Earth. Round 10

In round 9, Antiope gave birth to Odin (whose father is Phyros) and Lucio (whose father is Eogan). The Earth household hasn’t unlocked anything this round, but their lot got a little make-over since I wanted to get rid of the stones for some time now. ^_^

Allan, Antiope’s oldest child, whose father is Phyros as well. <3

What better way to start a day than to admire yourself.

And do a quick workout. =P

While your brother is taking care of your children. XD

Allan meets his cousin Tabitha.

Which doesn’t go too well. ^^”

But then Sidonius (also his cousin) passed by and Allan seems to get along with him.

Meanwhile little Odin is playing on his own. <3

It might not be too late for those two to become friends after all. =P

Allan is helping feed the family. <3

The next day, Lovia is visiting and eats breakfast with her sister Antiope.

While proudly telling her about her first time with Jasper. =P

After overhearing this conversation, poor Allan is probably traumatised for the rest of his life. XD


Or guinguin as my little sister used to call them as a toddler. <3 ^_^

In the early afternoon, Eogan passes by.

Much to Antiope’s delight. :>

The Earth household seems to have a lot of furry visitors today. ^_^ (And this time round, no one got sprayed. *looks at Allan* XD)

Antiope and Eogan spending some time together.

Contrary to Phyros, who never even talked to Allan or Odin, Eogan is actually showing interest in his son. <3

In the evening, it’s time for birthdays.

First Odin, who’s doing well health-wise, but badly aspiration-wise. =/

And then baby Lucio.

Who’s still in poor health. :<

After make-over. :3

And his father even sticked around a little longer to play with him. <3

While poor Odin has to play on his own. >_<

Daylight pictures of Odin and Lucio.

And Antiope is pregnant again. :>

(As Luna, she’s starting to get older, so this will quite certainly be her last pregnancy.)

Lucio gets to meet his grandma Eudora. <3

And first pop for Antiope. ^_^

In the evening, Victoria passes by.

As a little recap: Victoria gave birth to Odoac’s son Eusebio last round, but he died shortly after due to his bad health. =/

Second pop already. :O

And Antiope is hungry. :<

Being the clever sim she is, she then actually proceeds to make something to eat. =P

While the boys are eating chips. XD

Allan is getting older. :D

Yes, for more teens. ^o^

Allan’s doing fine and he rolled popularity. :3

He’s absolutely adorable. <3

And his first deed as a teen: Playing with his little baby brother. *-*

The next morning, he’s fishing and proves once again that he’s pretty good at procuring boots for the family. XD

Just kidding. =P He’s actually doing just fine at catching fish. :3

Allan meets yet another of his cousins. This time round, it’s Kyros.

Odin is still spending a lot of time playing on his own.

And Antiope’s going into labour.

She gives birth to a little girl, Sherah, who’s in fair health. ^_^

And this means that Antiope finally has an heir. :D

Then Kyros had his first kiss with Antiope, who’s like 25 years older. Which may not sound like that much, but Kyros is like 15 or something… So, we’ll just ignore that this happened. Alright? Alright. XD

Odoac and Eogan are having a little hang out in the children’s play corner. =P

Antiope and Eogan are… well, I’d say ‘making more babies’, but as I mentioned earlier that is very unlikely to happen. :>

Uhmmm… No, Odoac. Bad boy. :<

And we end the round with Allan proving once again how well he does at fishing. XD Poor boy. =P


Adults Antiope (93) holding baby Sherah (48) and Odoac (85) holding toddler Lucio (35), teen Allan (63) and child Odin (47)


2 thoughts on “Earth. Round 10

    1. Definitely. I was already pretty certain that Alyone’s eldest daughter, Inana, would get to take over the main household. ^^” Though if (when?) the boys marry, their spouses will come from patrilineal families. So, they might get their own households, too.

      48 is actually a pretty good health score. I mean, it’s not great, but it’s unlikely Sherah is getting into trouble any time soon because of it. At least not until she starts having babies. =P


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