Air. Round 8


Last round, Kephalos died of old age. Luna moved in, became pregnant and gave birth to a boy Livius, became pregnant again and got hit by lightning. Sadly, Livius was born with a really bad health and died on his toddler birthday. :<


The first few hours of the round, I was apparently following Luna around. Who needed fun.


So, she decided to play a round of chess. Which the Air household unlocked this round. :D

sims2ep9-2016-08-12-16-30-20-47 sims2ep9-2016-08-12-16-30-30-08

Which means funny new faces. =P


Until Luna remembered that she hasn’t had breakfast, yet.


So, she went ahead, gathered her single nice point and started arguing with Varius.


Before going for a round of skipping to calm down. o.ô


After that she did finally get down to eat something, though. XD


With no children around to take care of, Kalyani spend the morning painting.

sims2ep9-2016-08-12-16-36-55-71 sims2ep9-2016-08-12-16-37-00-37

And Phyros discovered the chess table as well.



Zenon became an adult last round and moved out at the beginning of this round. But he already seems to miss his mother and siblings and passes by on the first day. =P


Mahali came over and spend some time talking to Nikodemos. While they have one or two bolts, Mahali had her first kiss with Lysander last round and Nikodemos still has the hots for Dione. So nothing interesting happened. =P


Kalyani spend a good part of the day at the easel and finished her painting.


And Balthasar, Kalyani’s youngest child, randomly decided to read a bedtime story to his older brother. XD


Second pop and Luna is, once more, afraid of having a child. Last time round, the fear disappeared before the birth. So, there’s hope? XP


Agapios strolling around. :3


Funnily enough, Kalyani’s chosen one is still Kephalos, even though he’s dead? o.ô


Also, she just decided to tell her oldest son a dirty joke. =P


Nikodemos ^o^


Guests going about their favourite pastime: Hogging the household’s skilling objects. ^^”


On the other hand, their passion for mopping up puddles can be quite helpful. XD


Balthasar doesn’t seem too enthusiastic about whatever Luna was telling him. =P


And Luna prefers a cat bath at the bucket to using the newly repaired shower. >_<


Balthasar inherited his father’s 9 neat points, so… I don’t know. XD He’s probably in a bad mood? :<


As a little reminder: Luna and Phyros are both (rather successful =P) romance sims.

Phyros is in love with Luna, Antiope (with whom he has a boy, Allan) and Alyone. With Alyone, he didn’t have any contact for some time, though.

Luna is in love with Phyros, Darmian (with whom she started an affair last round) and Pollux (who died in round 5, but still counts towards the number of affairs).


It’s birthday time. :D

sims2ep9-2016-08-12-18-34-13-68 sims2ep9-2016-08-12-18-47-27-56

First up Nikodemos, who’s doing great. <3

sims2ep9-2016-08-12-18-51-36-31 sims2ep9-2016-08-12-18-51-52-63

And then his twin, Agapios.


Who gives me the usual shit about me being a mean sim-god, who denies everyone access to higher education. o.ô


His health is fine, though. :3


As soon as the twins got their make-over, it’s time for Luna to give birth.


Unfortunately, Luna’s still afraid of having a baby and the delivery doesn’t go too smooth either. =/


But she gives birth to a healthy boy, Duran.


And after passing him over to Phyros (who luckily wasn’t afraid of having babies this time round)…


She gives birth to another healthy baby: Helena. ^o^


Who’s put on the floor right away.


So that Luna can go into aspiration failure. >_<


Luckily Kalyani is around to take care of poor Helena… even if the latter doesn’t show herself grateful. XD


Phyros and his heir Duran. <3


Now that she has 10 grandchildren, Kalyani obviously wants to get 20 as well. =P


Phyros does seem to be on board as far as the fathering part is concerned. XD

And as you can see in the background, Luna is more or less operational again. :>

sims2ep9-2016-08-12-19-47-12-34 sims2ep9-2016-08-12-19-47-35-38

The next morning, the Airs have a cute little visitor dropping by. :3

sims2ep9-2016-08-12-19-48-48-06 sims2ep9-2016-08-12-19-49-06-63

And a not so cute visitor, who’s not getting along with Balthasar very well. :<


Which doesn’t exactly improves Balthasar’s mood. >_<


Luna isn’t quite back on track, either.


But Phyros might be able to help her out a little. XD


Or not. >_>


That doesn’t look too healthy, Agapios. ^^” Luckily, he didn’t get sick, though.

sims2ep9-2016-08-12-20-58-16-89 sims2ep9-2016-08-12-20-58-25-81

Later that day another Earth was over and – surprise, surprise – behaved indecently as well. Those girls really are a handful. >_<


Some more Agapios.


