

While Lydia kicks the trash can over. >_>

Luckily, Alyone is around to clean up after her niece. =P

Who then proceeds to great her father Jasper in. XD

Themis in daylight. <3

Another night, another ghost. And it’s Kephalos’ turn again. =P

Quentus and Themis have made quite a mess while playing inside the hut. I’m pretty certain Balthasar was too busy painting to clean up. XD

Duran wanted to tickle his little sister, but Themis disapproved. :<

Meanwhile, Helena is busy eating spoiled food. >_> Luckily, she didn’t get sick.

And Phyros is quickly cleaning up the rest of the spoiled food, before someone else can eat it.

Last birthday for this round. ^o^

Quentus gains a whopping 2 health points and is still in bad health. :<

And he rolled Popularity.

We had surprisingly few teen shenanigans in this household so far, so Helena decided it would be great to have her first kiss with Cerdric. Who’s nearly 30 years older. And married of course. >_>

Anyway. Quentus after make-over. <3

And Allan finally meets his father Phyros. :O

While his half-brother burns dinner. ^^” Which is plummeting his mood again. :<

And makes him attack Helena… >_>

He even has the audacity to win this fight. XD

Now, since from the next round on we’re officially in generation 3, I had actually planned on switching up the fight rules. Instead of the loser just dying, I will roll a dice my random number generator to determine how many health points they loose (taking into account the current health score). This household just being a couple hours away from the next round (and therefore the 3rd generation), I couldn’t just bring myself to kill Helena. ^^”

So, I didn’t and she actually only lost a couple health points, since she’s in good health. :3

And even though they are both quite angry at each other, they actually just started chatting right after. XD

And that was it already it for this round, which we end with Quentus and Phyros spending the early morning hours painting and sewing. ^_^


Adults Phyros (47), Luna (6) and Balthasar (92), teens Helena (87), Duran (104) and Quentus (25) and child Themis (88)


4 thoughts on “Air. Round 11

  1. Hi, just been lurking on your blog for a while and thought it was about time I left a comment. I think it’s a good idea to start rolling for how many health points to lose rather than just killing the loser of a fight – might have to borrow that for my next Kulo Seeri rebuild! :)


    1. Very late reply is very late, but thank you for your comment. <3
      When it comes to the Test of Time challenge, the whole "killing the loser of a fight"-thing is pretty useful to balance the population out, but it's also not terribly realistic. =P

      I have no idea how soon you're going to see this comment, but I actually just read your post about Mahali on your tumblr (where I still just lurk and don't have an account ^^") and had quite a good laugh. XD In my opinion, the theory about her maybe wanting a husband that is more like Sophos doesn't seem to far off actually. Sure, Mahali is a romance sim and she'll probably never be able to have a monogamous relationship, but that doesn't means she can't have doubts about her way of living. She's maybe just asking herself whether she could after all be in a relationship with someone more like Sophos, who insists on her being just with him. That's after all how she was raised as well and probably what most sims in my hood perceive to be a "proper" relationship. ^_^
      But in any case, I think it's pretty safe to assume that it's mostly Mahali being anxious about the upcoming wedding and not something too serious. =P


      1. Welcome back! Good to see you posting again!

        Thanks for the input – I think you’re right about Mahali. She was actually one of two lovers Rivadya had, and I rolled a “marry highest relationship Sim RIGHT NOW” ROS for him in the rotation after his other girlfriend Prisa died giving birth to his kid (due to another ROS). Both Mahali and Rivadya are Romance Sims so neither of them were that interested in settling down, so now I’m thinking that after Prisa’s death, Rivadya turned to Mahali for comfort and ended up with five of her brothers insisting that he marry her… or something like that? :)


        1. Since Prisa died, I could imagine that Rivadya might now wish he had had a more substantial connection to her, something that still connects them now that she’s dead, even if it was “just” an open relationship. So that might be why he is interested in a marriage now, whereas that wasn’t necessarily the case before. Plus since he and Mahali are both romance sims, I don’t think either of them would be bothered by the other having other partners, even after they’ve gotten married.
          And Mahali’s brothers might also have made the decision a little easier for Rivadya. XD


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