Water. Round 10

First off (as always =P) a little review: Chleo gave birth to a boy, Saoul, went into aspiration failure despite being a family sim and became pregnant again right away to give birth to a girl, Marzana (being carried by her father in the picture), at the end of the round. Lucilla and Lysander became adults, Lucilla made out with Agapios and Lysander woohoo’d with Dione (who gave birth to his daughter Amanda at the beginning of this round).

And after nearly three rounds of being married (and four children XD), Chleo suddenly fell in love with Varius. :D Who now managed to get food poisoning in the Air household. :<

And the Water household unlocked their first proper hut this round. :D

Chleo and Saoul <3

Sidonius playing chess with his grandma Eudora (who currently has the want to have 20 grandchildren, which may actually happen before she dies =P).

Varius and Chleo being all lovey-dovey.

Which seems to amuse Eogan for some reason. =P

And Varius reminds us that he’s actually sick and should stay in bed, if he doesn’t want to die. :<

Samael and Chleo spend some time making pottery. ^o^

And that’s definitely not what I meant, when I said Varius should stay in bed. o.ô

He gets punished right away, too. :<

First evening, first birthday for Marzana. :3

And she’s in really great health. <3

Eogan is making dinner… XD

And Chleo is now pregnant and fighting with her husband for the toilet. ^^”

Most of the time, my families are actually sleeping in shifts and are fine with just four beds. But since the Waters moved in this morning, they were all tired at more or less the same time. Which led to a shortage of beds. =P

Samael and Eudora

Who just refuse to die. XD My other founders died rather close to each other, but Samael’s and Eudora’s chances of surviving the next round (so, round 11) are actually existent. :O

The next morning, Varius is still fighting his food poisoning and not doing too well. =/

The upside of his needs being rather low is that he now spends more time resting.

Eogan and Hypatia obviously have bad chemistry. XD

And much to Lucilla’s delight, Agapios passes by. ^_^

Eudora and Samael already occupy the bed, though.

So, Lucilla went ahead and made something to eat. =P

Meanwhile, Varius is still being good and rests. :3

First pop. :>

And the second evening, it’s time for Saoul’s birthday.

He’s still in fair health. ^o^

And Sidonius is getting older as well. :D

He’s know in great health. =)

And rolled knowledge.

Saoul and Sidonius after make-over. <3

Sidonius’ first deed as a teenager is admiring Hypatia, who’s (sadly? =P) his cousin. So, no possible match there.

Kay wanted to play Mary Mack, but Saoul refused. :<

Little Marzana is getting doted on. <3

And a proper picture of Kay, since he is definitely not getting enough attention. ^^”

Cuties <3

Eogan and Eudora are doing some more pottery and Eudora actually earned her first badge. :>

Daylight pictures of Marzana and Saoul. <3

And second pop. :3

Doesn’t she look happy? ^_^

Varius spent the biggest part of the day in bed.

But is still not doing much better. =/

Until now, most of the sims that have gotten sick where female and therefore pregnant and doing bad enough anyway that they mostly slept and just got up to eat and pee. Which actually saved their lives, since they got the rest they needed. ^^”

Varius on the other hand was doing pretty well (besides the constant throwing up) at the beginning and only started resting later on, when his comfort tanked. Which is catching up with him now. :<

Poor Varius. D:

Everyone (who wasn’t asleep) gathered to say their goodby. ;_;

Even if Lysander didn’t have the necessary patience to wait for the reaper to be done before talking to his brother. >_>

Little Marzana isn’t taking well to her father’s death. :<

Though, it isn’t easy for anyone else, either.

Especially not for Chleo, who just completely opened up to Varius and fell in love with him at the end of the last round, only to lose him now. D:

But life goes on for the family and the next day, Antiope is paying Eogan a visit. ^_^

And the following evening, it’s time for Chleo to give birth to Varius’ last child.

She doesn’t look too excited. XD

She’s giving birth to a boy, Oberon, who’s in good health.

And another boy, Ragnar, who’s in fair health.

The whole ordeal is costing Chleo quite a few health points, but she’s still doing fine. :3

In the meantime, Agapios passed by again and Lucilla and him actually manage to snag the double bed. Which isn’t easy in such a big household. XD

(And probably only happened, because Chleo gave birth to Ragnar inside the hut and woke everyone up with her screaming. =P)

For the next day, I only have a picture of Samael taking care of his grandson Ragnar. <3

And it’s time for Marzana to grow up once more.

She’s doing really great.

And looks adorable. <3

We end the round with Samael getting his bronze badge.

And Odoac passing by and Chleo apparently rediscovering her feelings for him. :>


Elders Samael (56) and Eudora (28), adults Chleo (49) holding babies Oberon (63) and Ragnar (52), Eogan (59), Lysander (32) and Lucilla (31), teen Sidonius (85) and children Kay (49), Saoul (49) and Marzana (129)

(Whereas the last two didn’t make it onto the picture.  =P)


2 thoughts on “Water. Round 10

  1. Poor, stupid Varius. *shakes head*

    Sims who hold two babies at once always look so resigned, especially when there’s more than one sim able to hold babies. XD
    It’s like they’re thinking: “Come on, guys, at least take one of them.”


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