Stone. Round 9


Round 8 was a disaster for the Stone family. :< Although, it didn’t start too bad with Thalia getting pregnant, giving birth to Moira and getting pregnant again. And Lydia becoming a child.

But then Vidya died and Isaiah kicked her gravestone shortly after. Sending Moira, Lydia, Mahali and Laverna into aspiration failure. In the resulting fights, Kenan, Mahali and Isaiah died. The whole turmoil, plus food shortage, took quite a toll on the needs and aspiration of the remaining household members.


Especially on Thalia’s.


If everything else wouldn’t be enough, they also have a cockroach plague, because moody sims mean kicked-over trash cans. >_<


Luckily, Dardarus gets rid of the cockroaches rather quickly.

And thanks to having played a whole round, since I was here last, all family members had wishes fulfilled in the meantime (mostly becoming BFF wishes). So, no one’s in aspiration failure anymore. :D


Oh, well… >_<


Poor Dardarus. :<


Horus is still there, completely unphased by the whole drama. XD


Moira getting attention from Grandpa. <3


And Thalia managed to get into a proper bed to sleep.


Though not for long, because hunger wakes her up.


But fear not, Dardarus is already preparing lunch. ^_^


And after eating something…


Thalia goes right back to sleep. :<


That old story again. ._.


And Mahali is out haunting tonight. :3

sims2ep9-2016-11-06-22-03-53-71 sims2ep9-2016-11-06-22-05-27-93

Stupid heat is acting up again. -.-


In the early hours of the morning, Thalia is going into labour.


Meet Alvah, who’s in great health and actually comes completely after his grandfather Dardarus. :D




Rafael, who sadly in poor health, but comes completely after the twins’ other grandfather Kephalos. =P


Sadly, Thalia’s health score was at only 36 before the two births, who cost her about 30 health points each. =/


Which means I have my first death due to childbirth in my challenge. >_<


Grimmie seems quite fed up with this household already. D:


Nice timing, Mahali. >_>


At least Jasper’s been doing good enough that he isn’t going into aspiration failure? ^^”


In any case, there are now two newborns to be taken care of.

sims2ep9-2016-11-07-20-35-10-67 sims2ep9-2016-11-07-20-45-13-92

And Laverna and Dardarus are doing a good job. ^_^

Poor Jasper. :< He was never in love with Thalia, but she’s still been his wife for 16 years and they’ve been good friends and good parents for their children. =/


We start the next day with Dardarus taking care of Moira.


And Lydia being a cute little kid. <3


Helena came over. To play with Horus. =P


Laverna made herself (and whoever else might be hungry) something to eat. =)


Someone broke the toilet. :O But Laverna and Dardarus are still having everything under control. Jasper and his children are really lucky that those two are around. ^_^


But not for much longer? D: Just when I thought the family could finally catch a breath, Dardarus is dying of old age… >_<

sims2ep9-2016-11-07-23-03-50-39 sims2ep9-2016-11-07-23-03-59-91

Like most of my founders, he isn’t ready to go, yet. :< But who is that ever?


It’s so sad to see them go. D: It’s been over a year since I started this hood (Oct. 2015) and now the only founders left are Samael and Eudora.


So many gravestones…


And here is Dardarus’ family tree. He’s only survived by 4 of his 10 children (and yes, there are only 9, because I missed Kenan at the far right *cough*) and 5 of his 7 grandchildren. I am still amazed at how the founder family with the highest number of children is now down to such small numbers. :<

sims2ep9-2016-11-07-23-07-48-62 sims2ep9-2016-11-07-23-10-09-59sims2ep9-2016-11-07-23-11-56-18

I just really, really hope that this household is now finally getting a few quiet days (or even better a few quiet rounds) to recover from everything that happened. =/


Lydia’s coping mechanism seems to mostly consist of playing with Horus. <3


At sunrise, Jasper, Laverna and Lydia are coming together for breakfast. :3

sims2ep9-2016-11-07-23-39-32-54 sims2ep9-2016-11-07-23-39-36-17

And for the first time since what seems forever, someone’s playing the drums again. ^o^


Zenon trying to disturb the peace by eating spoiled food. :<


Jasper and Laverna are taking care of Rafael and Alvah (respectively).


In the evening, it’s time for quite a few birthdays.


Moira is doing amazing. <3

sims2ep9-2016-11-08-00-02-21-94 sims2ep9-2016-11-08-00-03-11-24

Alvah is in great health as well. <3

sims2ep9-2016-11-08-00-04-53-59 sims2ep9-2016-11-08-00-05-32-09

But Rafael is getting even sicker. =/

sims2ep9-2016-11-08-00-08-27-74 sims2ep9-2016-11-08-00-08-39-93

Moira looks absolutely georgous. *-*

sims2ep9-2016-11-08-00-14-26-36 sims2ep9-2016-11-08-00-17-51-31

Rafael and Alvah look great as well. Though they still have to grow into their faces a little. =P


And apparently, we’re still not done with birthdays, yet. :O


Laverna is now an adult.


