Stone. Round 10

In round 9, Thalia gave birth to Alvah and Rafael and died shortly after, Dardarus died of old age, Jasper woohoo’d with Lovia and got her pregnant (which led to the birth of little Airi this round) and Laverna had a make-out session with Azrael (and so did Lovia >_>).

And apparently we start this round with Moira annoying her little siblings. ._.

We’ll see if you’re still laughing once Alvah and Rafael grow up. :<

Lovia passed by and Jasper fell in love with her now as well. Which means Lovia and Airi are probably going to move in next round. :3

Alvah, Rafael and Lydia (respectively) ^o^

Jasper and Rafael <3

In the evening, it’s time for Lydia’s birthday. And with that speach bubble above her head, I decided I just had to make her a fortune sim. =P

And to make it even funnier, she actually rolled fortune as well. XD

Lydia is still in fair health.

And basically a clone of her late mother. :O <3

(Which means I have to be really careful not to call her Thalia. XD)

Lydia’s first deed as a teen: Making food for everyone. ^o^

Thalia, Vidya and Mahali are out haunting. :3

And both Jasper and Laverna actually want to see Thalia’s ghost. =P

But of course Thalia isn’t going to do Jasper or Laverna a favour and scares poor Lydia instead.

Who goes right back to playing with Horus to comfort herself.

Meanwhile outside: His attraction to Lovia seems to give Jasper a hard time. =P

Moira finally found out that you don’t have to annoy your siblings, but can also play with them. *gasp* :O

And we start the next day with Lydia trying out the drums for the first time. ^_^

Moira is still annoying Alvah and Rafael, though, and they’re both pretty fed up with her. >_>

Laverna <3

Nikodemos gets to know his niece.

And Rafael is attempting to steal Alvah’s bottle even though he isn’t even hungry. =P

Poor Alvah.

And Rafael looks way too proud of himself. XD

Thalia’s haunting the second night in succession. :3

Maybe to witness the twins’ birthday? ^_^

Alvah is still in excellent health.

And Rafael manages to gain a couple points, but is still in bad health. =/

The boys after their make-over. <3

And while Rafael plays inside, Alvah is spending time with his father and Laverna. =)

Lydia <3

The next day, Odoac passes by and Laverna starts seducing him without further ado. XD

That’s probably the closest thing to a one-night stand I had in this hood. =P

And they’re both knowledge sims. I tell you, those are way worse than most of the romance sims. XD

While Laverna is busy with Odoac, Lydia starts picking a fight with Ollowain. >_>

They aren’t even related, so they definitely could be doing much more exciting stuff right now. ._.

(Or maybe not. I don’t think they have chemistry. =P)

I don’t really think you have the right to be angry, Lydia, since you were the one who started it. o.ô

I can understand that Ollowain is pretty angry, though. Most people would be after getting slapped and insulted by a random stranger. XD

Thalia is out and about yet another night.

And look who got herself pregnant. ^^”

As you may have guessed by now, Lydia is actually in a pretty bad mood. :<

Thalia finally scared a knowledge sim, but of course Jasper doesn’t have that want now anymore. =P

And Lydia may be in a bad mood, but she’s still cleaning up after herself (or rather Ollowain, but it’s her fault either way). :3

The next day apparently consisted mostly of Laverna fighting her morning sickness.

And in the evening: First pop. ^o^

The whole family (save Moira) eating dinner together. And it looks like Azrael is over. But if I remember right, Laverna still has Odoac as her chosen one and Azrael Lovia, so nothing happened.

The next morning starts really idyllic with Laverna playing the drums.

Random shots of Alvah and Rafael, because they’re cuties. <3

And Lydia became BFF with Moira, which got her out of her bad mood. =)

Second pop already.

Kyros visited and spends some time with Lydia.

He was actually visiting when Ollowain was there and Lydia did argue with him as well. But since those two have chemistry, I sent him home before Lydia could ruin her chances completely. >_>

Now on to the funny part: Kyros actually apologised to Lydia. XD

But that’s it for now and we end the round with Alvah doing some skipping in the middle of the night.

And getting scared by his grandma. :<


Adults Jasper (29) and Laverna (84), teen Lydia (51) and children Moira (96), Alvah (131) and Rafael (18)


3 thoughts on “Stone. Round 10

    1. Ah, well, that’s one of the main problems when blogging about a whole hood (and not just legacy style), isn’t it? ^^” Maybe the family tree will help you out? I do have to admit that every now and again I have the same problem, when I read your blog entries. =P


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