Obsidian. Round 10

Last round, Victoria gave birth to Eusebio, who sadly died on his toddler birthday. Penelope gave birth to a son as well, Bradan, who’s luckily in better health than his late cousin. And towards the end of the round, Darmian maxed his creativity skill and got into the zone while playing the drums and the family recieved a magic lamp. :>

Also Odoac passed by and Victoria is pregnant again. ^o^

We start the first morning with Bradan playing inside.

Cerdric playing the drums.

And Victoria making breakfast for the family. Laverna (who’s pregnant from Odoac as well ^^”) passed by to visit her older brothers.

Indira <3

And I’m still really happy that she inherited Cerdric’s elf ears. :> Neither Laverna nor Jasper have them and it doesn’t look as though Darmian will have any children of his own. So, it’s up to Cerdric to pass them down. =P

Orpheus and Eogan got so excited about their ghost story that they glitched into each other. XD

Luna passes by. :3

And spends some time with Darmian. <3

Eogan plays with his nephew.

And Indira and Adela play together as well. <3

While Victoria still has to fight her morning sickness. :<

Which doesn’t stop her from spending time with Odoac, though. :>

The Obsidian household actually unlocked the pottery wheel this round. But since no one showed any interest in it until now, I had nearly forgotten. =P

First pop for Victoria.

And Cerdric and Penelope are trying for another baby. It’ll quite likely be Penelope’s last pregnancy. :3

Some more pictures of Cerdric, because the poor guy isn’t really getting much attention these days. ^^”

My game is still confused about these two? o.ô

And Penelope is pregnant. :3

Until now, the magic lamp was actually just sitting around where the gypsy put it last round. But when Victoria got up today, she rolled a want to make a wish. And I actually still didn’t plan on bringing Eusebio back, because I definitely have enough children. =P

But then the lightning hit Eusebio’s gravestone.

And his ghost appeared inside the cave, where he died.

And then Victoria started crying and I just couldn’t deny her her want. :<

So, she gets to rub the lamp.

And make a wish.

Eusebio’s grave disappears.

And he’s back. ^_^

And they both look so happy. =)

Adela apparently tries to explain to Dione what just happened und judging by Dione’s facial expression, she wasn’t overly successful. XD

Eusebio is still adorable. <3

Second pop. :3

And first pop for Penelope. =P

Cerdric and his heir Bradan are making music together. <3

While Darmian discovers that there’s a new (old) child around to dote on. =P

Rafael came over to visit his cousins and got shocked by Indira right away.

Which he obviously doesn’t like. XD

Bradan and Eusebio <3

And Darmian earned his first bronze badge. :D

I do have a lot of blond boys. =P

And one of them is about to get older.

Bradan’s health score doesn’t change, which means he’s still a little sickly.

Later that evening, Odoac comes over.

He finally meets his son Eusebio. <3

And I’m not sure whether he witnessed Victoria’s birth or left just before she went into labour. ^^”

In any case, the delivery goes really smooth and Victoria gives birth a girl, Kallisto, who’s not exactly in good health. =/

Father-son bonding time? =P

And second pop for Penelope. ^o^

Darmian has spend most of his time this round making pottery.

So, it took him a little time to get back into the zone.

And then he burned dinner. XD

I knew that pregnant sims can rub their belly, but I’ve never (consciously at least) seen any sim do it in my game until now. It’s really cute, though. <3

The next day, it’s time for Penelope to give birth.

A boy, Midas, who’s in fair health.

A girl, Hermia, who’s in terrible health. =/

Another girl, Aurelia, who’s in good health.

And finally another boy, Zuriel, who’s in great health as well.

But was invisible for the first few minutes of his life, because Penelope couldn’t put Aurelia down (because there was no place) and I had to use the batbox and force an error on everything on and off world to get Zuriel to show up. XD

And what did I do to deserve another set of quads? D: They could have at least been triplets, since I didn’t have those, yet. =P

Well, in any case, the household is now definitely overrunning with sims. We have 4 adults, 3 children, a toddler and 5 babies. Got to split that household up next round. ^^”

At least, Penelope has just enough health points left to survive, but not enough to get pregnant anymore.

Luna passed by to visit Darmian, but then decided it’d be a great idea to just insult Cerdric? o.ô

Who’s not taking it.

Well, that’s going to be fun. XD

But for now, we only have one birthday to take care of.

Little Kallisto nearly doubles her health points, but is still rather on the sickly side.

Kallisto after make-over. <3

We end the round with Victoria getting herself pregnant again.

And trying to sleep outside on the bench, because there aren’t any free beds. But Kallisto’s still making music. =P


Adults Cerdric (44) holding babies Hermia (4) and Aurelia (78), Penelope (4) holding babies Zuriel (89) and Midas (49), Darmian (140) holding toddler Kallisto (25) and Victoria (171) holding toddler Eusebio (57) and children Indira (91), Adela (55) and Bradan (32)


2 thoughts on “Obsidian. Round 10

  1. “Orpheus and Eogan got so excited about their ghost story that they glitched into each other.”
    Looks more like Eogan is choking poor Orpheus. XD

    Geesh, quadruplets! I’m always glad when I don’t get them. ^^’
    In my other medieval hood, Ostal, I had two quadruplet births, one set for the Beldens and one for the Swyndells. The Beldens had theirs even just after beginning the hood, so there were no additional helpers for the parents with toddler-wrangling. >.<' The second set of quadruplets were thankfully the last children for the Swyndells and there were enough teenagers for toddler-wrangling. But even then I disliked it. XD


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