And luckily, she’s in good health, too. ^o^


Toddler cuddles. <3


We have another fan of the hand mirror. =P


Vidya is out and about.

sims2ep9-2016-11-08-16-47-54-82 sims2ep9-2016-11-08-16-48-10-95

And causing trouble right away. Poor Moira. >_<

sims2ep9-2016-11-08-16-53-10-19 sims2ep9-2016-11-08-16-53-27-50

At least Laverna is happy that she did get to see a ghost?

sims2ep9-2016-11-08-16-55-01-19 sims2ep9-2016-11-08-16-55-26-38

And Jasper is still doing pretty badly. =/


Rafael and Alvah playing together.

sims2ep9-2016-11-10-16-38-37-89 sims2ep9-2016-11-10-16-39-24-59

And Lydia and Moira as well. :3


Laverna gets to mop up pee puddles. =P



And then Lovia passed by.


As a little reminder: She had a crush on Jasper for a really long time, but (contrary to her sister Antiope o.ô) respected that he was married to Thalia and never pushed anything.

sims2ep9-2016-11-10-17-01-13-53 sims2ep9-2016-11-10-17-01-31-76

But now Thalia’s dead. As she reminds us by coming out to haunt.

It’s still great to see her. <3 That’s why I love keeping the graves on the lot.


Even though it’s sometimes inconvenient for my sims. =P


But then again: Knowledge sim. XD



Surprise, surprise. o.ô

Although, I am actually surprised it took them until that late in the evening. XD


Lovia got her crush back. And Jasper gets one as well. :>


Thalia isn’t as excited about the whole thing, though. =/

sims2ep9-2016-11-10-17-11-39-91 sims2ep9-2016-11-10-17-13-43-85

Not that this would bother Jasper and Lovia. ^^”


Another picture of Horus, because apparently I like making photos of him, even though they all look the same. *cough*

sims2ep9-2016-11-10-17-21-25-67 sims2ep9-2016-11-10-17-21-35-25

Laverna admiring herself once more. <3


Lovia actually spend the night and tried to befriend her niece the next morning, which didn’t work too well. :<

sims2ep9-2016-11-12-17-28-43-77 sims2ep9-2016-11-12-17-29-03-36

A little later in the day, Azrael passes by and gives his first kiss to Laverna. :O

(They’re two different generations, but Laverna is only 8 years older and I’m having a shortage of girls among the oldest generation 3 sims. So, this is absolutely fine with me. XD)


Jasper and Lovia


And Laverna and Azrael ^o^

sims2ep9-2016-11-12-17-41-25-86 sims2ep9-2016-11-12-17-41-56-68

Pollux and Vidya are out and about.

Before last round, most of the gravestones belonged to children/toddlers, who can’t haunt. Which means it was relatively quiet and ghost-free. But now we have Vidya, Dardarus, Thalia, Pollux, Kenan and Mahali, who can roam freely if they wish to do so…

sims2ep9-2016-11-12-17-42-40-57 sims2ep9-2016-11-12-17-42-49-93

And the difference is quite noticable. :<

sims2ep9-2016-11-12-17-43-19-21 sims2ep9-2016-11-12-17-45-26-53

Especially Vidya is getting a kick out of scaring her family and unsuspecting visitors.


And then things got a little messy. Because that’s what happens as soon as you have teens running around. XD

sims2ep9-2016-11-12-17-50-55-58 sims2ep9-2016-11-12-17-55-31-16 sims2ep9-2016-11-12-17-55-44-01 sims2ep9-2016-11-12-18-02-11-57

We’ve got a nice little ACR triangle going on. ^^”

And why is it that my knowledge sims are behaving worse than my romance sims most of the time? And yes, those three are all knowledge sims. XD


As well as Jasper. But he got no time for that nonsense. He has children to look after. <3


Last but not least, Lydia is getting scared by her uncle Pollux.


And Jasper is still in quite a bad mood and I hope he’ll be doing better next round. :>



Adults Jasper (49) holding toddler Rafael (9) and Laverna (84) holding toddler Alvah (126) and children Lydia (48) and Moira (96)


2 thoughts on “Stone. Round 9

    1. Yes, those were two messy rounds for the Stone household. >_< But I played their household again yesterday and round 10 is luckily going waaay better for them. Which wasn't that difficult, though. ^^"

      You mean, because Alvah got all the health points and Rafael basically none? Yeah, that was unfortunate for him. XD


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