Amethyst. Round 9


First new household for this round. =)


Consisiting of Agapios, Dione and Nikodemos.

sims2ep9-2016-10-27-23-41-27-75 sims2ep9-2016-10-27-23-44-08-10

As the Airs’ satellite household, they have access to the easel and the chess table. ^_^

sims2ep9-2016-10-27-23-44-21-13 sims2ep9-2016-10-27-23-44-26-80 sims2ep9-2016-10-27-23-44-32-43

And Dione really seems to enjoy the latter.


After exploring the fun stuff on their new home lot, Agapios is heading out to the hunting grounds.

sims2ep9-2016-10-27-23-51-49-66 sims2ep9-2016-10-27-23-52-03-78

And as soon as he’s back, Dione is making lunch for the family and gains her first cooking point. :3


Nikodemos is in a similar position as Balthasar: He’s got 9 neat points and is stuck in a household where everyone else only got 2. XD


Agapios and Dione finally get the whole family business started. :>


Dardarus kicked the trash can over. o.รด


And this is when I remembered that Nikodemos has a crush on Dione as well and realised that it probably wasn’t the best idea to let him move in with his brother. XD

To my defense: I like keeping twins together and it’s generally a good idea to divide spare siblings between the households. Otherwise the main household can get quite crowded (even if that isn’t that much of an issue with the Air household as Luna and Phyros don’t have a lot of kids).


To get back to the actual story: Agapios went to sleep after his woohoo with Dione.


And Nikodemos wanted to benefit from the situation to hit on Dione.

sims2ep9-2016-10-28-00-05-43-95 sims2ep9-2016-10-28-00-06-46-75 sims2ep9-2016-10-28-00-07-02-08

Which didn’t work out in his favour.


But I actually do feel sorry for Nikodemos. The only two girls he’s got chemistry with are in relationships with two of his brothers. Quite a cruel faith for a romance sim. ^^”

sims2ep9-2016-10-28-00-09-14-25 sims2ep9-2016-10-28-00-09-25-81

In any case, Nikodemos seems to have given up for now and goes back to his favourite pastimes: Cleaning. =P


And painting. ^o^


Agapios and Dione spend time together.


And even though they’re Fortune sims, they both rolled a want to have a baby. <3


Ianus farted and then tried to blame it on Nikodemos. The latter didn’t appreciate this at all. XP

sims2ep9-2016-10-28-00-55-08-40 sims2ep9-2016-10-28-00-55-18-54

Poor Ianus. :<


Luckily, neither of them is bearing grudges and not too long after, they’re back to joking with each other. =P


The rest of the day is actually not terribly exciting.


More Agapios-Dione-cuteness. <3

sims2ep9-2016-10-28-01-01-54-96 sims2ep9-2016-10-28-01-02-23-28

Agapios is playing a round of chess with his father-in-law.

sims2ep9-2016-10-28-01-03-37-88 sims2ep9-2016-10-28-01-03-55-14

And Nikodemos is busy skipping and gaining his first body skill point. ^o^


Sadly, Dione is in quite a bad mood. =/


But: First pop. :D And as she wants to have a baby, she’ll hopefully feel better soon.


And we end the day with Nikodemos making dinner. :3


The next day, Agapios had the brilliant idea to invite Lovia in.


Who isn’t getting along with anyone in this household. XD


And, apparently, especially not with Nikodemos. ^^”


Varius and his 10 nice points try to loosen the mood. =P

sims2ep9-2016-10-28-14-37-14-93 sims2ep9-2016-10-28-14-37-22-76

But he isn’t very successful. ^^”


On happier notes: Second pop already. :D


And Dione’s eldest brother Orpheus stopped by.


Apparently, someone burned lunch. XD

Then nothing really happened for a day… At least nothing, I deemed photo-worthy. =P


And it’s already time for Dione to give birth.


The birth did diminish Dione’s health a little, but she’s giving birth to a healthy little boy, Nahor. <3



After taking care of her newborn son, Dione decides to get creative.


And is the first sim in the hood to draw one of the “glyph” paintings. :O

Which means, they’re probably going to get something special writing-related next round, but I don’t know what, yet. =P



Adults Agapios (47), Dione (35) holding baby Nahor (65) and Nikodemos (81)


2 thoughts on “Amethyst. Round 9

    1. Generally, I’m actually not too bothered by having a couple single sims around. Most of the time, they’re a great help with the children. And they actually make the hood more interesting to play, because the household compositions aren’t all the same. In my first attempt, I paired everyone up and that means that all the households were basically just couples with their children.

      Though, I agree that Nikodemos is actually a little annoying. Or rather boring? XD Most of my other singles have at least something going on or have chemistry with enough people that it is actually kind of likely that one of them becomes a window(er) at some point. =P


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