Emerald. Round 10

Previously in the Emerald household: Alyone became pregnant, give birth to twins Atalante and Felicita and became pregnant again. Also Lovia continued to randomly argue with lots of different people and woohoo’d with Jasper.

Inana, the oldest daughter.

And twins Felicita and Atalante. <3

Zenon is busy fishing. ^_^

While Alyone and Lovia play red hands. =P

But Inana is helping him out. <3

The first evening, someone’s starting to realise that she got herself pregnant. :>

And Zenon did not only hinder Lovia from throwing up, but he also broke the toilet that very moment. Which Lovia didn’t appreciate at all. XD

Unfortunately for Felicita, Inana inherited her mother’s 3 nice points and not her father’s 10. >_>

First pop already. :3

Ain’t they cute? ^o^

And Alyone is already going into labour.

Sadly, the birth doesn’t go too well. But meet Morrigan, yet another girl, who’s in good health. <3

Dione playing with Felicita. <3

Alyone’s health is now actually too bad for her to be likely to have more children. But she’s got four healthy girls already, so that’s fine. =P

The twins’ pregnancy was pretty hard on Alyone, so she didn’t have much time to take care of Inana, which leads to them not being very close. But in return, Inana does have a really great relationship with her father. She’s definitely daddy’s girl. =P

Alyone and Morrigan (whose ‘zZzz’-effects just didn’t stop from that moment until she aged into a toddler XD)

Lovia seems to be the only sim in this hood who manages to get chased by bees on a (kinda) regular basis. ^^”

Second pop. :>

Not being nearly constantly pregnant anymore gives Alyone more freetime to help out with the household stuff and food gathering.

The twins are just adorable. <3

Time for Morrigan’s first birthday.

Her health has gotten even better.

After make-over. <3

And some random picture of Inana. ^o^

A garden full of toddlers. =P

And it’s actually really cute, because Alyone is S1 and Zenon S4 and their four girls all have different skintones. Inana is S1, Atalante S2, Morrigan S3 and Felicita S4. ^o^

Meanwhile Alyone and Zenon leave the toddlers to themselves (and Lovia) to spend some time together.

Though, Lovia is curently busy going into labour.

And while she never was in good health, she luckily does survive the birth. She probably won’t have any more children, though.

Lovia gives birth to a healthy little girl. And since she was basically standing in the flowering pear tree at that moment, I couldn’t resist giving the baby a pear related name. So, meet Airi, whose name can be written with the japanese characters for love and pear. :3

Relatively soon after the birth, Jasper (Airi’s father in case that wasn’t clear, yet?) passes by.

And Lovia actually falls in love. ^o^

Before getting pretty annoyed at Jasper’s try to tell her a dirty joke.

If I can give you a hint, Jasper: Don’t try that again. Lovia nurtures a pretty deep hatred of dirty jokes. XD

After that’s cleared, it’s time for birthdays.

First is Felicita, who’s in amazing health.

And then Atalante, who’s doing great as well.

Lovia is busy with Jasper and her newborn daughter. <3

And Alyone’s and Zenon’s girls are all playing together. :3

The next morning, Lovia was apparently too busy daydreaming about Jasper and burnt breakfast. =P

And Felicita doesn’t seem too excited. Even though it was this burned meal that made her realise that she has a passion for cooking and food. XD

Guess who’s only gotten a single neat point to her name? ^^”

That’s going to be fun in the long run. XD

Cuties <3

Alyone and Zenon are making ridiculously cute kids. *-*

Varius passes by and is making a mess. >_>

The twins are fishing for the very first time. :D

And it’s Airi’s first birthday.

She’s losing a couple points, but is still doing well. ^_^

Airi’s may have Lovia’s colouring, but you can clearly see that she got Jasper’s cheekbones. =P

And we end the round with Hypatia having her first kiss with Varius. Which is wrong for a number of reasons, but as for Kyros, I guess, we’ll just ignore it ever happened. >_>


Adults Alyone (20), Zenon (78) and Lovia (17) holding toddler Airi (57), children Inana (43), Felicita (101) and Atalante (92) and toddler Morrigan (87)


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