Fertility And Health Scores

Hey everyone! :3

A little note on my little involuntary hiatus first: I didn’t manage to finish writing the posts for round 9 before leaving for nearly 3 weeks to visit my family (end of December, beginning of January) and since returning to my beloved gaming computer, I have been busy learning for my exams that are coming up this month. =P But I have finally managed to get all the posts done and they’re now scheduled as usual (Sunday afternoon, starting on this Sunday, the 5th).

And now on to the actual reason for this post. :> Since I’ve finished playing round 9, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about how I want to handle dying in childbirth in my hood. Because at this point, I have some female sims who have rather low health scores (mostly due to having already given birth to children) and I don’t just want them all to die (creating a big gender imbalance and leaving a lot of widowers behind that will get into various shenanigans >_>). So, I decided that I want sims below a certain health score to become infertile. This would count for both genders and once they are infertile, they will stay that way (even if their health score improves). Though, if their health gets better, they may have a really, really small chance to conceive/father a child again.

The only problem I have is that I’m not quite certain from which score on they should get infertile. For the health system, any sim at 20 points or lower is in terrible health. But I’m not sure whether that isn’t too high. =/ As far as my 2nd generation is concerned, this would make (in theory) Zenon, Agapios, Lovia and Lysander infertile. Another possibility would be to only take into account the health scores from teen up. Then none of my sims “should” be infertile at the moment. Or maybe something like a 25% chance if they were in terrible health as a toddler and 50% chance if they were in terrible health as a child? And then 100% chance from teen on?

I would love to get some input from whoever might be reading this. ^_^