Earth. Round 9


In round 8, Phaidra died of old age. Sending poor Allan into aspiration failure. :< Ida and Gunnar fell in love and Ida gave birth to twins, Megaera and Phobos. The three of them moved out at the beginning of this round. ^o^

Odoac woohoo’d with Chleo (who’s in a relationship with Varius) and with Victoria, who’s now expecting his child.


And last but not least: Antiope. She woohoo’d with Eogan and Phyros. The latter is Allan’s father and also responsible for Antiope’s current pregnancy. Apart from that, she flirted with Jasper (her sister Thalia’s husband) and they are now mutually in love. >_<

As a little reminder: Jasper’s actually the only sim Antiope has developed feelings for. :<


Barely an hour into the round and Ida’s already missing her siblings, so she pays them a little visit. =P

sims2ep9-2016-10-28-17-15-22-03 sims2ep9-2016-10-28-17-15-37-76

Or maybe she’s just there to see her cute little nephew. <3


Antiope still spends a great deal of her time admiring herself. XD


And it’s already evening and time for little Allan to grow up.


Still absolutely adorable and even healthier. <3


An argument that doesn’t involve Lovia (nor any of the other Earth sisters). :O


Two seconds later we’re back to love, peace and harmony, though. XD


At least at their end of the lot. Because Antiope is about to give birth.


With the help of… three males. And neither of them has any children of his own. XD


At least Phaidra’s around? In any case, she’s really happy about the new family member. ^_^


The delivery wasn’t easy for Antiope, but meet Odin, a healthy little boy. <3

Unfortunately, my game is starting to bombard me with boys. Again. >_<


That doesn’t seem to bother my sims, though. =P


Allan playing with Darmian. ^_^

Those two are actually getting along really well. I don’t know why they even know each other, though. XD I mean, Allan doesn’t even know his father. ^^”


Phaidra was definitely not only around to see her latest grandchild be born. Luckily, Odoac (being a knowledge sim) is rather excited about the whole encounter.


The early bird gets the worm? =P


Antiope and Odoac eating breakfast together.

sims2ep9-2016-10-28-19-19-08-88 sims2ep9-2016-10-28-19-19-20-03

And then Thalia visits and gets to meet Odin. ^_^

This is also the first time I ever noticed a heavily pregnant sim carrying a baby. It looks a tad adventurous. XD

sims2ep9-2016-10-28-19-20-52-93 sims2ep9-2016-10-28-19-21-12-76

Allan and Odoac are now best friends. Which is quite relevant for Allan, considering that Odoac is the closest thing to a father figure he has. :3

sims2ep9-2016-10-28-19-28-26-05 sims2ep9-2016-10-28-19-28-39-95

The day’s already nearly over (with only two adults, a child and a baby, there isn’t too much going on) and Victoria passes by to visit Odoac. =)


They actually tried to woohoo.


But Phaidra scared Victoria.


Who then wet her pants and went home. XD


Leaving poor Odoac to clean up her mess, which peeved him a little. ^^”


Victoria wasn’t the only nightly visitor, though. :>

sims2ep9-2016-10-28-19-34-12-64 sims2ep9-2016-10-28-19-35-01-52

And Antiope and Eogan were more successful than their respective siblings. XD


Maybe too successful? =P

sims2ep9-2016-10-28-19-43-17-65 sims2ep9-2016-10-28-19-43-40-29

Allan spending some time with his mother.

sims2ep9-2016-10-28-19-49-46-93 sims2ep9-2016-10-28-19-50-13-57 sims2ep9-2016-10-28-19-50-16-54

And he’s getting to know his baby brother Odin. <3


We start the next day with Allan doing the washing-up. And that with his mere 2 neat points. ^_^


If that wouldn’t be great enough, he then goes on and does some fishing. <3

sims2ep9-2016-10-28-19-55-59-11 sims2ep9-2016-10-28-19-56-13-39

It’s the thought that counts? =P


Poor Antiope has to fight morning sickness.


And Odoac spends the morning gathering berries.


Then Alyone passes by and kicks the trash can over. o.ô


Some more baby Odin.


And then it’s time for his first birthday. =)


Sadly, he looses quite a few health points. But he did have quite a few to start out with, so… He’s fine. ^o^


First picture post make-over. =P


… >_<

Maybe Alyone knew why she kicked that trash can over earlier. XD


Luckily, Antiope got Odin to keep her busy and hopefully out of trouble.


Just as cute as his brother. <3


First pop. :D

sims2ep9-2016-10-28-20-44-15-63 sims2ep9-2016-10-28-20-47-46-06

Odin really can’t complain about not getting enough attention.

sims2ep9-2016-10-28-20-50-28-69 sims2ep9-2016-10-28-20-51-34-07

And when Antiope or Odoac don’t have time, he gets to play with Allan. <3

sims2ep9-2016-10-28-20-57-56-14 sims2ep9-2016-10-28-20-58-02-57

More Allan and Odin. <3


And then Jasper passed by and this photo is evidence that I had nothing to do with him being greeted in. XD


Luckily, Odin was keeping her busy once again. =P


And second pop already. :3


Looks like Antiope isn’t coping too well with this pregnancy. =/


Little Allan gathering fruits. <3


And Victoria is over once again. ^o^


As it is daytime, Phaidra couldn’t interrupt them this time round.


But as soon as the sun goes down, she does make sure to vent her emotions. XD


Antiope tried to make dinner. ^^”


And it’s time for her to give birth. :O


Meet Lucio. <3

And yes, another boy. >_> Which also means that Inana (Alyone’s and Zenon’s daughter) is currently the Earth heir.


And we end the round with Allan trying to pet a skunk. XD

sims2ep9-2016-10-28-22-49-07-42 sims2ep9-2016-10-28-22-49-10-53sims2ep9-2016-10-28-22-49-21-64sims2ep9-2016-10-28-22-49-26-92

This is actually the first time, I’ve seen a sim try this autonomously. =P

sims2ep9-2016-10-28-22-49-42-52 sims2ep9-2016-10-28-22-49-49-60

Poor Allan is just too nice for this world.



Adults Antiope (118) holding baby Lucio (36) and Odoac (85) holding toddler Odin (58) and child Allan (61)


2 thoughts on “Earth. Round 9

  1. “With the help of… three males.”
    I laughed so hard at this! XD
    That and Phaidra gaining aspiration points long after her death.
    Your sims must be smarter than mine in regards to the skunk. It doesn’t happen too often, but I’ve seen it a couple of times.


    1. This is one of the reasons that I love having the gravestones around. Ghosts reacting to certain things that happen while they’re haunting. Like grand-children being born or their spouses sleeping with other sims. =P

      The skunk doesn’t seem to appear that often in my hood and when it does, it mostly just passes by and doesn’t really enter the lot like this time round. Besides, I don’t think that my sims are smarter. The few times the skunk stayed a little longer, they probably have just been too busy with other shenanigans to try and pet it. XD


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