And Nikodemos. Having the wrong (right? =P) timing with his hobby animation.


Kalyani <3


First pop. :>


And it’s time for a twin bithday. ^_^


Duran <3

sims2ep9-2016-08-12-23-07-36-87 sims2ep9-2016-08-12-23-08-10-39

And Helena. :3


And before there was time to give the twins make-overs… D:


At least, it’s a comfort to know that Kalyani managed to fulfill her lifetime want. :<


And she actually looks happy. ^_^


Goodbye, Kalyani. <3


sims2ep9-2016-08-13-13-02-14-13 sims2ep9-2016-08-13-13-02-21-79

The rest of the night consisted mostly of grieving sims. =/


And cute twin toddler action. <3

And they still haven’t got a make-over, yet, because now the adults are too busy whining. :<



Kalyani died at the age of 66 and is survived by her 7 children and 9 (of 10) grandchildren.

Also, as I don’t think I mentioned this last round, Kephalos was only 60 at the time of his death. :<

sims2ep9-2016-08-13-13-16-13-06 sims2ep9-2016-08-13-13-19-05-89

Helena and Duran after make-over. <3


Potty training face. :D


And Luna isn’t coping too well with her pregnancy. =/


Luckily, Phyros’ siblings are around to help out. ^_^


Because after waking up from her unvoluntary nap, Luna goes right back into aspiration failure. >_<

sims2ep9-2016-08-13-13-57-12-39 sims2ep9-2016-08-13-13-59-11-48

Some more toddler cuteness. <3


And it’s time for Balthasar’s birthday.


He’s doing great. :3


Contrary to Agapios.


Who’s burning the family dinner. XD I’m still surprised that there wasn’t a fire this or last round. With all that burned food. =P

sims2ep9-2016-08-13-14-08-18-10 sims2ep9-2016-08-13-14-08-28-03

Phyros playing with Helena. ^o^


Second pop. :>


Balthasar with proper clothing and a little beard.

sims2ep9-2016-08-13-18-59-27-63 sims2ep9-2016-08-13-19-17-03-97

And some more toddler cuteness to end the round. :3


Adults Phyros (71), Luna (62), Agapios (47) holding toddler Helena (103), Nikodemos (81) holding toddler Duran (115) and Balthasar (77)


6 thoughts on “Air. Round 8

  1. I had to laugh at Luna whining about hunger only to start arguing autonomously. XD
    My sims are usually obsessed with food, constantly opening the fridge to stuff face, look for snacks or cooking … except when they NEED to eat. I really wish there was a mod to forbid the stuff face-animation because it takes forever to get them off the fridge, but I couldn’t find one. v.v

    From a storyline point of view, it makes sense for Luna to fear having another baby, having lost her first son. Doesn’t make it less annoying when it happens, though, right?


    1. There is a “No autonomous stuff face” mod from Squinge at the Insiminator: Took me some time to find it, too. =P It’s not marked as being updated for the last few expansion packs (as far as I can see) but I’ve had it in my game (all EP’s and SP’s, not the UC) for a while now and it works as it should.

      For some reason, Luna was particularly fun to observe the first day of the round. Hence why I took so many pictures of her. XD

      Livius dying was really a slap in the face for Phyros and Luna. They basically had a child they didn’t ask for, only to accept the situation, become great parents and loose that child to sickness. >_< So, yes, Luna being even more afraid of having children now makes an awful lot of sense. :<


      1. Ah, yes! Thank you!
        I don’t need it for my medieval hood, since I have a no-autonomous-fridge-hack there, but the modern and prehistoric hood ought to be less annoying now.
        It’s also possible that it simply doesn’t need an update because sims always stuff their face in the same way. XD

        Here irrational behavior IS fun to observe. XD

        Particularly since it happened so soon…
        Funnily enough, children are the least likely to die of sickness with me. It’s usually teenagers and adults that keel over. <.<


        1. I haven’t had children or younger die of maxis’ sickness (like the flu or food poisoning) either. Livius died because of his low health score. ^^”

          At the end of round 7, I had 3 girls and 7 boys (without Livius). During round 8, I thankfully got more girls and at the end of the round, it actually evened out. =P
          I just hope I’m not going to have that many girls in round 9 again, because then I’ll be lacking boys. XD

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Yes, I remember that. And toddlers can’t die without usage of the death creator, except for a glitch when it’s burning. Babies can’t be killed at all.

            Yes, that’s always a problem. I usually try to balance the gender ratio by exit without saving if there are too many of one gender, even if it’s a bit cheaty. Still doesn’t always work as seen with Lovisa and some of her sisters.


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