Water. Round 8


Last round, Chleo moved in, Varius had a one-night stand with Antiope and earlier this round, Chleo woohoo’d with Odoac and fell in love with him. While still only having a crush on Varius. In the midst of all this, Chleo became pregnant, gave birth to a boy Sidonius and became pregnant again the last day of the round.


Despite the whole cheating, the round actually starts very harmonical. =P


Eudora’s and Samael’s youngest children: the twins Lucilla and Lysander.

Lysander had his first kiss with Mahali last round, but as the latter died this round, the twins are currently both without a love interest. The younger sims of the second generation are giving me quite a hard time to match them up, because most of them basically have bad chemistry with every non-taken sim. >_< And Mahali and Kenan dying this round didn’t help either. :<


Chleo fighting her morning sickness.


But luckily not for much longer. :3

sims2ep9-2016-08-21-18-12-16-60 sims2ep9-2016-08-21-18-12-23-29

Varius with his heir Sidonius. <3 ^_^


Lovia making yet another enemy.


Though this one is actually fighting back (to her surprise XD) and not just running away to bawl.


And Ida apparently tries to make up for her older sister being such an asshole. =P


As a little reminder: The Waters unlocked the pottery wheel last round.


Much to everyone’s delight. =)


Varius contemplating how much food he could get from one of the other household for some pottery? =P


Pregnant Chleo waddling round, while Varius takes care of little Sidonius. :3


Samael and the twins eating breakfast.


While Eudora is just relaxing inside and enjoying the lack of a crowd of children. XP


Though it probably won’t take long until the household is full of children once again. :>

sims2ep9-2016-08-21-21-36-53-70 sims2ep9-2016-08-21-21-37-00-21

sims2ep9-2016-08-21-22-33-50-22 sims2ep9-2016-08-21-22-33-53-58 sims2ep9-2016-08-21-22-34-06-95

Ah, well… Did I mention that all the Earth children (except Ida and Odoac) only have 3 nice points? ^^”


Eogan obtained the bronze badge. ^o^


And funnily enough, most of the hobby sims my game generates this time round aren’t even looking too bad. They’re almost period-appropriate. =P


Totally not a weird topic for a virgin teenage girl. Although not too surprising either. With those parents. *cough* XD


The only suitable partner for Lysander at the moment is Dione, who’s in love with Agapios, who’s the only suitable partner for Lucilla at the moment… ._.

I invited Dione and also Agapios in whenever they passed by (and the other wasn’t already there, because counterproductive) and Dione did get along with Lysander and Agapios with Lucilla, but their relationships are still weak. Especially compared to the one Dione and Agapios already have. I’ve been debating quite some time about whether I should wait another round before doing anything with those four or not. After finishing the round, I finally decided to just let Dione and Agapios move in together, because they are in love and have each other as chosen ones and it just wouldn’t make sense from their point of view to wait another round.


Eogan <3 I’m pretty sure he spent most of the round at the pottery wheel. =P

sims2ep9-2016-08-22-00-11-16-89 sims2ep9-2016-08-22-00-11-26-76

The Earth girls seem keen on proving that they indeed all have only 3 nice points… -.-


Though Thalia does have somewhat of an excuse considering how rough this round has been for her. :<


It’s already time for Chleo to give birth. :D


The delivery goes surprisingly smooth and soon Chleo is holding her newborn son, Kay, who’s in good health. :3


Like his brother, Kay also has the double blond genes from Ollowain and Eudora. And the dark blue eyes which are dominant for most of Kalyani’s and Ollowain’s grandchildren.

He’s not a clone, though. In case anyone was wondering? =P


Alyone randomly kicking the bin over… o.ô


Apart from their little dance right at the beginning of the round, Varius and Chleo actually barely interacted. Partly due to Chleo being pregnant and kind of busy with her needs, but also due to their chosen ones being all over the place. XD


Now that Chleo is no longer pregnant, they did manage to woohoo, though. ^^”


Which got Chleo pregnant again. At least they had each other as their chosen one again after the woohoo. =P


Meanwhile, Samael and Eudora are basically the complete opposite to Varius and Chleo: Bad chemistry, but still madly in love after being together for over 40 years. <3


Chleo’s first trimester isn’t going too well. =/


And Eogan is finally up to something more interesting than making pottery the whole time. =P


And then Antiope happens to pass by.

sims2ep9-2016-08-22-15-37-18-05 sims2ep9-2016-08-22-15-41-37-95

Which definitely keeps him busy for the rest of the day. :>


Eudora taking care of her grandson Sidonius. ^o^


And it’s already time for Sidonius’ next birthday. :D


He gains a few health points and is still doing really well.


After make-over. <3


Father-son bonding time. ^_^


And Kay is getting older as well. And Chleo should probably look at what she’s doing… o.ô

sims2ep9-2016-08-22-16-01-22-91 sims2ep9-2016-08-22-16-03-48-75

Kay looses a few health points, but is still doing fine. And he inherited his father’s freckles. <3


Chleo playing with Sidonius.


And first pop. :3


As Antiope has left, Eogan is back with his pottery wheel. XD


The tea set looks actually rather nice. I really need some period-appropriate recolours, though. =P


Sidonius in daylight. ^_^

On a side note, he’s actually not too fond of his little brother, while the latter adores him. ^^”


The result of Agapios visiting throughout the round. Neither of them developed any feelings, though.


Chleo is still not doing great. >_<


But she made it to the second pop. :3


And to end this household and also the round, we have a picture of Eudora playing with little Kay. <3 ^o^



Elders Samael (66) and Eudora (30), adults Varius (124), Chleo (102) and Eogan (48) holding toddler Kay (43), teens Lysander (28) and Lucilla (31) and child Sidonius (63)


4 thoughts on “Water. Round 8

    1. Chleo was asleep. XD Being married is a “higher level commitment” than being in love. So as far as jealousy and ACR are concerned, it doesn’t matter that she’s not in love with Varius because they are married. ^_^


  1. I’m really enjoying your updates. Its so hard finding current stories so im happy i found your blog. Your sims definitely have a mind of their own and love a bit a drama lol. Seems like there’s quite a lot of cheating going on but they don’t seem to care either way! Look forward to reading more :)


    1. I’m sorry it took me that long to answer. ^^”

      Thank you. ^_^ It’s nice to hear that you enjoy reading my blog. I’m actually amazed that my sims have managed to not get caught while cheating. Yet. XD They’re behaving incredibly clever for sims. =P


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