Something a little different…

Because I’ve got distracted (mostly by Niche), I haven’t finished playing round 9, yet. So, instead I come offering – as the title says – something a little different.

In round 9, the last of my 2nd generation sims (Laverna, Lysander and Lucilla) will become adults. Which made me want to see how the sims who died before reaching adulthood would have grown up. So, I extracted their genectics, opened up bodyshop and took pictures. :D


First up, we have Medeia Water (Penelope’s twin) who died after a fight with her brother Eogan. Photos: child (age of death), teen, adult and adult profile picture (with another haircut, because otherwise you’d see mostly hair)


Next up is Serena Earth, Phaidra’s last child. She died due to her bad health on her toddler birthday. Photos: toddler (age of death), child, teen and adult


And two more pictures with an updo, so you can see her features and her little pointy ears. :O She was the only one besides Ida to inherit those from Phaidra. :<

(As she died as a toddler, I didn’t get around changing her eyebrows from Maxis to custom ones and didn’t bother to catch up on that. They look quite harsh on her, though. XD)


The rest of the sims, who didn’t make it into adulthood, are actually all from the Stone household. ^^”


Sophos died after a fight with his brother Pollux. Again: child (age of death), teen, adult and adult profile.


Pollux lost a fight against his brother Cerdric. As a teen, adult and 2 more adult pics with another hair, so you can get a better look at his features.


Melchol and Jethro, one of the quads, both died on their child birthday due to their bad health. (child, teen, adult, profile)


Kenan lost a fight against his sister Mahali.


Who lost a fight against the last quad, Laverna. Both: teen, adult and 2 bonus pics with another haircut.


And that’s it already. My 2nd generation has actually done quite well as far as not dying goes. =P Except the Stone household, I guess. ^^”

I hope I’ll manage to finish playing round 9 and writing the first post before next sunday, so that we’re back on the regular schedule. =)


P.S.: I also worked on the family pages and trees and they’re now up to date again.


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