Air. Round 10

In round 9, the Airs unlocked their first house, Luna gave birth to Quentus (and went into aspiration failure :<), the twins Duran and Helena became kids and Quentus a toddler and Luna became pregnant again.

I also finally got the fridge working how I want it. … Mostly. =P My sims seem to have developed a strange liking for instant meals since I started using it. o.ô

Luna playing with Helena. <3

And Duran with Quentus.

Meanwhile, Phyros successfully made food using the new fridge.

So, it’s time for breakfast. :3

After which Helena goes looking for more food right away.

While Phyros is doing some painting. =)

Then it’s time for naps. Being pregnant is exhausting and gathering berries apparently, too. ^_^

Varius passed by, ate spoiled food…

And got himself some food poisoning. >_>

Oh, and Balthasar is still around as well. What? No. I totally didn’t forget for a second that he was living here. *cough*

Quentus finished his nap and wants some attention right now. :<

Second pop. =)

And Kalyani is visiting. :D

Balthasar isn’t quite as excited as I am, though. XD

General cuteness. <3

And it’s the next morning. At least, Luna’s got a pretty decent reason for that sponge bath? =P

Phyros and Quentus <3

And it took me waaay too long to realise that they actually have the same haircut. XD

Hypatia passed by and spent some time with her cousin Helena.

And Balthasar seems a little too excited considering that he’ll probably be the one who has to clean up after this child as well. XD

During this round, the Air household had quite a few thunderstorms (one of them going on in the above picture). And my sims started to get out of bed to complain that there was something along the lines of “an absolute weather chaos” in their house. I still don’t know why, though. =P It’s just this household and they have a ceiling plus the roof. So, I really don’t know what was going on.

It’s already evening again and time for Quentus’ next birthday.

He wasn’t in great health to begin with and he’s losing even more points. So, he’s still in poor health. :<

Pretty much right after Quentus’ birthday, Luna’s going into labour.

Quentus’ birth cost Luna a lot of health points and this birth is sadly not going any better. =/ But Luna survives and gives birth to a little girl, Themis, who’s in great health. ^_^

Luna is now actually unable to get pregnant, because 1) she only got 3 health points left and 2) is too old anyway. =P

I also decided that every sim at or below 20 is considered infertile, but I won’t change any settings in-game. Instead I’ll terminate pregnancies immediately and take count of them. Once this count reaches a certain number (which will be lower for sims who have a health score between 11 and 20 than for those who are between 1 and 10), they might get pregnant again.

Luckily, this time around neither Phyros nor Luna were afraid of having a baby, so… No aspiration failure today. :D

Random picture of Helena, because she’s adorable.

And Quentus after make-over. <3

Then this happened? o.ô

And Phyros might not be one for jealousy, but he does make sure to still get Luna’s attention. =P

Poor Themis needs to be taken care of. But Phyros is out hunting.

And the rest of the adults is otherwise engaged. ._.

I would get out of there, if I were one of the twins. XD

Aaand Balthasar got a crush.

Meanwhile, Phyros brings back food for the family.

And takes care of Themis. <3

At least, Luna’s taking care of the cooking. :P

(And Balthasar is probably cleaning up somewhere. XD)

Helena playing catch with Duran. <3

And with her aunt Harmonia. ^_^

Luna spending time with her newborn daughter. ^o^

And Kephalos is out and about and being the Virgo he is, he seems pretty upset about the broken shower. :<

Which he’s taking out on Helena and Luna. =/

Time flies and the next afternoon, Quentus and Helena re-discover the household’s chess table.

The children spend the evening playing together (more or less? =P).

And it’s already time for Themis’ first birthday.

She gains another couple points and is doing perfectly fine.

Cutie <3

They may not know it, yet, but those two are finally able to enjoy their woohoo without risking another pregnancy. XD

Little Quentus seems to have taken a liking to the chess table. :3

And now that Luna isn’t constantly pregnant anymore, she’s got more time for other things. Like painting.

And her husband. :>

The kids are… making quite a mess? XD

But they all inherited their parents’ two neat points, so no real surprise there. =P

And if there weren’t any toys lying around, Themis couldn’t play with them. <3

Some more of that nonsense. ^^”

Though, I can understand Balthasar. He’s pretty much in the same situation as his brother Nikodemos. The only two sims he got chemistry with are Dione and Luna. So, this is basically his only chance at a relationship. And as for Luna… Well, she’s a romance sim. Why should she reject Balthasar? =P

And it’s not as though Luna would keep it a secret or anything. XD

The children end the round with some more playing. <3

And Kephalos makes another appearence.

Which isn’t going too well for Balthasar, who wet his pants. =/


Adults Phyros (47), Luna (6) and Balthasar (92) holding toddler Themis (87) and children Duran (118), Helena (89) and Quentus (23)


2 thoughts on “Air. Round 10

  1. Well, Phyros has no reason to get jealous anymore, his wife can’t have any more children, so he doesn’t have to raise children that aren’t his. XD
    And it also makes sense that they don’t get another aspiration failure when that’s their last child.


    1. Ah, well, the question is: Do they know that Luna cannot get pregnant anymore?
      But Phyros and Luna are getting older and I could imagine that their aspirations just change. I mean, a lot of people don’t want children when they’re young (and it does make having lots of casual sex more difficult =P), but change their mind when they’re older. Or they just reached a number of children, where one more doesn’t really make a difference in their eyes. XD

      Though, now that I think about it, it’s still funny that Balthasar only decided to make a move once Luna couldn’t get pregnant anymore. *suspicious squint in Balthasar’s general direction*


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