Amethyst. Round 10

Last round, Agapios, Nikodemos and Dione moved into their own household. Dione became pregnant and gave birth to a boy Nahor. Nikodemos tried, not exactly successfully (or rather not successful at all?), to make a pass at Dione. Then at the end of the round, while playing the Water household, Agapios made out with Lucilla and Dione  woohoo’d with Lysander. ^^”

Which might get her in trouble. :<

But for the moment, she is mostly occupied with her morning sickness.

While Nikodemos and Agapios enjoy breakfast. =P

But not too long after, Dione gets to eat something as well.

And the first evening, it’s time for Nahor’s birthday.

He was already in good health and it gets even better. <3

Poor Dione got randomly insulted by Antiope. :<

Agapios with his heir Nahor. ^o^

First pop.

But Agapios isn’t exactly excited to find out that Dione is pregnant with someone else’s child. =/

He actually went ahead and started yelling at Dione, but she completely ignored him and went to play chess. XD

This was actually the first time I saw Chris Hatch’s mod in action and let me tell you, Agapios is pretty pissed at Dione. When I saw that Agapios’ relationship bar dropped below 0, I was actually pretty certain that one of them was going to die. D:

But Dione and Agapios just ignored each other for the rest of day (and even nearly the rest of the round to be precise)? o.ô Not that I’m complaining…

In the evening, Lucilla passed by.

And Agapios was all over her.

Funnily enough, Dione did not seem to care. Despite the fact that she is still in love with Agapios and even if she weren’t, they’re still married after all. o.O

(I did make Agapios and Lucilla woohoo and left without saving just to see if Dione would react and she did. So, she just doesn’t seem to take the whole flirting and kissing stuff too seriously? =P)

I don’t know if anyone remembers, but at the end of round 9, Dione had actually nearly finished this painting.

But instead of finishing it this round, she started a new painting with the exact same motive. XD

After Lucilla left, Agapios played a game of chess with his brother.

Second pop already. :3

Nahor is adorable. ^o^

Then Dione got hit on by Nikodemos.

And Lysander. :O As Dione’s still in love with Agapios (or probably more accurate: she just knows he’s going to get even angrier at her XD), she doesn’t want none of it.

Poor Lysander. :<

Dione and her two paintings again. =P

Nahor is meeting one of the wolves.

And since Nikodemos doesn’t really have any responsibilities, he spends a lot of time at the chess table. And he would probably do some painting as well, if Dione hadn’t hogged both easels. XD

But she actually finished the newer painting. :>

Aunt Harmonia helps taking care of Nahor. <3

And then it’s time for Dione to give birth. Luckily, the delivery goes pretty well. :3

Meet Amanda, who’s a little sickly. =/

But yay for more girls, ’cause I definitely need them. :D

Aren’t they cute together? ^o^

Now that she isn’t pregnant with Lysander’s child anymore, Dione apparently decided that it would be a good idea to try and make another one with Agapios? o.ô

Well, that didn’t quite work out. >_<

But Agapios is still pretty pissed, so the outcome is not that surprising. XD

I really don’t know what you expected, Dione. You two haven’t even talked with each other since you started showing. =/

Shortly after, Lysander passed by and he gets to meet his newborn daughter. ^_^

And woohoo with Dione. ^^”

But only because Agapios is currently asleep. XD

And then Dione tried to make food for everyone…

While Lysander takes care of Amanda.

And Agapios is skipping out in the garden. =P

The first time in like forever that Agapios tries to interact with Dione and she’s busy painting. XD

Which is even funnier considering that Dione is the one that actually still has an interest in their relationship.

Agapios has basically moved on to Lucilla.

In the evening, it’s time for birthdays.

First Nahor, who’s still in good health.

And then Amanda, who’s losing even more points and is now in terrible health. :<

Amanda after make-over. <3

And Nahor. ^o^

Apparently, Agapios turns out not to be resentful. He might still largely ignore Dione, but he’s not taking it out on Amanda. =)

Speaking of Dione: Guess who’s finally working on the painting from last round again?

It took her over a round (and two other paintings), but she’s finally done. =P


Adults Agapios (58), Dione (49) and Nikodemos (66) holding toddler Amanda (17) and child Nahor (68)


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