Earth. Round 8


In round 7, Antiope woohoo’d with Phyros (who got her pregnant) and Varius (who’s actually married to Chleo and shouldn’t go around wooing other women). And the last evening of the round, she gave birth to a boy, Allan.


Aylone on the other hand definitely didn’t get around that much and we actually start this round with her asking Zenon to move in.


He agrees. =)


And they’ll be off to their own lot, together with Lovia.


During the short time Zenon was on the lot (an hour at the most), Antiope actually managed to get him as her chosen one and iniciated autonomous woohoo with him. Like… He basically just got married to your sister seconds ago, Antiope. >_>

Luckily (?), Alyone, Lovia and Zenon were already headed for the taxi, so we don’t get to see how it would have played out. =P


After the whole moving out, we are left with Phaidra, Odoac (who didn’t quite make it onto the picture completely), Ida and Antiope and her son Allan.


Eogan passes by the first day (amongst others).


And, well, those two are still getting along. =P


Until now, I actually wasn’t able to find a partner for Ida as she basically has bad chemistry with everyone. Or at least had, until now. Her and Gunnar have been good friends for a while, but they used to have negative chemistry. Before starting this round, I was actually determined to, well, kind of push them together. But then I took a look at Ida’s relationship panel and all of a sudden she did have chemistry with Gunnar? XD

It’s actually really cute. =P


Pregnant skipping is as much a thing this round as it was last round. XD


Ida is a family sim and becoming an adult without having had a first kiss/love took quite a toll on her. So, let’s hope Gunnar is showing up rather sooner than later.


In the meantime, though, we have Odoac proving that not only the female members of the family can be up to no good.

sims2ep9-2016-08-13-20-18-54-96 sims2ep9-2016-08-13-20-19-30-49

As he is rekindling with his teenage love, Chleo, who’s now married to Varius. Who slept with Antiope last round, so I guess they’re even now? ^^”


But the whole thing proved rather difficult. Chleo is pregnant from Varius and just when her and Odoac were settled, morning sickness kicked in. XD


sims2ep9-2016-08-13-20-24-32-80 sims2ep9-2016-08-13-20-24-51-25

The second try was successful, though, and they fell in love with each other.



In the meantime, the rest of the family gathered downstairs for an early dinner.


And sat still there, when it was time for Allan’s first appearance and also his first birthday. :D


Luckily, he’s in good health.

sims2ep9-2016-08-13-20-47-54-97 sims2ep9-2016-08-13-20-48-03-24

And a real cutie. <3


Gunnar actually showed up later that evening and Ida went for her first kiss right away and got out of her bad mood real quick. :>


After that, they were pretty much inseparable.


And being both family sims, went right for the babies. =P


Rather successfully, too. XD


While Ida is busy being sick, Antiope tried to flirt with Gunnar. o.ô


And didn’t give up easily either. >_>


Grandma Phaidra spending some time with little Allan. <3

sims2ep9-2016-08-13-21-09-58-84 sims2ep9-2016-08-13-21-10-10-43

With all those women around (and no other children), he is actually rather spoiled. XD


Ida’s first pregnancy isn’t easy on her. =/

sims2ep9-2016-08-13-21-28-14-47 sims2ep9-2016-08-13-21-31-18-48 sims2ep9-2016-08-13-21-31-27-10 sims2ep9-2016-08-13-21-32-58-09

More toddler spam. :D


And Phyros came over for a little tête-à-tête with Antiope. :>


The fun part ends rather fast, though, as the evening comes along. And with it the grim reaper. :<

sims2ep9-2016-08-13-21-42-19-00 sims2ep9-2016-08-13-21-42-26-59

It’s time for yet another of my founders to leave. ;_;


And Phaidra is definitely less enthusiastic about it than Kalyani. D:



Poor Allan. He looks so sad. </3



At least Phaidra will be with her baby girl Serena again. :<


Compared to Kalyani’s 10+ grandchildren, Phaidra really doesn’t have that many.


