Stats. Round 7


Ranking for Round 7:

  • Stone
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Air
  • Earth
  • Obsidian

The Stones are still in first place. The Fire, Water and Air households switched around a little. The Earths are still at the last place of the original households, but are now followed by the new Obsidian household.

The overall ranking is:

  • Stone
  • Earth
  • Air
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Obsidian

Which is still the same as last round.


At this point my hood has:

  • 56 sims (46 alive, 10 dead)
  • 32 males and 24 females

There are 7 sims (3 male, 4 female) left from the 1st generation.

In the 2nd Generation, I had 35 sims (19 males, 16 females). Out of those, 29 sims (15 males, 14 females) are still alive.


Last but not least, my 3rd generation has:

  • 11 sims
  • 8 males and 3 females
  •  7 single births and 1 set of quads

Out of those,

  • 10 sims
  • 7 males and 3 females
  • 5 children, 4 toddlers and 1 baby

are still alive.



We’ve got some additions to the graph with the first kisses. Namely Lysander, Mahali, Darmian, Dione, Nikodemos, Balthasar, Victoria and Agapios.



Luna and Darmian are now in love, Varius and Chleo are on the best way there, Eogan is in love with Antiope and Lovia lost her crush on Jasper. Lastly we have the whole Victoria-Agapios-Dione-Nikodemos mess and Mahali’s crush on Lysander.

Also, Antiope is definitely the most desired sim with two sims being in love with her and two more having crushes. But the more curious thing is that up to now she hasn’t shown any sign whatsoever of falling in love herself. I really love her. XP


2 thoughts on “Stats. Round 7

  1. I have read the entire challenge and i’m Thrilled about yours. Looks Amazing. I’m thinking doing one myself as a Youtube series.But i’m still on preparation stage.. any piece of advice? also, how do you manage the unlocks? i haven’t see anything of that on your challenge rules .. can you explain me that?


    1. I would definitely be interested in seeing your videos. I can’t really give you much advice on the video/recording part, as I’ve never done anything like it. But you should keep in mind that with a challenge as extensive as this one, it’s going to be a lot of work doing a series. I don’t whether you know about Frogsnack’s channel?
      She’s doing Test of Time Let’s Plays. If you haven’t, yet, take a look at her videos. That might be of some help.

      I add up the points each household earns every round. Every household gets progress points at certain thresholds (150, 350, 600, 900 and so on). With those progress points, they can unlock things. I don’t really have exact rules as to what the different households can unlock. I’m mostly going by what I think suits the family best.


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