Emerald. Round 8


New household. :D

sims2ep9-2016-08-14-12-44-59-15 sims2ep9-2016-08-14-12-46-37-26

Consisting of Lovia, who’s making sure that the fridge is filled.


And Alyone and Zenon, who are intent on providing the next generation. =P

As Alyone is more outgoing and active than Zenon and definitely not as nice, it was clear to me that Alyone was less likely to give up her position as head of the household and so this new household became the Emerald household and not a second Air household. ^_^


In the meantime, Dione passed by and Lovia, who has finished gathering food, couldn’t resist arguing with her. >_>


Which Dione doesn’t appreciate at all.


As the berries and fruits are not quite enough to keep the family fed, it’s time for a round of fishing.


Alyone and Zenon are all over each other if their needs allow it. <3


Odoac passed by to visit his sisters.


Lovia is fighting some more with Dione.


And then tries to kiss Zenon… ._.


Who’s not on board with that madness at all.


And still all over Alyone.


If the Earth girls wouldn’t be enough, Luna also starts randomly insulting other people. XD

sims2ep9-2016-08-14-13-19-06-84 sims2ep9-2016-08-14-13-19-49-77

Poor Zenon certainly didn’t expect his first day with Alyone to go like this. D:


At least, he’s actually friends with Luna and everything’s fine between them.


The situation with Lovia is a little more difficult to solve, though. >_<


Poor Alyone. :<


New day, new luck.


And Alyone is pregnant. ^o^


Lovia talking to Eudora about a first woohoo, she didn’t even have, yet? =P


Another case of “Once you have seen it for the first time, it keeps happening.”. =P

sims2ep9-2016-08-14-15-21-55-17 sims2ep9-2016-08-14-15-22-06-49

In case anyone’s been wondering: No, Lovia hasn’t given up, yet. *sigh* ._.


First pop. <3


And now that Zenon has seen Alyone juggle with the bottles, he wants to try it, too. =)



Zenon is already all excited about his baby. ^_^

And Eogan may manage to get some of his own, too. If he’s faster than Phyros next time. XD


Lovia tried to catch some bugs, but found bees instead.


Karma? =P


Second pop. :3


Next to Dione and Balthasar, Lovia is also out of sorts with Victoria.


Romance sims talking about their favourite topic. =P


Some more fishing and Zenon already has the bronze badge. ^_^

sims2ep9-2016-08-14-18-36-20-46 sims2ep9-2016-08-14-18-36-27-42 sims2ep9-2016-08-14-18-36-45-56

Lovia may not be getting along with most people, but she’s very close to her family. :>


And it’s time for Alyone to give birth. Sadly, the delivery didn’t go well.


But Zenon and Alyone are now proud parents of a healthy girl, Inana. <3


Alyone’s first deed after the birth: Giving poor Gunnar a whipping. XD


While Zenon is taking care of the newborn. <3



And we end the round with everyone sleeping.


Except little Inana. <3


Adults Alyone (42), Zenon (56) holding baby Inana (73) and Lovia (27)


6 thoughts on “Emerald. Round 8

    1. The Emerald household is actually my second Earth household. The Obsidians are the second Stone household. ^_^ In the menu at the top under “Families”, you have an overview over all the households and their sub-households. The Emerald household is not yet listed there, though. I haven’t gotten around to add it.


  1. I’m surprised that there were no dustclouds yet, seeing how Lovia behaves. Okay, the Teenagers can’t retaliate beyond poking, but I’m surprised that Zenon and Lovia have not started a fight yet. Sims with low nice points usually look for any excuse to start fights…


    1. Zenon and Lovia are actually best friends. Once Lovia started trying to flirt with Zenon, their relationship got worse. But before it could get problematic, she stopped trying to flirt with him, because for ACR their relationship score wasn’t high enough anymore. They then interacted normally for at least a day and were back to where they started. XD

      As for all the others Lovia argued with, most of them become adults in round 8. So, we’ll see how much longer Lovia can avoid the dustcloud. ^^”


      1. Though it’s certainly a form of sexual sim harassment… ô.ó
        But I’ve seen that once or twice by now, too. Though in one of my neighborhoods I ended up with TWO ménage-à-trois because of ACR. The first has one man with two women and the second one woman with two men. XD

        Or how long it takes her to start one. XD


        1. Or how long it takes her to start one, yes. XD

          I had a legacy hood where my founder was in a love triangle with another female and a male (thanks to ACR of course) and they were really fun to play. Everyone had at least one child with each of the other two partners (also thanks to ACR =P) and as they were romance and fortune sims, there was no jealousy going on. ^_^


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