Ruby. Round 10

Last round, Gunnar, Ida and their twins Megaera and Phobos moved into their own lot. Ida became pregnant again and gave birth to a girl, Nyx.

And we begin this round with all three children sleeping peacefully. <3

And Ida realising that she might be pregnant again. :>

Gunnar taking care of Megaera and Ida feeding Nyx. ^_^

Before passing her to Gunnar, because she’s feeling sick again. :<

But Ida’s nausea doesn’t stop the couple from spending time together.

The first evening, Nyx is having her first birthday.

She loses a few points and is sadly still in poor health. But look how adorable she is. <3

But Nyx isn’t the only one getting older this evening.

Megaera is still in good health and randomly switched hair colours. =P

And Phobos is still doing fine as well. ^o^

He’s absolutely adorable.

And in a pretty bad mood. :<

Which he’s taking out on his twin sister. =/

Poor Megaera. D:

But then Phobos seemed to feel sorry and tried to cheer his sister up with a nice pillow fight. =P

First pop. :3

A close up of Megaera’s face. Contrary to Phobos and Nyx, she’s coming more after her father.

Who’s making adorable potty training faces right now. =P

Daylight picture of Nyx. <3

And Megaera’s doing some random skipping in the back corner of the lot. XD

Ida is getting a well-deserved back rub. ^_^

And the children are all getting along. :D

Phobos looks so proud of himself. <3

Second pop already. :3

And then Megaera and Phobos started constantly telling each other secrets. I didn’t really have other children do that until now, so that was a new one for me. =P

A little Nyx interlude.

And some more gossip uhhh… I mean, secrets. XD

The next afternoon, Darmian passed by and randomly insulted Gunnar. ._.

Poor baby. ._.

Darmian then tried to save the situation and started talking about cooking, but Gunnar didn’t want to hear anything about it. =/

And the poking started. :<

Ida is actually getting along with Darmian.

But Megaera is standing behind her father on this one. XD

Phobos actually witnessed Gunnar and Darmian fighting and started crying (along with his father XD).

But Gunnar was by his side immediately and comforted him. <3

If looks could kill. XD

Gunnar and Phobos then spend the rest of the evening painting together. ^_^

Until Ida goes into labour that is.

She gives birth to a girl Rahel, who’s sadly in bad health. =/

And obviously already pretty fed up with life. XD

And a boy, Isidor, who’s also not in best health. =/

Ida actually didn’t lose a single health point for Rahel’s birth, but the maximum amount  of 35 points for Isidor’s birth. ^^”

Don’t they look proud of themselves. =P

Meanwhile, Phobos and Megaera are back to telling each other secrets, yet again.

Also for some reason, Phobos really doesn’t like his newborn brother. :<

Gunnar and Ida making moar kids. ^^”

While little Nyx is outside trying to catch butterflies and making adorable noises. <3

Gunnar playing with Isidor. :3

And Ida and Gunnar are generally pretty busy taking care of Nyx, Isidor and Rahel.

Plus Ida’s new pregnancy isn’t exactly helping. =P

Phobos is playing with his cousin Felicita.

Then Gunnar decided to make something to eat.

And frigging caught fire. D:

I started playing my first ToT challenge over 4 years ago and in all this time, Gunnar is the first sim who actually managed to set himself on fire. >_<

Only Megaera and Phobos have time to mourn. Ida is just too busy taking care of the twins.

And Nyx chose that precise moment to get older. Which I nearly missed as well. *cough* Luckily, she nearly doubled her health points and is now doing well. ^o^

Contrary to her father. ;_;

Gunnar’s death also means that Ida is now pregnant and alone with three children and two babies. =/

At least, he finished cooking before killing himself? >_<

Nyx after make-over. <3

And mourning her father. :<

Poor Ida. Her needs are also getting pretty low. =/

But the twins are actually getting older today as well, so Ida’s needed.

First Rahel, who’s still in bad health.

And then Isidor. Same as for Rahel, he’s still not doing great.

They are adorable, though. <3

And they actually grew up in matching clothing. *_*

Meanwhile, Ida passed out on the floor. After she got enough energy to get up again, she immediately had to get up to take care of Rahel and Isidor and get them proper clothing.

And then she passed out again right away. D:

“Luckily”, Gunnar passed away on the last evening of the round, which means we’re done here for now.

Next round, I plan on moving Odoac (Ida’s twin brother) in to help out, because there’s no way Ida can take care of all the children while still pregnant. :<


Adult Ida (69) holding toddler Isidor (20), children Megaera (57), Phobos (56) and Nyx (51) and toddler Rahel (20)


5 thoughts on “Ruby. Round 10

  1. I’m always surprised that your sims never die of fights or sickness, but randomly die of starvation or by trying to prevent starvation (aka fire). XD
    These sims are so well-behaved.


    1. Ah, well, actually Ollowain and Pomona were they only ones who died of starvation. =P And Gunnar if you want to count him too. XD Meawhile, I actually had 6 sims die due to fights. *cough* Mostly Stones, though. *cough* >_> The rest died of old age or because of their bad health.


      1. Ah yes, I forgot the Stones. *facepalm*
        The first ice age sims who died in my (relatively) new hood died of bee stings, though. It happened too randomly for me to be sure whether or not it might be a conflict with Realistic Illness or not.


        1. How could you forget the Stones? XP
          If I remember correctly there is a small chance of sims dying from bee stings, if their mechanical skill is too low. So, if the sim in question happens to have less than 3 points, everything’s probably working as it should. =P


          1. I know that. XD
            It just happened to three or four sims right after the other. And all from the same family.
            Also, it seems that one can’t plead successfully with Grim if the sim died of bees. ô.ó


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