Fire. Round 10

The Fires unlocked their first house. ^_^

In round 9, Harmonia became pregnant, gave birth to a boy Vidar and became pregnant again. Towards the middle of the round, the quads (Azrael, Hypatia, Kyros and Ollowain) had their teen birthday the same day their grandpa Ianus died. </3

I also remembered at this point that in between rounds, I had put in a hack that allows reputation changes on residential lots. It’s quite a fun feature.

At the end of the round, Harmonia and Orpheus have actually maxed out their reputation. =P The rest of the Fire household is doing pretty good, too. Mostly because they spend the majority of their time playing with each other. So far, I’ve got only one sim with a bad reputation in my hood. And guess who it is? Well, Lovia of course. XD

Anyway, back to the Fire household where everyone’s nearly starving because the household is out of food. :<

But Kyros, Azrael and Ollowain are out to hunt, so the family should have something to eat soon.

In the meantime, the girls (Tabitha and Hypatia) are playing and Orpheus is taking care of toddler Vidar. <3

Lewi is playing on his own inside their new little house.

Ain’t they looking great? =P

They’ve been mostly up to no good, though. Azrael had his first kiss with Laverna (which is totally fine, she’s not that much older and single), but then he went ahead and made out with Lovia. >_> Kyros had his first kiss with Antiope. And their sister Hypatia isn’t any better and went for Varius. ^^”

The only one that has been good is Ollowain, the romance sim. XD

Well, in any case, the family now has food again. ^_^

After breakfast, Harmonia and Ollowain are heading to the easels.

Orpheus is dabbling at sewing.

And this here is basically how the household spends the whole round. Everyone being quite decent at taking care of themselves (though the lack of beds is notable) and the rest of the time is spend talking and playing with other family members. =P

The first evening, it is Lewi’s teen birthday.

He’s gaining quite a few health points and rolls knowledge. :>

Also speaking of birthdays: The quads are actually becoming adults next round, which means round 12 will be the first round of the 3rd generation. :D

Ianus and Pomona <3

And second pop. ^_^

Since there are so many sims in the household, quite a few of them only became good friends this round. Like Harmonia and Ollowain. ^_^

Random picture of Vidar. <3

And Azrael. :>

Later that evening, Harmonia’s going into labour. She’s losing just a couple health points, but after eight births her health score is now so low that she probably won’t be able to get pregnant anymore. And apart from that (same as for Luna and Antiope) she’s getting old anyway. ^^”

Meet Nathaniel a healthy boy. <3

Out of the eight children four (1/2) have brown hair, two (1/4) blond and two (1/4) red. It kinda makes me happy that it’s perfectly balanced. =P

Orpheus and Harmonia are still absolutely adorable. *-*

Everyone helps out taking care of Vidar and Nathaniel. (Also Lewi after make-over. :3)

And like his father, Lewi discovered the loom. It definitely seems to be a man’s thing in this family. =P

I actually had quite some trouble playing the lot until I realised the problem for the constant jump bugs were that I placed the single beds at a 45° angle. >_> So, I had to rearrange the interior a little.

Harmonia and Nathaniel <3

Still adorable. ^o^

And I must admit I find that construction quite hilarious. =P

The regular message spam for big households. ^^”

One of the torches got hit by lightning and started burning. XD It was still raining, though, so no danger for my sims.

And then everyone had pillow fights. :D

With some breaks to take care of the youngest family member.

Tabitha is actually a bit of a loner and just relaxes on the bed quite often.

I don’t think I mentioned this in the Amethyst household (when Dione made the same painting), but since none of my sims have more than two cooking points, I decided that finishing any painting with glyphs will allow the household to unlock recipes. So, basically a book that will allow them to learn cooking autonomously.

Harmonia’s pretty fast (or at least faster than Dione XD) and finishes the painting shortly after. :3

That wasn’t a particularly clever curse of action, especially considering that he wasn’t even hungry. =P

Everyone enjoying lunch and/or playing again. ^_^

In the afternoon, Laverna passes by to spend some time with Azrael. =)

And in the evening, it’s time for birthdays.

Nathaniel is in good health.

And Vidar in fair health. ^o^

Azrael and Laverna again. And one of them must have goosed the other.

Because this happened. XD

Vidar shocking Tabitha.

Who doesn’t appreciate it. :<

Vidar then wanted to make amends by trying to play with Tabitha, but she didn’t want to hear anything about it. =/

Ollowain taking care of Nathaniel (who’s got a haircut and proper clothing).

Since Tabitha doesn’t want to play with him, Vidar is just playing on his own.

Not that that would bother Tabitha. =P

After finishing her painting, Harmonia started sewing and I must say, she’s quite an impressive sim. She has eight kids, is friends with all of them, gets along really well with her husband, has eight creativity points, unlocked recipes for the household, has a maxed out reputation and got the very first sewing badge in the hood. XD

Aunt Luna gets to meet Nathaniel. <3

And Pomona is out haunting again.

Kyros here got a whopping 3 creativity points and has the want to sell a masterpiece. XD

Vidar found someone who understands his kind of humour. =P

And Harmonia and Orpheus are still adorable. <3 And yes, I’m aware I mentioned this quite a few times in this update. ^^”

Well, if those two aren’t in tune.

Doesn’t stop Pomona from scaring poor Ollowain, though. ^^”

And we end the round with this very traumatic experience. =P


Adults Orpheus (85) and Harmonia (18), teens Azrael (72), Hypatia (73), Kyros (87), Ollowain (36) and Lewi (56) holding toddler Nathaniel (63) and children Tabitha (105) and Vidar (49, didn’t make it onto the picture :<)


2 thoughts on “Fire. Round 10

  1. When there’s no room for all the beds in a one-room-house, I usually put a single bed IN the double bed so it looks like the kid sleeping in that bed is crawling into their parents’ bed. XD Aside from a bit of clipping, it is rather cute.
    And Vidar still needs to grow into his nose, I think.


    1. That’s actually an adorable idea. <3 Just a little unfortunate, if the parents decide to woohoo while the child is asleep. XD

      I have already played round 11 for this household and the quads + Lewi are now adults.They look georgeous. <3 So, while Vidar is still a child, I'm now pretty certain that he won't have trouble growing into his nose. =P


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