But there are more on the way. =P


Especially now that Antiope is pregnant again, too. :>


Luckily, Ida is definitely doing better now that she’s over the morning sickness.


In her stead, we have Antiope hogging the toilet, though. =/

sims2ep9-2016-08-13-22-16-43-32 sims2ep9-2016-08-13-22-17-17-39

And we have the first heat wave for this round. >_<


As soon as anyone, who has the slightest chemistry with Antiope, enters the lot, she’s all over them in seconds.


This time round, it’s Jasper.


And, of course, the only one Antiope develops feelings for is her sister’s partner. -.-


Don’t look at me like that, Antiope. It’s not my fault, you’re falling for the wrong one. :<


To take her mind of things, she then decides to do a little round of skipping… in the middle of a heat wave. >_<


In the meantime, Victoria passed by. Odoac and her got along really well last round (which made me think Odoac was over Chleo *cough*) and hit it off again right away.


The stupid heat wave is still going strong.


And Ida is actually doing really bad by now and nearly starved. =/


First pop for Antiope.


And a few hours later, second pop for Ida. ^_^



Little Allan <3 *-*


And his mama taught him how to use the potty. :D



The pregnant sisters eating lunch. ^_^

And a lot more toddler spam ahead:

sims2ep9-2016-08-13-23-02-29-01 sims2ep9-2016-08-13-23-02-37-59 sims2ep9-2016-08-13-23-13-42-91 sims2ep9-2016-08-13-23-14-09-74

I’m sorry… Not. =P


Second pop already. <3


I can totally understand that you would wish for some snow right now, Ida. :3


Some more pregnant skipping.


And it’s already time for Ida to give birth. ^o^


Ida gives birth to a healthy little girl, Megaera.

sims2ep9-2016-08-13-23-46-58-65 sims2ep9-2016-08-13-23-47-37-72

And a healthy boy, Phobos. =)


The two births took their toll on Ida’s health, but she’s still doing really well. :3



And we end the round with Odoac greeting Thor and playing a little with him.


Which gets promptly rewarded with a kicked-over trash can. ^^”


Adults Antiope (139) holding (for whatever reason) babies Megaera (64) and Phobos (52), Ida (106) and Odoac (82) holding toddler Allan (44)


4 thoughts on “Earth. Round 8

    1. I guess, the easiest way is to not think too much about later eras and just start with the prehistoric rules and your 5 couples (or how many you want to start with). Most of the things develop while you’re playing. It also helped me to not play with fix eras of a few generations, where you have to do a lot of building at once when you reach the transition to the next era. Instead I make gradual changes, introduce something new more or less every round.
      Another thing that helps me a lot is my blog. I play a complete round in my hood (every household for one season) and then I update my spreadsheets, calculate the scores and write the blog posts for that round, before playing the next round. This allows me to review everything that happened in the round, get more familiar with my sims (especially younger ones), remember everthing better and get a better overview of the entirety of my hood. While I am writing the posts, I sometimes realize that there are connections between things that happened. Connections that went completely over my head while actually playing the game. =P


  1. Well, Antiope is a romance sim, alright. <.<'
    And not one of the ones who at least try to not go after everything on two legs, either. xD
    Sooo… Who of the babies/toddlers is the heir? Since you said that the earth clan would be matrilineal if I remember correctly.


    1. Actually, Antiope is a popularity sim. XD And to be honest, I really love playing her, because I never had a sim like her before. I assume that she is changing her chosen one to whoever is currently present, mostly because she isn’t in love with anyone. Or at least wasn’t until this round. We’ll see how it’ll be next round. =P

      Well, as Phaidra is dead now, Antiope is the new head of the house. Thalia is older than her, but she decided to marry Jasper and basically “changed over” to the patriarchal system. =P The next heir will be Antiope’s oldest daughter. If Antiope should only have boys (which I really don’t hope for XD), Alyone or her eldest daughter would be next in line and then Ida or her eldest daughter (Megaera).


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